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    STAFF PICK. Chris is a relationship specialist. Is my lover leaving? Is my lover coming back? Is my lover true? Is my lover the one for me? STOP with the questions and get your answers. With 25 years professional experience Chris can help. Chris was born a psychic clairvoyant who is skilled in dream interpretations, love & romance. As a medium, he can connect with your spirit guide or lost loved ones. He believes in sharing his gift with the world which is why he dedicates his life to his trade. Online for your convenience almost 24/7, Chris is here to help you understand your future and past. Come feel the energy and power of his knowing. Host ID 1138

Customer Reviews
Apr 15 2024 3:23AM
Chris gave me faith. Something I was losing in myself. He made me see my power and complimented me on having them. He read my heart as he did my reading. Such a great person. Wish he never stops doing what he doest. He gave me great guidance. Reminded me to keep my head straight as I walk my path. What an experience.

Mar 15 2024 10:27AM
Chris was incredibly accurate on my poi it was kinda freaky lol

Jan 16 2024 6:48PM
Chris is AMAZING & the REAL deal! He has been correct on things that have come to fruition! Is definitely my to go guide! Thank you Chris!

Sep 15 2023 2:47PM
Thank you so much Chris! I appreciate how down to earth you are, your readings are always on point and it has helped guide me through quite a few situations. I been to alot if different psychics and I know whose legit and whose not and I know ur one of the few legit ones. I also appreciate the compassion in your readings. Definitely more than a psychic. I feel confident in my the choices I am about to make. Thank you so much.

Sep 8 2023 11:09PM
Chris is always so kind and very helpful. He is my number one psychic to go to here. And when he reads into things he is always accurate. Tysm!

Aug 26 2023 9:08PM
Chris is amazing. Always such a great reading. Very insightful. I’m addicted to calling him all the time.

Jun 29 2023 10:53PM
Thank you Chris! Fr keeping it real with my poi, yr right I ve seen red flags fr a while now, looking forward to meeting the one fr that commitment! We ll talk again

Jun 15 2023 11:09PM
This guy is solid. We were both factual from the get go..no wasting time. Then about halfway through we connected to each other as humans, and the reading took off. I have full confidence in your advice, Chris. Thanks a million, east coast. ??

Jun 15 2023 6:52AM
Had a another good reading with Chris as always. He always keeps it ??. He definitely reads my ex will. Gave me important information that I needed to know about my situation now an moving forward

Jun 13 2023 2:46PM
Chris was amazing he knew my whole situation without me even going into detail if you want a ready please go to him you will not be disappointed

Mar 5 2023 5:25PM
I wish we had more time thank you Chris ??

Feb 27 2023 11:28PM
Chris was amazing, accurate and fast! He was very pleasant and easy to talk to! This was my first time calling him and I was very impressed with how intuitive he was! I highly recommend him! I will definitely be calling him again! Thank you Chris! ??

Dec 18 2022 10:55AM
He was absolutely amazing helped so much.

Dec 16 2022 8:03PM
Wanted to tell you thank you Chris. You’ve be apart of my situation helping me through and you’re so down to earth and kind. You always do a little pick me up when I’m down too. You’re a great advisor and hopefully I’ll get my good news soon

Nov 9 2022 7:32AM
Chris is the best. He keeps it 100% real and is always honest weather good or bad. He is also available almost all day and all night. if you want a truthful and accurate reading, always call Chris he gives it his all.

Oct 31 2022 6:26PM
One word, WOW!! I will definitely be reading with him from now on. He gave me dates that only I knew and I never mentioned a word about those dates to him. Very accurate!!! Thanks Chris!!

Sep 25 2022 10:02AM
Chris was spot on in a lot of things was going on in my life right now I’m in court right now dwi when he picked up on situations with the judge he had me laughing he said The bitch of a judge is no way he could of known this he is definitely spiritually intuned

Sep 19 2022 7:44PM
Chris was very on point with everything. I’m Impressed. He didn’t sugar coat anything and was honest!!

Sep 15 2022 8:22AM
Uncanny accuracy. Honesty, weather information is good or bad. Very kind and customer service oriented. If you re looking for the best psychic please be sure to call Chris at extension 1138. He is definitely five plus stars.

