Explore Your Dreams

Do you remember your dreams? Some people can remember their dreams as vividly as they do their daily life, but for most of us, we can only remember fragments, and even those are sketchy. Dreams are powerful glimpses into our subconscious and can often reveal profound insights that we have blocked from our conscious selves, so they shouldn’t be dismissed as just an overactive imagination or a product of eating spicey food before bed.

Dream recall can be a wonderful tool to provide guidance, vision, and awareness into our lives, but for most people, it takes a little practice. Here are a few things you can do to develop your dream recall skills and analyze your dreams.

Dream Recall

The best way to start developing your dream recall skills is to buy a journal and keep it next to your bed. If you not much into writing, download a memo app on your phone to record your thoughts. Every morning, try to remember what you dreamed about the previous night and write or record it. Include every detail, no matter how insignificant you think it might be. Don’t worry about structure or complete sentences – your stream of conscious ramblings can reveal more than you can imagine. And don’t forget to record the date, there is often an Astrological or Numerological connection in your dreams.

Pay special attention to your senses. Record not only way you could “see” in your dream, but also what you could smell, taste, hear, feel, and sense. Record your emotional state – What were you feeling in your dream? What were your emotions when you woke up? Make note of your location – Where you in a forest, near water, someplace you’ve never been or don’t recognize. And finally, who was with you in your dream – Were you alone? Who was with you, someone you know or a stranger? Could you see their faces or could you just sense who it was?

If you are diligent in recording your dreams daily, you will notice, within a few weeks, how much more you are remembering and how much more information you’ve retained for interpretation.

Dream Analysis

Now that you’ve developed your recall skills, it’s time to interpret your dreams. Buy a dream dictionary – you can find plenty on Amazon or at most bookstores. A dream dictionary includes common dream symbols and elements and explains what they generally mean. Ever wonder what in means when you dream about falling or flying? Or what it means when you are naked or in your underwear while in public? What about the dream about running lost through a forest or desperately searching for a restroom? A good dream dictionary can give you at least partial answers.

To truly decipher the meaning behind your dreams, consider a dream analysis session with a PsychicStars expert. They can help you make better sense of what you journaled by recognizing patterns, Astrological or Numerological connections, and other interpretations far beyond what your dream dictionary can provide.

Now that you know how easy it is, what is keeping you from exploring what your dreams are telling you?

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