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JULIEANNA    Unavailable
      Performs Tarot Card Readings if asked. . Hi my name is Julieanna. I have over 20 years of experience helping thousands of people reunite with their loved ones. I can tell you what he or she is thinking. I can help remove the heaviness that lingers around you by giving you the proper advice in all matters and walks of life, such as love, business and career. My predictions are to be able to feel what your are going through as well as seeing through the very first call using date of birth, tone of voice and spiritual vibrations. I give complete and full life readings that amaze even the most skeptical souls. My personalized readings have an assortment that are tailor made for each individual caller such as tone of voice readings, tarot, psychic vibrations as well as aura and deep soul awakenings. Also past life regression and even pet readings. Take advantage of the my ability to predict the past, present and future. Let me be the light you need when your lost and confused. Let me unlock the door to tranquility that has been pushed away. I have the power to help. Let me guide you down the path to happiness, health and success. Please call today for a better tomorrow.
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* If you are not 100% satisfied with your last paid reading, we will refund the price of that reading.
** After your 1st paid reading you will receive a coupon via mail, email, or txt with a coupon code for 5 free mins.
Featured Advisor
Psychic Harmony Ext: 1264
Insight, energy & inspiration are universal keys to the body, mind & spirit. My readings consist of Numerology, Astrology, & The Stargate Tarot. Read More

The Best Psychic Reading
Psychic Reading: Preparation
  • Settled down and Concentrate
  • Have your questions ready
  • Be patient with your Psychic
  • Relax your Mind and Spirit
  • Reflect on what has been told

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