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Our Psychic Advisors

CRYSTAL ROSE    Unavailable
     12 years professional experience. Crystal is a born clairvoyant who specializes in fianance and relationship issues. She is also a medium who can connect you with the departed and offer up spiritual readings and advice.

******* Testimonials *******

Melissa from Grosse Pointe, MI: ...I was overseas serving our country when my favorite uncle passed on. I was not able to come home and I was so guilt ridden I could have just die. I struggled with these thoughts for years. It wasnt until I talked with Crystal Rose that my guilt was lifted. She crossed over and talked to my uncle and told me how he understood and he loved his little lady. He always called me his little lady, I still miss him but I know he is in a good place. Thank you Crystal Rose.

Ext: 1198   

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10 minutes just $10.00

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