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Eight Distinct Signs You are not Ready for Marriage

If you suspect you aren't ready for marriage, you're not. True love will wait while you work out issues, such as:

Not ready for marriage

1. 'Tis a Gift to be Single

You can't wrap your head around giving up your freedom. You're not into sharing, not your delicious bed, your organic veggies nor your remote. You're blissfully single and proud of it.

2. Living with One Person

The thought of living the rest of your life with one person feels like the flu. There isn't anyone else right now, but somebody is out there somewhere. What if he/she is your twin flame?

3. Feeling the Pressure

Your lover issued an ultimatum to set the date, or else. As the deadline approaches, you can't make a decision. Anyway, you've never liked being ordered to do something.

If you get married under pressure, you'll experience resentments and regrets later on. Sounds like you could benefit from an intuitive advisor.

4. Opposing Values

Opposites may attract but too many opposing values spell trouble. If you and your person can't reach a compromise about issues such as, finances, raising your kids, religion, outstanding debts, sex, careers, etc. you can't expect a successful partnership.

5. Trust

If you can't trust your partner, break the engagement. If your partner is stepping outside the relationship, it will likely continue after you're married.

However, if it's hard for you to trust in general, consider getting psychic advice. You could have deep issues that need resolving before you even consider getting married.

6. Settling

You might be settling for the wrong person if you're yearning for something more. Something is lacking in the relationship, goose bumps or sparks or something. But you're so darned lonely and you doubt if something more will ever come along.

This is a horrible reason to get married! You might suffer from low self-esteem, but you don't have to marry the first person who looks twice at you. If the person loves you, but you don't love him/her, both of you will end up miserable.

7. Marrying a Bank Account

You want things - your dream home, exotic vacations, designer clothing and so on. Your person wants to give you everything you desire. Marrying a bank account is a rotten idea. It's not fair to your partner and eventually you'll tire of living with somebody you don't love.

8. It was Just Infatuation

It is a rare and wise person who realizes they aren't in real love. Infatuation a.k.a. lust hits instantly, but can't sustain a long-term relationship. Actually, infatuation is being in love with love. Wait until you connect with a person you truly love.

When you're confused about your relationship, objective love psychics can help you make life-changing decisions for your highest good.

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