Sep 1 2022 9:03AM
I haven t spoken with many psychics and on many sites but this is definitely the #1 site and Chris is definitely the #1 psychic. Chris is to the point does not waste time and is the most accurate psychic I know,. Just wanted to give my kudos to the best,

Aug 20 2022 12:06AM
Thank you Chris for making my night!!!!! You’re amazing

Aug 12 2022 8:08AM
Chris is unwavering with his readings. Always honest and accurate. Out of all the psychics I have ever talked to he is the one that is most accurate and trusted. I don t know what I would do without Chris.

Jul 25 2022 2:26PM
Chris is amazing! Love his charismatic energy. Very accurate and you will always get the best advice! Love him!

Jul 14 2022 10:07PM
He is the truth, always fast and accurate. Love me some Chris.

Jul 3 2022 10:31PM
He is great very good phychic

Jun 28 2022 1:11PM
You have never given me bad advice. Sometimes I may not like it. But thanks for always be honest with me. Thanks for being there as always for me Chris. I definitely appreciate your help

Jun 5 2022 1:18PM
Chris is the real deal. He is very accurate and on point never let me down whether good or bad he is honest. He will always be my number one to go to psychic.

May 18 2022 11:44PM
Thank you again Chris, I needed your insight! Wonderful accuracy!

May 3 2022 1:25AM
Thank you for helping me! You have a great gift. Thanks for telling me the truth, I needed the truth tonight. I can appreciate a real psychic!

Mar 24 2022 9:02PM
Truly gifted!!! Everything so far came to pass what he has told me

Mar 23 2022 8:40AM
AMAZING he’s getting all my paychecks !

Mar 12 2022 7:24PM
He is nothing but the truth. I will always use Chris and him only...

Feb 6 2022 3:24PM
Prediction did not come to pass

Feb 4 2022 11:13PM
He was awesome. I’ll await those predictions and pray that God gives me the strength to endure the rest of it.

Dec 31 2021 5:26PM
He’s the truth! Hate my time ran out, but I will most definitely recommend him.

Dec 4 2021 12:32PM
Been reading with Chris for a month. He is to the point and has been proven right consistently. Highly recommend!!

Nov 25 2021 10:49PM
I wrote this review post prediction. It came to pass. Chris said between 3 4 days could be sooner but not more than that. Well he was right 2nd day. Chris is on par w/other network psychics. M had a ton of friends over and work. M dialed me out. Chris said when we gets serious it’s going to be a loving happy relationship. I feel that already whenever I’m with him. M is very positive & caring. Just like Chris mentioned about him. I trust M, known him a long time, mutual friends also confirming, he’s not girl crazy. Many psychics said there will be longevity & serious commitments. Not sure yet but Chris’s 1st prediction has passed. He got M’s character right & and my manipulative careless Ex A. Pretty accurate. Like another psych said They both are like night & day! Chris said that differently but pretty accurate! Good & accurate work here! S

Nov 11 2021 2:34PM
WOW WOW WOW...Chris was so amazing! Thank you for a great reading. You are the best. He tells it how it is the good and the bad and I appreciated that.

Oct 14 2021 3:24PM
Thank u omg I was always paranoid until u ease my heart with a confusing question .. out of all psychics u made me feel relieved not still questioning things..I feel like u gave me the best advice than anyone has about my marriage and our future ..Thank u again ..

Sep 19 2021 2:10PM
Chris is VERY honest and accurate. He tells you the good and the bad without holding back. He’s definitely one of the most honest psychics here. He gave me suggestions on how to turn around the situation, I truly appreciate his genuine advice.

Sep 13 2021 1:49PM
He was on point ??,as always

Sep 8 2021 5:33PM
Omg this Advisor is the Best by far I love his energy and he did all the talking, without me even telling him what’s happening in my marriage he already knows I Gladly enjoy him y’all he is Good Don t Hesitate he is awesome ?? thanks so much

Sep 5 2021 11:54PM
Sorry we got cut off but thank you for telling me the truth!!! I will be calling back Thank you

Jul 23 2021 7:13PM
Chris was spot on with my situation, thank you! He said he wouldn t give me false hope if he didn t see the change which will happen. Thank you for being honest and telling it like it is.

Jul 13 2021 7:09PM
WOOOOOOOOWWWWWW! First time caller. He blew my mind@ No tools. Nothing. Name, DOB and he takes off. Gives sooooo many details. He is the REAL DEAL

Jul 7 2021 9:24PM
Chris is fantastic ! He is compassionate and right on with everything. I just had two readings wih him today and he was so accurate about two individuals, it freaked me out how correct he was with both of them ! I will definately stay with Chris and am so grateful I found him ! THANK YOU CHRIS !

