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LUNA   Connected 
     STAFF PICK. Luna Ext. 1060 with 35 years exp I am a Certified Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot, Rune, Pet, Aura & Chakra reader. Love relationships ...Read More

Ext: 1060
11 minutes
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STERLING   Available Now 
     I am your relationship specialist! I am an empath, intuitive psychic and Spiritual Life Coach,with over 15 years experience. I will open the doors ...Read More

Ext: 1374
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HARMONY   Available Now 
     TOP RATED STAFF PICK and CUSTOMER FAVORITE Harmony Host ext. 1264 I look forward to sharing my gifts with you through an accurate reading that ...Read More

Ext: 1264
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ZELDA   Available Now 
     I am a Cartomancer, Empath and Clairvoyant.I read the Playing Card deck. For 38 years, Ive been reading professionally as well as appearing on ...Read More

Ext: 1490
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CHRIS   Available Now 
     STAFF PICK. Chris is a relationship specialist. Is my lover leaving? Is my lover coming back? Is my lover true? Is my lover the one for me? ...Read More

Ext: 1138
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CLOUD SPIRIT   Available Now 
     15 years professional experience. Cloud Spirit is a third generation born blind intuitive psychic. She is accurate and skilled in many ways ...Read More

Ext: 1192
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MARGO   Available Now 
     I am a Generational Clairvoyant who was taught Meditations and Exercises to develop a Psychic Ability, which my Mother was taught by my Grandmother ...Read More

Ext: 1460
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CAROLINE   Available Now 
     > Hello my name is Caroline, I am a compassionate Natural Psychic with over 27 years of experience. I am devoted to my mission and I am here to help ...Read More

Ext: 1508
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RAYMOND   Unavailable 
     Raymond is an Extremely Gifted and experienced Advisor. Raymond has been a gifted psychic clairvoyant for over 20 years. Raymond feels extremely ...Read More

Ext: 1432

KATARINA   Unavailable 
     As Master Astrologer, Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader, I am able to give detailed insight into all matters of your daily life and future. I specialize ...Read More

Ext: 1468

MARY   Unavailable 
     Mary IS A CUSTOMER FAVORITE AND STAFF PICK ! I have been doing readings since nine years of age I charged two cents and I remember being ...Read More

Ext: 1286

Ms LOLA   Unavailable 
     CUSTOMER PICK Ms. Lola is a psychic, Medium. Able to connect to her spirit guides, and your spiritual guides. White angel balls of energy, moving ...Read More

Ext: 1376

MARGARET   Unavailable 
     Margaret: 25 years professional experience. Born clairvoyant, Margaret started giving friends and family readings at age 7. By age 9, she had ...Read More

Ext: 1168

MERCEDES   Unavailable 
     HI my name is Mercedes, I am a third generation clairvoyant advisor. My style of reading is always discreet caring and compassionate. I do not use ...Read More

Ext: 1408

VINNIE   Unavailable 
     10 years professional experience. Being half native American, Vinnie has been gifted with psychic abilities since birth. He uses native American ...Read More

Ext: 1218

JULIA   Unavailable 
     I am an intuitive counselor. But first and foremost I am a naturalborn psychic with a compassionate nature which allows me to provide my clients with ...Read More

Ext: 1500

ADAM   Unavailable 
     TOP RATED BY CUSTOMERS and STAFF PICK Adam has been a professional psychic reader for over twenty years via phone, radio and TV. Adam’s readings ...Read More

Ext: 1238

MATILDA SPARKS   Unavailable 
     Im a gifted Empath and Professional Tarot Reader, with 20 years of experience. Im classically trained in the law. I use Inherited Abilities, Tarot ...Read More

Ext: 1512

SARA   Unavailable 
     STAFF PICK 35 years professional experience. Sara was born psychic, at the beginning of her career and still to this day she is often called ...Read More

