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Our Psychic Advisors

JOY    Connected
     STAFF PICK 20 years professional experience. Being born of the veil or more commonly referred to as a caulbearer, Joy was given a unique gift at birth. Able to tune into your aura or chakra with simply the sound of your voice, Joy is skilled with unique abilities. She is a medium, healer, meditator, advisor, dream interpreter and born intuitive psychic. She does many different types of meditations to heal sickness, tame stress, balance your chakra, and release negative energy. Most recently she has mastered the technique of violet fire meditation, which has been said to be the most powerful healing meditation. She also has the ability to speak with loved ones who have passed on including pets, spirit guides, and angels. finally, to top it off, she does mind blowing straight readings using tarot cards.
Ext: 1152   

New Member Special

10 minutes just $10.00

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