Jun 30 2021 7:33PM
I like him very accurate with alot of things

May 25 2021 11:25AM
His approach is no bs, which I appreciate, but his delivery is a bit abrasive. I do believe his readings are mostly accurate and I suppose time will tell. He’s upfront, to the point, but could use a little softening around the edges.

Mar 15 2021 8:44PM
Just had a reading with Chris first time reading with him, great reading and I have had many and do mine own as well. He was very on point and to the point with what I am dealing with which is relationship, business and family matters. He was blunt and got right to it which I appreciate. He did not give vague information but got right to the point without me giving much information and it was spot on. Thanks Chris I appreciate the feedback even if much of it was not what I would have loved to have heard its pretty much what I already knew but needed to hear and just made everything clear on what I needed to do. God bless you thanks for your time :

Apr 8 2020 9:55PM
He was very compassionate, honest, direct and to the point. He was spot on with my situation.

Feb 22 2020 6:52PM
Best reader on sight my name Veronica just spoke to him HE is Awesome!! 2 Thumbs up

Jan 2 2019 1:25PM
He was literally amazing. He was very accurate and honest. I highly Recommend Him !!!

Jun 22 2018 6:34PM
Wow!! Picked up right away on the situation without me saying anything except my name. Really got a good feeling about what I need to do to be where I want to be.He is awesome

Jun 19 2018 6:12PM
He was dead on with the person I was inquiring about and gave very good advice. I really enjoyed talking with him.

May 12 2018 11:18AM
Fast and clear. I really enjoyed my reading and I felt gave good and honest advice. I appreciate the quick responses.

May 4 2018 9:14PM
Amazing reading. Dead on information!!! No sugar coating, very direct and spot on. Short and sweet. Recommend Chris any day. Thank you Chris.

Apr 30 2018 9:40AM
Chris is amazing!! He has helped me for over 5 years with my situations and is always right and never sugar coats!! He is so compassionate and caring!! Thank you so much Chris for getting me through some very difficult times!!! You are a wonderful Psychic!!! God Bless you!!!! Sue Marie Miranda

Apr 9 2018 1:42PM
Chris is very personable and answered all of my questions. Felt like I was talking to my uncle at the kitchen table lol. I enjoyed my reading. Will be using him again.

Aug 31 2017 12:51AM
I think, Chris is the best reader. I talk to him many times and whatever he predict all the time happened. Thank you so much Chris

Mar 20 2017 8:10AM
I spoke to Chris a few time and each time that I had talked to him he always tells me there s nothing for me to worry about, because who I am with is a keeper and I know this to be true, but it s nice to hear someone else say the same thing and knows what I have and have been blessed with. I am so thankful he picked up on a job opportunity for me as well as know that the job is mines.

Jan 20 2017 11:54AM
I have spoke to several psychics at psychic stars. Chris is one of the best. He is kind, asks only name & BD of involved parties. Gets straight to your reading with out wasting any time. His description of the people involved, the issues at hand & outcomes were very accurate with what was going on in my life. I won t hesitate to call him again.

Jan 6 2017 5:58PM
Chris,was very quick and precise to the point.very accurate with his reading and respond to the question very quick.this is a very good call,you won t regret it.

Jan 2 2017 11:14AM

Dec 27 2016 6:15PM
Chris was Quick!!!He told me things that I am looking forward too!!! 5 stars

Oct 25 2016 9:57PM
There Are Psychics And There Are Gifted Psychics. This Gentleman Chris Is Very Compassionate & Has Intuition Galore. He Tunes In Easily And Picks Up On The Important Information To Convey. I Highly Recommend Him. I Am SO Blessed That I Was Able To Have Him Read For Me. He Calmed My Nerves And I Know Great Things Are Coming My Way Very Quickly. Thank You, Chris, More Than Words Can Convey.

Oct 14 2016 7:11PM
Chris was right on point. He is very accurate and a no holds barred kind of reader. There s no sugar coating there, he tells you as he sees it. I will definitely call again.

Sep 11 2016 10:20PM
Thank you, Chris! This reading was very clear, direct, and to the point. You definitely tuned into the issues. It was very helpful. I appreciate your insights, and will call you again.

Sep 11 2016 9:31PM
More than a Psychic! A FRIEND in NEED!

