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     I have provided Psychic Insight and Guidance for over ten years. Im a fourth generation Psychic in my family. I honed my abilities at a young age with guidance from my Mother and Grandmother. Im Honest and Compassionate. I will tell you the truth and how to avoid unwanted situations. Im Clairvoyant, Energy Reader and an Empath. My Guided Meditations have helped countless people see through the darkness and become Selfempowered. I am here to help those in need. It makes me very happy to share my gift and improve others lives. Me and my Guides can help in all matters of Life. Love and relationships are my specialty. Healing practice focuses strongly on Energy Healing. Working with clients on a deep spiritual level, healing techniques with compassion, love and a positive insight to help them along their healing journey to harmonize their body, mind and soul, and become their best self. Specialties Include: Reiki Aura Cleansing Chakra Balancing Cord Cutting Provide a deeper understanding to issues by getting to the root of issues. Reiki Master, Lightworker.

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Ashley    Mar 17 2020 9:15PM   
First time talking to Ms. Claudia, very sweet, patient & compassionate! I called to ask a question about my relationship & he was able to tell me exactly how my partner feels. Everything he had voiced to me, she repeated for me as if it was him. Definitely call her!   

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I look forward to sharing my gifts with you through an accurate reading that will help you answer... Read More...

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Psychic Reading: Preparation
  • Settled down and Concentrate
  • Have your questions ready
  • Be patient with your Psychic
  • Relax your Mind and Spirit
  • Reflect on what has been told

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