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CLOUD SPIRIT    Unavailable
     15 years professional experience. Cloud Spirit is a third generation born blind intuitive psychic. She is accurate and skilled in many ways including the ability to talk to spirits that have crossed over and connect to your various auras. She has empathic skills and Clairsentience. She has a deep compassionate and understanding and is very accepting of alternative lifestyles while being nonjudgmental. By using tarot cards, a crystal ball, a pendulum, or simply the sound of your voice, she can guide you into becoming or continuing to be the best you that you can be.

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Susan    Feb 5 2020 6:33PM   
Thank you always Cloud Spirit for being there for me when I need you most and giving such accurate readings always. you are a blessing to me and not only a great psychic but a psychic friend!!!!> God Bless you always!!! Sue Marie Mirand   

Anonymous    Dec 16 2019 4:25PM   
If you want genuine readings, based on truth and WISDOM, this is the go to psychic! She is NOT going to tell u false stuff, which u r craving to hear. ***********Highly recommended!****************   

Susan    Dec 14 2019 2:29AM   
Cloud Spirit is a psychic friend to me besides a psychic. She has been there for me thru thick and thin and she always has the most wonderful bedside manner. She is such a beautiful person. Thank you for always being there for me regarding my crazy situation which will never end!! You are always spot on and helps me so much!! God Bless you sue m.   

Susan    Oct 14 2019 10:52AM   
Cloud Spirit thank you so much when I need a reading on the spot you are always there with the best advice and spot on readings!!! You are so empathetic and caring and a wonderful Psychic!! Thank you and god bless you for all you have done for me!!! Warmest regards, miranda sue   

Susan    Jan 12 2019 8:39PM   
Cloud spirit is a friend and great Psychic to me. She has done so many readings for me and has helped me soooo much!!! I love her demeanor so un judgemental easy to speak to and so right on all she says. Thank you for being a great force in my life. God Bless you sue miranda   

Susan    Nov 17 2018 4:56AM   
I can never say enough about cloud spirit.. She is an amazing psychic and best bed side manner!!!! Thank you again for all you have done for me!!! A very grateful customer sue miranda god bless you!!   

Anonymous    Aug 26 2018 3:36PM   
She was very calming seemed on point looking forward to seeing what she said come true   

Anonymous    Jun 21 2018 6:31PM   
She was just perfect. Such a sweet and warm tone. I immediately felt comfortable in speaking with her. She gave me great insights on the topic of love and relationships. She also gave me insights on things in the near future to be excited about. I can t wait to speak with her again !   

BIANTA    Jun 15 2018 4:18PM   
I called Cloud Spirit because I was having a hard time moving on from a situation I walked away from. She s very detailed, caring and comforting. She does not sugarcoat but she is highly compassionate. Highly recommended. She is worth every penny.   

Venyetta    Jun 13 2018 4:49PM   
Cloud Spirit was very knowledgeable and she really understood me. After hearing my reading I felt, and still feel, so good about myself, and I am not worried any more. She was straight forward with me and we had a lot in common. Thank you so much. She took a huge weight off my shoulders... Thank you.   

Anonymous    Apr 21 2018 9:45PM   
Very Nice Human Being! Very Knowledgeable! Great Depth of Personality! Humble! Does not throw candy fluff at you, i.e. does not tell you what you may want to hear.I talk to CloudSpirit a LOT! I consider her to be my friend. One of my go to psychics on PsychicStars!   

Anonymous    Mar 9 2018 9:43PM   
A good friend with tremendous depth of personality! She does not try to tell you what you would like to hear.   

Patricia    Dec 8 2017 9:01PM   
My reading with Cloud Spirit was wonderful. The connection with my family on the other side was simply amazing. It was a wonderful experience. Wanted to connect with my daughter and she came through very strongly, as well as other family members. Their energy was so loving and strong, it brought tears of gratitude, joy and love. When you mentioned the picture, it sent chills throughout my body. This was a very special moment for me because of my daughter s birthday today. The messages were clear and accurate. I look forward to the blessings that are coming. A million stars to you. Peace, love and blessings to you.   

Anonymous    Oct 29 2017 6:17PM   
Awesome personality! V knowledgeable yet v humble. My friend!   

Anonymous    Mar 1 2017 9:42PM   
One of my favorite psychics ! Sweet person, great personality! I treat her as a friend. Talk to her almost every day!   

Susan    Jan 16 2017 11:10AM   
Cloud spirit has helped me so much over the years!!!! She is a wonderful psychic and gets every reading spot on.. She is amazing!!! Thank you cloud spirit for all you the great advice and wisdom you share!!! SMM   

Anonymous    Dec 4 2016 5:02PM   
accurate unfortunately But better to know. I highly recommend her.   

Anonymous    Aug 28 2016 10:04PM   
Actions speak louder than words. How much money have I spent talking to Cloud Spirit?! A lot!! There must be a reason! Good person, depth of personality. #RESPECT!Recommended!   

Susan    Aug 24 2016 4:01PM   
I cant say enough about cloud spirit. She is so right on and so caring and empathetic. She has helped me so much!!! Thank you cloud spirit! God Bless you!!! sue m   

Anonymous    Aug 3 2016 11:32PM   
Not always correct BUT she says it the way she reads it. My friend, I talk to her almost every day and miss her when she is not there!   

Anonymous    May 2 2016 5:52PM   
She gets to the point she s friendly and open you could trust her past present future she is outstanding psychic.   

Anonymous    Nov 6 2015 11:05AM   
This psychic is perhaps the best psychic I have ever spoken with. She clarified mixed up situations very clearly. She instantly connected to what was going on in my life. She is very clear and concise. She will be the only one I call in the future!   

Susan    Sep 11 2015 4:34PM   
fantastic psychic. Very warm and understanding. Answered my questions. very thorough...5 stars. God Bless you!!!!   

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