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Our Psychic Advisors

LUNA    Unavailable
     STAFF PICK. Luna Ext. 1060 with 35 years exp I am a Certified Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot, Rune, Pet, Aura & Chakra reader. Love relationships are my specialty regardless of your love or lifestyle choice. I advise on all Career, Finance & Family matters accurately. My spiritual healings invigorate your Chakras, using precious stones, prayer and Gods light. Communicate with those you have lost! Born a Medium I will channel with all of your loved ones!. Using corrugated crystals I watch people. Being a strong Remote Viewer, I interpret Dreams, use Astrology with Moon phases & colors to determine emotions and time elements. Extremely dedicated. I work daily EST. My schedule varies: 2 to 4 pm until 1 to 2 am. Thank you for calling! Psychic advisor Luna Ext. 1060
Ext: 1060   

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10 minutes just $10.00

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