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     I am Illuminense Angel guided by ArchAngel Peter. Guided to help people in the immediate situations that come up according to need upon request. I am sensitive to the Spirits that are present, Clairvoyant, Intuitive. I help in love, business, finances, relationships . I am an Emphatic Sympathetic Healer and a Grief Specialist..

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Anonymous    Nov 22 2019 10:46AM   
She is beyond amazing!!! She gets it right everytime. I wish she was on more often.   

Anonymous    Jun 21 2018 6:32PM   
Right off the bat, she knew why I was calling and was very accurate in her description of what next steps would be best in my situation. Very concise and clear guidance through out the entire reading. What a lovely lady and talented reader. Thank you . I will call again and recommend you to my friends and family. You have made a difference in my life.   

Anonymous    Jun 15 2018 4:21PM   
Thank you, you gave sound advice. I will pull back from the situation and focus on what I need to be doing. The rest will fall in place. I don t need the stress of this anymore, and I will continue to trust my intuition and not second guess. Thank you, you are a very kind and beautiful soul.   

Anonymous    Jun 13 2018 4:52PM   
Excellent, excellent, knew exactly what was going on in my relationship! She is the 3rd or 4th Psychic that says she see s marriage in the very near future.... I hope she is right, because I love and miss my man utterly and cannot wait for us to get back together and for him to propose to me.   

Anonymous    Apr 30 2018 12:39PM   
One of my Go To psychics on this line. Chat with her almost every day! V nice person. Recommended!   

Anonymous    Dec 11 2017 2:36PM   
Pretty good! Do give this talented person your business!   

Anonymous    Oct 28 2017 4:45PM   
Quite talented.   

Anonymous    Mar 20 2017 12:38PM   
Nice person.Want to give her my business but not at the expense of wasting money. Some readings correct.   

Shevon    Oct 21 2016 9:28AM   
Illuminence Angel is a fantastic reader. She is picked up on things going on around me and predict how things will turn out for me. She has been reading for me for months now and everything she mentioned so far has come to past. I am patiently waiting to the full circle of my life come together again and with Illuminence Angel guidance I am sure that what God has for me I will be sure not to miss it.   

Anonymous    Oct 8 2016 1:29AM   
Excellent, right on point, very quick and she s very sweet. So blessed to have her.   

Anonymous    Aug 10 2016 2:26AM   
She is awesome. Right to the point. Highly recommended!   

Anonymous    Aug 10 2016 2:26AM   
She is awesome. Right to the point. Highly recommended!   

Tatiana    Jul 26 2016 12:45AM   
Thank you so much, I really needed to hear your words i feel so much better about myself again Thank you, will definitely call again.   

ALICIA    Jul 23 2016 5:00AM   
once again my favorite reader. sorry the system went down.. would not let me add funds. you always just get me right on tract. i appreciate how you never judge. accurate and so on point. your just awesome angel. many blessings tonight. ox mooniize77 lee   

ALICIA    Jul 15 2016 3:32AM   
well, wow is all i have to say for such a late night reading.. illuminance angel reads different id dare say than any reader on her... she is gifted far far supposing other readers.. i see someone who will soon be a favorite for her accuracy and foresight.. I m simply stunned at finally getting details.. and thinks she just could not know. thank you tonight for what you did for me.. thank you a hundred times. i look forward to our talks in the future. i love to praise someone when they are this good for it makes it hard to get to them.. but i must give credit. you are god gifted and doing what your meant to do. you made me cry... relief.. confirmations.. i honestly am just speechless angel. i ll have to start referring to you as my soul god bless you in your work and keep you always. folks meet one of the best real readers I ve met.. and I ve worked around the world. welcome! ~ say a prayer for me that nov. we ll be in touch. peace Alicia~   

LYRA    Apr 2 2016 10:54AM   
She was great. Cut right to the point and didn t sugar coat anything. Will be calling back   

Susan    Feb 28 2016 11:06AM   
I just spoke with illuminescence angel. She nailed my question exactly and was spot on. She is very caring and compassionate. A great psychic all the way around. Thank you and god bless you!!!!   

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