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For entertainment purposes only, for adults 18 years of age and older. Our psychic advisors make every attempt to give you caring and helpful, insightful information. However, the information our advisors offer to you should not be used instead of any recommendations by medical professionals or other professional counselors. We wish for you to enjoy and benefit from your experiences with The Psychic Stars Network.

Privacy Policy

Here at the Psychic Stars Network your privacy is very important to us. All information provided by our customers shall remain strictly confidential. We not do not sell or provide any customer information of any kind to any third party.

Certain financial and personal information is necessary to process credit card transactions. All such information shall remain strictly confidential. When making online purchases all transactions are made through our secure server using the industry standard SSL encryption payment method. Rest assured we have taken every precaution in maintaining the security of our customers privacy.

Marketing Communications with Psychic Stars

In order to keep our customers up to date with everything that's happening here at Psychic Stars, we may send informational updates via phone, email, text messaging and postal mail. If you would like to opt out of any of these communications you may do so at anytime by contacting our customer service agents.

By opting in to our email list your are giving Psychic Stars permission to email you special offers and promotions. We will not share your information with any third party marketing company and you may opt out of our mailing, emailing, or text list by contacting customer service. You may optionally opt out of our email or text list by clicking the opt out links provided in those promotions.

We sincerely hope you enjoy being a member of the Psychic Stars Network. If you have any questions or problems with any transactions, please contact our customer service department:

* If you are not 100% satisfied with your last paid reading, we will refund the price of that reading.
** After your 1st paid reading you will receive a coupon via mail, email, or txt with a coupon code for 5 free mins.
Featured Advisor
Psychic Harmony Ext: 1264
Insight, energy & inspiration are universal keys to the body, mind & spirit. My readings consist of Numerology, Astrology, & The Stargate Tarot. Read More

The Best Psychic Reading
Psychic Reading: Preparation
  • Settled down and Concentrate
  • Have your questions ready
  • Be patient with your Psychic
  • Relax your Mind and Spirit
  • Reflect on what has been told

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