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     TOP RATED STAFF PICK and CUSTOMER FAVORITE Harmony Host ext. 1264 I look forward to sharing my gifts with you through an accurate reading that will help you answer those ongoing questions. Love, relationship, romance...Let me help you. Insight, energy & inspiration are universal keys to the body, mind & spirit. My readings consist of Numerology, Astrology, & The Stargate Tarot. I am a licensed minister, spiritual adviser, & Reiki master teacher. I am here to help you with your lifes plan. So if youre looking for positive empowerment & a way to achieve your dreams you have already found it, THE POWER BEGINS WITHIN!

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Anonymous    Jan 19 2021 8:06PM   
Harmony is one of the most genuine people I ve come across. Not only is she truly gifted, she uses her ability to thoroughly help by being completely honest, kind, understanding, all delivered in the most kind and helpful way. Her pure intention and light is beautiful <3 P   

Susan    Jan 15 2021 8:33AM   
Harmony you are a wonderful psychic and have guided me so much over the years!! I am finally in a good place. I have finally figured it all out and with your guidance have found peace of mind!!! you are the best psychic and so grateful for your wonderful psychic abilities!!! 5 stars all the way!!!! Sue   

Anonymous    Sep 14 2020 5:57PM   
Great spot on reading. She really read into what I called about.   

Anonymous    Aug 3 2020 8:15PM   
Harmony is one of my favorite psychic. All her predictions have came true. She will always be my go to psychic.   

Tearra    Jul 14 2020 3:52PM   
After a lot of overthinking and second guessing my gut feelings, I was honored to speak with Harmony. She was very kind hearted, precise, calm. Not for one second did I question what she was saying nor did I feel as if she was judging me. What an amazing person all around! Excited for the upcoming events. Thank you so much!   

Susan    Jul 6 2020 8:15AM   
I have written many feedbacks for Harmony!! I can never say enough about her!!!Simply put the best around!! Doesnt get any better!! Thank you so much always!!! Sue   

Anonymous    Apr 21 2020 9:16PM   
She was really friendly and understanding. She didn t come off as fake and picked up on a lot without asking any questions besides names. It was really cool how accurate she was and I just got a real genuine feeling from her. I got some predictions and hopefully they come to pass.I don t believe that everything is set in stone but it was a real comfort speaking with her and I do recommend.   

Kim    Mar 23 2020 6:42PM   
There are no words she is honest caring and will tell you whats up no holds barred. If ya dont wanna hear what she has to say I would call a fluffy psychic that will tell you what you want to hear ...Harmony is NOT that woman. If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have the bawlz to do half the stuff I do. She is more of a life coach to me but has accuartely predicticted outcomes as well!! No one is ever 100% but the energy at the time is what it is and it can and has changed. She has so many times called me out and told me the harsh truth about MYSELF that has helped me in an amzing way...I still need work but she has done SO much to aid me in my endeavor of killing my mooshy gooshy oh Ill help you ya loser and you can walk all over me in the midst of it all.....NOPE NO MORE!!! She is empowering!! If you want someone who is real and will GUIDE you to the best possible outcome CALL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harmony...Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beet.... HA Not going in for a third rouds of BULLS$#T!!!   

Anonymous    Feb 19 2020 4:54PM   
my first time calling on this site and Im so glad I chose Harmony! She is amazing, quick and detailed! Cant wait to call back again for an update! Thank you for being the real thing! :   

Anonymous    Dec 21 2019 2:09PM   
Harmony picked up on my circumstances immediately into our reading, she was exact with her feedback and she gave it to me directly as I needed to hear it. Shes s the real deal and very compassionate as well   

Susan    Dec 14 2019 2:33AM   
Harmony I have left many comments on how wonderful you are and your readings. Just know you have been an angel sent to me to guide me thru so many ups and downs with a soulmate connection!!! Just always know without your wonderful guidance I would be a lost puppy!! God Bless you always sue   

Anonymous    Dec 12 2019 4:53PM   
My go to lady! Things she has told me have come to pass. Thank you for being an awesome soul!   

Anonymous    Nov 15 2019 11:59AM   
She s awesome! Straight forward. Loving personality. She has helped me out so much.   

