Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

Everyone wants to meet their soulmate, but what about your twin flame? A twin flame is one half of a soul. More specifically, it when two parts of the same soul are reincarnated in two separate bodies. Therefore, twin flames are mirror images of each other. But how do you know when you’ve met your twin flame? Twin flame relationships are an extremely rare phenomenon, but that just makes them all the more special.

Instant Recognition

It’s said that meeting your twin flame feels like coming home. They’ll be instant recognition and an intense sense of attraction. They’ll feel familiar to you, like you’re reuniting with an old friend or lover. Everything will seem like it’s fallen into place and a bond will quickly solidify between the two of you.

You’re Very Similar

It’s no surprise that since you were once the same soul, that you’ll also be very similar. You might find out that you’ve grown up in similar circumstances and had similar childhoods. Between the two of you you’ll find that you like a lot of the same things and are interested in the same hobbies. It should be common to have a good number of coincidences with each other. Matching interests and a shared moral compass are a given.

You Can’t Stay Apart

There will be a magnetic like force pulling you together. You’ll feel drawn to them and want to spend as much time as possible around each other. It’s a constant and overwhelming pull that never seems to wane, even after some time. Even when you are apart, you’ll still be able to feel their spiritual energy surrounding you.

Intense Relationship

There’s no doubt that a twin flame relationship is an intense one. You are meeting a part of your own soul, it’s only natural that your emotions will be amplified around each other. Be prepared- everything you feel, both good and bad, might become easily overwhelming. While your twin flame can make you feel stronger and more powerful, the opposite is also true.

They Inspire You

Since twin flames act as mirrors of our own selves, it’s natural that such a person would push and challenge us to be better. Done right, a good twin flame relationship is one that promotes growth and inspires you to be a better person. They’ll ignite a fire in you that is hard to ignore.

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