Ext: 1062

WIZARD STEVEN   Unavailable 
     STAFF PICK. 30 years professional experience. Steven is an over 100th Generation born intuitive Psychic with an amazing family history of ...Read More

Ext: 1092

Ms Eli   Unavailable 
     Ms Eli Reader and Advisor with over 17 years of experience. Ms Eli can help with direction in finding your true purpose. She is able to connect ...Read More

Ext: 1510

ASIA   Unavailable 
     Hello my name is Asia. I am psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant. I connect instantly with the root of any topic. I have been professionally reading ...Read More

Ext: 1402

SYLVIA   Unavailable 
     STAFF PICK. 24 years professional experience. Sylvia is a fourth generation born psychic. She is one of our most diverse psychic ...Read More

Ext: 1084

LA LA   Unavailable 
     Intuitive & Psychic Medium since childhood. Let my Angels help you with love, relationships, career or life path. Together we will see how your life ...Read More

Ext: 1184

JOCELYN   Unavailable 
     I have been having dreams and premonitions since I was very young. Because of these experiences, I began to develop an interest in the supernatural ...Read More

Ext: 1482

SUSIE   Unavailable 
     Psychic, Clairvoyant, Taro Card Specialist. Over 15 yrs. professional experience. I have been honing my gifts from my teenage years. Areas of ...Read More

Ext: 1382

DOUG   Unavailable 
     I am an experienced 25 years and counting! psychic reader, intuitive advisor, life coach, and relationship guru. Consider me to be your professional ...Read More

Ext: 1312

MICHAEL PALMER   Unavailable 
     Hello, I am Michael Palmer. I have over 35 years of experience. I am a Love Specialist. I help people in all walks of Life and all matters of ...Read More

Ext: 1514

ALEX KING   Unavailable 
     I have over 45 years experience helping people to find their true happiness through Psychic Enlightenment. I am a true Psychic. I can help with any ...Read More

Ext: 1476

LADY MORVANI   Unavailable 
     20 years professional experience helping people just like you with love and relationships, careers and finance. Dont fear the future, know it! Born ...Read More

Ext: 1206

     I am Illuminense Angel guided by ArchAngel Peter. Guided to help people in the immediate situations that come up according to need upon request. I ...Read More

Ext: 1310

SABRINA   Unavailable 
     Hello my name is Sabrina, knowledge is power! Knowing what the future holds for you will enable you to make necessary adjustments to your life. I am ...Read More

Ext: 1416

AVA   Unavailable 
     I am a natural born Psychic with Clairvoyant, Clairsentient abilities. I specialize in relationships and life questions. I will show you ways to ...Read More

Ext: 1090

BEVERLEE   Unavailable 
     BEVERLEE Is Clairaudit, and Clairvoyant. A certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, she is a Rebirther and Reki Master. A pass Life Regressor She specializes in ...Read More

Ext: 1116

WINDY   Unavailable 
     New Customer Favorite I have been honing my craft for over 18 years. I am a third generation naturally born clairvoyant. I do crystal ball and taro ...Read More

Ext: 1392

ADRIANA   Unavailable 
     Hello my name is Adriana, I am a Psychic Medium/Clairvoyant. I have over 35 years of experience. Specialize in Taro cards. I have helped hundreds of ...Read More

Ext: 1450

SEVEN   Unavailable 
     My name is Seven, I have been working in the metaphysical sciences for over 25 years. I am the ninth daughter to the tenth daughter of a long line of ...Read More

Ext: 1502

BARNABAS   Unavailable 
     Ive been doing readings since the tender age of 13 I tap into others energies by connecting through their energetic vibes. It is optional for me to ...Read More

Ext: 1368

XENA   Unavailable 
     Welcome to the world of Xena. Blessed to be clairvoyant since childhood. Using my gift for the greater good for over 40 years. Through energy and ...Read More