Doreen    Oct 22 2019 10:12PM   
Harmony is one of my favorite Psychics. she predicted that my court case is gonna cancel and it did and also when I asked her if I was going to be fired from my job, she predicted that they re not going to but they going give me another chance and indeed that what happen. From JP   

Susan    Oct 14 2019 10:50AM   
Harmony will always be so thankful for always being there for me and constantly giving the best advice and readings!!! You are truly a beautiful psychic inside and out!! god bless you !!! S Miranda   

Susan    Sep 8 2019 3:14PM   
I can never say enough about Harmony!!! She is the best psychic!! Thank you for always giving me the best readings and always spot on!!! God Bless you!!! Miranda S   

Susan    Jul 27 2019 7:48PM   
5 Stars all the way!!! Nothing more needs to be said!!! The Best there is!!!! Sue   

Susan    Jun 27 2019 5:29PM   
Thank you as always Harmony for getting me through a rough patch. She got back to me as you said she would with a little push from me but as long as there was a positive response cant ask for more. Going to really try to live by all the wonderful advice you give me and have given me through the years. also the spot on readings. You are the real deal all the way around!!!! God Bless you sue miranda   

Susan    Jun 3 2019 3:16PM   
Harmony is my psychic friends soul mate!!! She has helped me so much I don t know where I would be if it wasn t for her!!. She is such a caring wonderful person inside and out and I am so grateful she has been a psychic friend to me !! Thank you Harmony for all you have done for me and I might add always spot on with what she tells me!!! God Bless you SMiranda   

Susan    Feb 14 2019 3:16PM   
Harmony thank you again for always helping me!!! I have really come a long way thanks to all your guidance and help!!! God bless you! sue miranda   

Susan    Dec 15 2018 3:55PM   
I can never say enough about Harmony!!! Thank you for all you do and have done for me!!! Your an angel to me... God Bless you Sue   

Kim    Nov 21 2018 9:13PM   
Oh my go to girlie!!!! She was right a Male realtor helped us get a home!!! She was right about many things and helped me get thru my craziness with Beetlejuice! Shes REALLY good at keeping you grounded and gives you GREAT tools for a positive outcome!!!   

Susan    Oct 2 2018 9:07AM   
Harmony is by far the most warmest compassionate wonderful person psychic friend and spot on with all she says.... Just Love Her!!! God Bless you Harmony!! I am finally there im staying away like you said and have been empowered!!!! Going forward finally. Thanks fore being a rock for me!!! sue   

CELETE    Aug 4 2018 5:04PM   
Harmony is amazing!!! All of her predictions come to pass. I really needed guidance with my business and everything she told me helped me until I was able to receive funding. She is an Angel here on earth and I appreciate her! CF   

Susan    Jul 30 2018 7:45AM   
I can never say enough about Harmony!! she has been my psychic my rock my support system someone to cry to so empathetic sympathetic compassionate and of course amazing psychic. Harmony just thank you for always being there....You are a treasure!!! Taking a small break from everything. finally strong enough to do what I have to do thanks to all your wonderful support for me!!!! You always said I could do it im there finally!!!! God Bless you Harmony will be in touch soon!!! Sue Miranda   

Patricia    Jun 20 2018 6:42PM   
Harmonyis very accurate and straightforward. I have a big faith that what she said about my relationship will come true and Ill make sure to keep her updated about it. Her advice made me feel better and motivated me to pursue my dreams.   

Anonymous    Jun 18 2018 5:07PM   
I loved my reading! Harmony was straightforward with me from the beginning. I will be calling her again. She is GREAT   

ayanne    Jun 12 2018 3:15PM   
Wow! What a connection! We covered Love & Relationships, Money, and Career in no time! And she hit on things I was already thinking and feeling as well as sharing what s more to come!,Fabulous!   

Susan    Apr 13 2018 5:33PM   
What more can I say!! Harmony is just an angel and really has gotten me through soooo much!! Her readings are spot on and I thank her so much for getting me through some difficult times!!! God Bless you!!! SM   

Kim    Apr 4 2018 11:31AM   
Girlie!!! The flighty chick did buy the van :   

Anonymous    Feb 25 2018 11:03AM   
I read with Harmony again today and she is always accurate kind and loving even when the news she is sharing is tough to hear. Her gift is amazing and I am looking forward to reading with Harmony again and again.   

