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     STAFF PICK 35 years professional experience. Sara was born psychic, at the beginning of her career and still to this day she is often called upon by law enforcement of several different jurisdictions to help find missing children. As a Tarot reader, Dream Interpreter, and Medium, Sara works with God and the angels to define your future and help you understand your past. Using a combination of your energy and her insight, Sara can guide your life path and tell you the things you have never known, but always questioned. She has a strong list of regular clientele and is steadily building a longer list.

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Anonymous    Jul 27 2020 4:03AM   
The best person on the planet... I love how honest she is. She’s one of the few that will keep it real. 6 years strong. I love her to the moon and back   

Jasmine    May 15 2020 11:29PM   
Saying Thank you, would be to little. I Absolutely Love this spiritual goddess Sara. Kind, compassion, honest,Genuine, and integrity is what makes a reader valuable to me. Especially when it comes to readings. If you want a reading, from a reader who will be honest with you and give advice on how to deal with certain obstacles in your life Sara is that person.Sometimes people hate hearing The truth, but honestly She plays no games. She will be honest, with your best interest at heart. Which is why, I continue to call her. Not only does she clarify the reading and the question that you re asking for but she also is able to get answers on what to do next. Sometimes compassion goes a long way. And I would rather have a reader who has compassion for there work, then to have a reader that’s one sided, cold with no depth. Which she is light years away from being insensitive. Sara is gem. Compassion is the first thing you can hear in her voice and that’s what makes me feel safe. Sara has helped me with so much, gave me guidance when I needed it and still be honest with me as well.I trust her, because she’s genuine and she can pick on peoples characteristics that you would only know. Even if you don’t believe it about a person, she will pick up on there bull crap. It’s all about connection with your reader.She’s authentic, insightful , just an all around beautiful soul. She’s perfection. Call her, you won’t be disappointed. She will give clarity you will need or at lest asking for...   

Anonymous    May 3 2020 2:52PM   
I have known Sara, for more than 10yrs. I talk with her frequently, as in, approx 10 minutes WHENEVER SHE is available. She has become one of my best friends. Sara is a human being, albeit v talented, there4 can b wrong sometimes. Nonetheless, the very best on this line!   

Jasmine    Apr 17 2020 1:58AM   
My sweet Sara, Man, if you need honesty in a reading Sara is your go to girl. I love that she able to be honest and compassionate at the same time. She also guides you, in her readings and gives you feedback. She gives you a better perspective on the reading which I admire. She definitely has helped me on a much Spiritual and healthier path. Sara I love her so much, I’ve been on this site for a long time, primarily because of this gem. I would be lost without her. She’s helped me with so much. And is truly an angle. She’s told me things were I’m like, no this can’t be..... And bam it happens!!!! If you want a reading where it s honest, compassionate, straight forward and uplifting . Her reading style is unique and authentic. She’s helped me so much in my life. She’s truly and Angle   

Anonymous    Feb 11 2020 7:26PM   
Sara is so awesome. She s the real deal. Never disappoints. Very honest.   

Anonymous    Sep 11 2019 9:23PM   
One of the very best on this line. When I see she is logged on, I have to talk with her. Have been consulting her for more than 12years now!   

Anonymous    May 27 2019 4:48PM   
Sara is one of the sweetest most profound psychics, she has a gift very few have. I have read with her on a numerous times and each was so detailed and honest. Bless you Sara always.   

Anonymous    Jun 21 2018 6:23PM   
Very very tuned in. Excellent reader and very helpful.Thank you.Was very helpful.   

Dawnesha    Jun 15 2018 4:03PM   
I have never felt so secure and happy in my life after talking to her. Talking to Sara was like talking to a close family member, she was so warm, loving, and on point, I definitely will be calling her again one day. I really recommend her because she will tell you the truth.   

Misbah    Jun 13 2018 4:33PM   
I love the connection we had together...Sara told me and lead me in the right direction and I thank her for that. She loving and caring person and I will keep in touch with her a lot.. Thank u once again for the advice and kind words u gave me!   

Anonymous    Nov 26 2017 12:40PM   
The VERY BEST!EXTREMELY POPULAR,there4 v difficult to get through. V talented. Have been consulting her for years.   

Anonymous    Oct 28 2017 4:40PM   
One of the v *best on this line*. V talented, however can b wrong!   

Anonymous    May 16 2017 3:54PM   
I absolutely adore her. She consitent, very caring, her readings never change. What I love about her she never gets bothered, annoyed or impatiante with your questions. And I feel some psychics are like that on this site. She s so humble and puts things into perspective. Her readings are very natural which is a plus. You can tell when a person is making stuff up or saying things to boost there ego. But Sara is all genuien and authentic. I love her.   

Anonymous    Mar 21 2017 11:34AM   
One of my go to psychics on this line. Good.   

Anonymous    Aug 2 2016 8:36PM   
You are my angel! God bless you   

ALICIA    Jul 14 2016 11:31PM   
oh my, I am so grateful customer service recommend sara..! I have a kindred spirit with her.. may god bless you for wiping my tears.. remaining humle in the field that can be hard to stay humble in... the other reader, so highly rated for her accuracy just hides her bad reviews. not good. this woman took a broke person tonight and hurt me so badly.. Sara took time to listen.. there are times there is a season for sadness, its life.. but with such beautiful souls like hers along with oh my gosh.. blow you out of the water vision.. she has a rare gift she can see clearly..almost like remote viewing mixed with other gifts and from one reader to another..i really needed her empathy and love.. she has a huge heart.. its right there on her sleeve.. i have peace in my heart an soul about things to come.. she was so right on with her she was in my mind... i went full of tears to just feeling like God used sara to wipe my tears and wrap a warm blanket around me.i wish i could give you the biggest hug.. you actually saw right through me.. i had to hide nothing.. please.. there are many readers minus the big details.. start with the best. she needs a 6 star truly God bless you for picking me up an planting me on my feet...just like a mother would. try sara once.. give her the time.. she sees a lot of the big stuff and she s heres because she believes in actually helping people. a beautiful reading and soul. i will be back miss sara. i can promise you that. God bless. Alicia~   

Anonymous    Apr 14 2016 1:25PM   
My Best Friend! If I see that she is online, I have to call, even if I am in bed!!   

Anonymous    Jan 26 2016 10:43PM   
Straight to the truth, honest. Compassionate, Gives honest answers Truly an angel!!!!   

Pat    Jun 10 2015 4:40PM   
Sara is a kind compassionate psychic with the ability to pick up on your thoughts and vibes without saying a word. She always provides me with a great reading. Her gentle demeanor will make you feel calm and relaxed. I highly recommend her.   

Anonymous    Apr 8 2015 2:56PM   
I love Sara she says things about my life that people been saying for years about me she s very sweet and honest I love her   

Anonymous    Apr 8 2015 1:51PM   
Excelente. Compassionate . She really tries to connect with you and gives her best advice. Everything has come true. Thank you.   

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