Ext: 1420

PSYCHIC KRIS   Unavailable 
     True Intuitive Psychic Kris I am an Empathic Tarot Reader who also receives Energetic Visuals that aid in the Message Source. I have been ...Read More

Ext: 1484

DIANA   Unavailable 
     NATIONAL AWARD WINNING TAROT CARD READER / PSYCHIC. 15 years Professional experience. Third generation born psychic. Her first dynamic and recorded ...Read More

Ext: 1194

MEDIUM ATHENA   Unavailable 
     My skills include strong intuitive abilities coupled with a deeply empathic heart. Ive spent much of my five decade life refining my innate abilities ...Read More

Ext: 1496

TATIANNA   Unavailable 
     Over the past forty years, TATIANNA has been helping people all over the world, as a third generation psychic. This woman will make you think about ...Read More

Ext: 1370

BELLA LOVE   Unavailable 
     I’m a compassionate, honest and quick to connect Psychic with 20 years experience. Natural born Psychic, I’ve spent my entire life perfecting my ...Read More

Ext: 1466

LEEZA   Unavailable 
     I am a Psychic Reader not to tell you what you want to hear, but what is best directed for you. Love, Romance, Marriage, Business and Health. 31 ...Read More

Ext: 1176

DANIELLE   Unavailable 
     I specialize in Tarot Card, Medium, Voice Fibrillation Interpretation. I have been giving readings since I was 18 years old. I really enjoy doing ...Read More

Ext: 1324

DAPHNE   Unavailable 
     Guidance and compassion are essential to the divination. A reading will restore balance and serenity. This point in time begs the submission of your ...Read More

Ext: 1414

CLAUDIA   Unavailable 
     I have provided Psychic Insight and Guidance for over ten years. Im a fourth generation Psychic in my family. I honed my abilities at a young age ...Read More

Ext: 1472

CELESTE   Unavailable 
     I am a gifted Psychic and Clairvoyant with over 30 years experience. I have been blessed with the astounding ability to predict upcoming events, help ...Read More

Ext: 1478

Christian Francois   Unavailable 
     I’ve been a gifted Clairvoyant, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Spiritual Seer for many years and have had the gift since the age of 5 years old. I ...Read More

Ext: 1498

CHRISTINA   Unavailable 
     Christina is a powerful and gifted psychic life coach and love specialist with 15 years experience. Whether you’re looking for guidance from ...Read More

Ext: 1256

April   Unavailable 
     I am The Love Specialist...I can help you find love or renew the love you have. With 40 Years of Experience as Psychic Reader & Advisor I am The 4 TH ...Read More

Ext: 1288

DANISH   Unavailable 
     My signature blend of Tarot and Clairvoyant readings get to the heart of his/her heart. Love, business, LIFE. We deep dive into it all for ultimate ...Read More

Ext: 1474

BARBARA   Unavailable 
     For many years I have had the ability to help others with relationship probLems I will give you truthful answers. If I can`t answer something, I ...Read More

Ext: 1088

Caroline   Unavailable 
     I See The Details Others Miss! My Readings Are Always Accurate,Compassionate, Caring and Validating. I am a 4th generation psychic with more than 30 ...Read More

Ext: 1358

KATHERINE   Unavailable 
     Detailed & Powerful Psychic connection. I Can See The Details Others Miss! A master in psychic arts & a Strong spiritual intuitive reader who can ...Read More

Ext: 1422

* If you are not 100% satisfied with your last paid reading, we will refund the price of that reading.
** After your 1st paid reading you will receive a coupon via mail, email, or txt with a coupon code for 5 free mins.
Featured Advisor
Harmony Ext: 1264
I look forward to sharing my gifts with you through an accurate reading that will help you answer... Read More...

The Best Psychic Reading
Psychic Reading: Preparation
  • Settled down and Concentrate
  • Have your questions ready
  • Be patient with your Psychic
  • Relax your Mind and Spirit
  • Reflect on what has been told

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