Susan    Feb 16 2018 5:53PM   
I can never say enough about Harmony!!!! You are an angel!!!! Thank you for helping me so much and always spot on!!! My psychic best friend!!!!!! Sue Miranda   

Patricia    Dec 8 2017 6:56AM   
There are no words to describe Harmony s amazing abilities. In my opinion, she is one of the most harmonious gifted advisers I ve ever the pleasure of talking to. The information given was accurate and very helpful. Talking to her has been such a blessing to me. I love her energy. A million stars and thank you s Harmony. You are such a joy to talk to. You are a BEAUTIFUL being of Love and Light.   

Casandra    Nov 30 2017 12:24PM   
Once again you were so helpful and right on. You truly do help me handle the stress that is going on in my life. Thank you so much for talking to me.   

Anonymous    Nov 29 2017 4:35PM   
Harmony is the best! Everything she said was right on. Her energy is very pleasant. I felt so comfortable and wanted to talk her for hours.   

Casandra    Nov 21 2017 1:25PM   
Harmony is wonderful. She came up with things and statements without me even saying a word. I will be calling her back as she is extremely helpful. Thank you for your insights.   

CHARLOTTE    Nov 4 2017 6:29PM   
Millions of stars for this amazing gifted lady I found part of my tribe...the best on this sight..have been working with Harmony for over a year...everything everything has been on point truthful and with the utmost integrity and you to the moon and back Miss C   

Susan    Nov 3 2017 5:22PM   
Harmony I have been caling on her for over a year! She is my guide my advisor my psychic friend!! I would be lost without her wisdom and wonderful advice!!! Thank you again my psychic friend for all you have done for me!!! God Bless you!! Sue Miranda   

Aesha    Aug 16 2017 6:21AM   
Harmony, Is a kind and sweet spirit which, displays who you are, especially to me. I want to say, every time we speak you always tells me things that are to come, I have to say, you were right and on it! However I have to say too, that what is predicted nine out of ten things don t always go as we hope or wish for. That being said, I appreciate you telling me things that were to come, because they have and also, I have to keep in mind that although what was said, we know too, that things don t always stay the same meaning people can either change or stay the same, but one thing is for certain I must continue to push forward and continue to change me! Thanks for all your support and I pray you continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I m not sure when I ll reach back out to you, but I will remember what we talked about and continue to push forward.   

Anonymous    May 18 2017 6:28PM   
I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Harmony! She is very passionate, intuitive, understanding, lively, and welcoming. She gives you a lot of accurate details and practical guidance! I look forward to seeing my future predictions come to pass. Thanks Harmony! I will keep you updated.   

Susan    Apr 3 2017 3:55PM   
Harmony is the most warmest psychic I have ever encountered.... She has helped me so much and continues to do so!!! I love you harmony for all you have done for me in the good times and bad regarding an ongoing situation!!!! God Bless you!!!! Miranda   

Anonymous    Mar 20 2017 8:08AM   
Always a pleasure to talk to O love her soothing tone of voice and she s one I will call matter what the problem is she s one to bring things to the light.   

Susan    Jan 16 2017 11:07AM   
Harmony is such a great psychic... I have been having a number of obstacles in my life. She has helped me so much.... Never sugar coats just tells it like it is and always correct... Thank you Harmony for all you have done!!! A very grateful customer!!! SM   

Susan    Jan 14 2017 10:34AM   
Harmony is just so wonderful!!! she has helped me so much and right about all she says!!! Thank you so much Harmony!!! God bless you!! SM   

Anonymous    Jan 1 2017 5:10PM   
THANK YOU HARMONY!! I still have chills regarding our accurate reading. Thank you so much for the priceless advice. Thank you so much. You knew an aspect about myself I didn t tell anyone else. An amazing reading. I look forward to keeping in contact with you from now on. You are warm, professionalism, friendliness, and accurate. Just knowing things are finally falling into place in all areas of my life uplifts and motivates me. Again, thank you Harmony for being a blessing and a gift to me. You are amazing.   

Susan    Oct 5 2016 3:32PM   
Harmony has been a rock for me. I cant ever say enough about her. She has helped me tremendously and gets right to the point spot on. I can thank you enough Harmony..... God Bles you!!!! sue   

Nicole    Sep 18 2016 5:03PM   
My reading with Harmony was amazing! Everything she said was on point and basically confirmation on what I’ve been feeling all along. I definitely reach out to her again for more direction very soon. If you looking for direction, honesty, and clarity… HARMONY IS WHERE IT’S AT.   

Susan    Aug 24 2016 4:29PM   
I cant say enough about Harmony!! She has helped me so much in so many ways and always so caring and compassionate. She is spot on in all she says and I have been so blessed to have her guidance!!! God bless you Harmony. Thank you so much again!! sue   

Anonymous    Jul 7 2016 2:45PM   
She is nice and caring person. She know the answer how to explain with helping people.   

Susan    Jun 18 2016 2:10PM   
I cant say enough about Harmony!!! She is the most caring supportive and right on on all her readings. She really gets to the heart of the matter without sugar coating anything. She is so compassionate and I am so grateful and thankful to her for all she has done for me. God Bless you Harmony. Thank you sooo much!!!! sue miranda   

Susan    Jun 6 2016 12:30PM   
I cant say enough about Harmony. She has helped me so much. She is a great psychic and really knows all. She is caring and so warm. I will continue to seek her advice and guidance. She has helped me so much. God Bless you Harmony. Thank you so much Sue miranda   

NICOLE    May 24 2016 4:14PM   
I highly recommend Harmony because she is really genuine! As a matter of fact, out of 4 psychics I ve contacted on this site, she was the only one who was real and didn t try to tell me a bunch of crap. She told me exactly what she saw and was quick in connecting to me. Thanks Harmony!   

Anonymous    Apr 28 2016 3:16PM   
Harmony is amazing and very kind and patient! She was very accurate with my situation! Thank you for all your advice, I will definitely be back...   

Susan    Apr 21 2016 2:18PM   
I cant say enough about Harmony!!! She is such a wonderful warm caring psychic who is right on with all she says. she has helped me so much and I will continue to seek her advice . god Bless you Harmony. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. Sue   

Anonymous    Mar 28 2016 2:36PM   
I just spoke to Harmony and it was one of the best readings I ever had. She gave me answers to what was bothering me and she was right on target with what I needed answered. I didn t like everything I heard but now I know where I stand and what is next to come. I will call her from now on if I need answers. Thank you Harmony..   

Susan    Mar 13 2016 5:56PM   
I had a reading by harmony She is right on On everything she says. She is such a sweet person and so caring. Thank you harmony for all helping me so much. God Bless you. Sue M   

Anonymous    Aug 7 2015 3:33PM   
As a first time caller, I was referred to Harmony, and during our conversation, found her to be simply astounding!! She was accurate describing a situation I m currently in dead on. There were times in my reading where I said, how did you know that? lol. I was completely floored at Harmony s details that no one else knew about. I didn t share with my closest friends, but Harmony zeroed in on it specific details without prompting. She knew things deeply that no one else knows. I m still completely shell shocked at how accurate she was at how pleasantly surprised I am. She is refreshing to say the least, and magnificent the most! She s so compassionate, friendly, warm, courteous, and non judgmental. She was honest and direct without being rude and abrasive. She was very easy to talk with. Case in point, I called her about a situation on a few days ago, and everything she predicted happened within the week!! I had to call back to share the news with her. Her sound and insightful advice has really helped me during this time of intense and wonderfully positive changes in my life. I m so very glad of had a reading with her. She s absolutely eerily accurate.   

ABIGAIL    Jul 28 2015 5:36PM   
Harmony is honest, forthright, and professional without being abrasive or uncaring. She gives an honest account of the situation and guides her client into a positive outlook on any matter.   

MICHELLE    Jul 27 2015 10:30AM   
Very nice to read with. This reader picked up some unique details, though did not catch what others have told me. I respect her abilities and would recommend her.   

Maria    Jul 27 2015 10:20AM   
Good. I may call again. I believe she is a Blind person.   

DONNA    Jul 27 2015 10:16AM   
Did not really tell me anything I already did not know but everything I asked was a possibility, she could not really see it or give an answer. Seems very sincere i may try her again.   

REBECCA     Jun 10 2015 4:38PM   
As a first time caller I was intimidated but Psychic Harmony quickly set me at ease and assured me all will be ok in my marriage…   

Anonymous    Apr 9 2015 12:44AM   
I absolutely loved her, she didn t take all day straight to the point, and she was very nice soft spoken.. Will definitely call her again   

Anonymous    Mar 5 2015 3:15PM   
She is amazing!!!!! Just hit it on in the first few seconds. She is so sweet, but she does tell you the truth.   

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