Aug 30 2016 11:23AM
THANK YOU FOR BEING A friend! Much more than a Psychic! *The go to guy when you are in a crisis!*

Aug 26 2016 5:41AM
I just want to thank you Chris for all you have done for me. You went above and beyond to help me with my situation!! You have been an angel to me. I will never forget all the encouragement and spot on readings to help guide me along my path. Still having difficulty with situation as you know but I have gotten a lot stronger because of you! God Bless you Chris. Thank you again!!!! sue miranda

Jul 2 2016 8:21PM
Although he took 10 15 seconds to focus and connect, he was definitely right on point. He didn t tell me everything that I wanted to hear, but he did tell me what I needed to hear but in a very matter of fact way. He was very clear about the situation and how I should handle it. Thank you Chris.

Jun 15 2016 10:22PM
Chris is straight forward with delivering accurate answers to confusing questions. He is very easy to talk and his response is very sharp and precise. He is a very gifted psychic.

May 29 2016 3:59AM
Chris you never let me down . 15 plus years Really how do you do it? Love you sweetheart. You know me lol

May 24 2016 4:33PM
Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. You will be rendered speechless by not only the depth, style & accuracy but Chris s compassion. My go to. Stellar reading.

May 12 2016 12:19AM
Amazing reading

May 10 2016 5:13PM
Thank you Chris! I will be checking back in with you soon. Thank you for looking our for my best interests. I needed the confirmation. Thank you! LB

May 4 2016 6:06AM
I can never say enough about Chris. He has been such a guiding force for me in such a positive way. he has guided me through the most difficult time in my life and has been so amazingly accurate in all he has said. He is my angel on my shoulder. Thank you Chris always for all you have done for me. I love you as a psychic friend and will never forget all you have done for me for the past 3 years..... God Bless you!!!!! Sue miranda

Apr 24 2016 9:28PM
Very nice, was able to pinpoint my situation. thanks and will call back for sure

Apr 19 2016 8:21PM
This guy is awesome the thing I like about him so much is he is straight to the point cuts no corners and there is no beating around the bush. But even when you may not be ready for all the truth he is going to give he always ends with something sweet but he is the best if you want it straight!!! Awsome!!

Apr 19 2016 1:12PM
V good soul. Tries to help you. Quick readings. To the point. I consult Chris for professional purposes.

Apr 19 2016 10:59AM
I can never say enough about Chris! he has been such an angel for me. He is so patient so right on in his readings . A all around wonderful human being. Thank you always Chris and god bless you!!!! Sue m

Mar 25 2016 1:45PM
Thank you Chris for your guidance I will definitely look for you again to let you know what is going on. I will take your advice to heart, and really evaluate and take my time moving forward. Many blessings to you! and I thank God for your awesome gift.

Mar 21 2016 4:13PM
Thank you Chris, I want to cry cause he cheated and lies to me, but thanks for your honesty

Feb 23 2016 3:56PM
Chris is amazing man very patient and conserdriate seems to know exactly what I need how to achieve it..I love you Chris thanks for the talks I be calling you soon

Feb 10 2016 12:21AM
He is very calm and reassuring. I feel relieved with the positive upbeat reading he gave. He connected instantly and was so on target with everyone I called about. Can t wait o call back. Thanks Chris for lifting my spirits

Jan 23 2016 2:30PM
He was fabulously on point with insight into my situation.

Jan 4 2016 11:38PM
Had a beautiful and inspiring reading with Chris! Truly a God send got good advice and encouragement ! What more could I ask for. On point and to the point ??????

Dec 7 2015 3:35PM
I have been speaking with Chris. ext.1138 for the past year and a half. It has been comforting to speak with him regarding family and personal issues.He has been a comfort to me during this period of time when my situation was in crisis. Everything he told me to do I followed his advice and it worked out. Chris is always professional tactful and encouraging.He has been my earthly guardian angel. Everything he has spoke about was right and each situation worked out according to his advice. Again Bravo,!!! Chris you are G R E A T! BRAVO. JT

Dec 7 2015 3:30PM
I have been speaking with Chris for the past year and a half. It has been comforting to speak with him regarding family and personal issues.He has been a comfort to me during this period of time when my situation was in crisis. Everything he told me to do I followed his advice and it worked out. Chris is always professional tactful and encouraging.He has been my earthly guardian angel. Everything he has spoke about was right and each situation worked out according to his advice. Again Bravo,!!! Chris you are G R E A T! GREAT!!! BRAVO

Oct 15 2015 8:55PM
Thank you Chris. I got off the phone feeling excited yet being honest with myself. This is my second reading from Chris..no doubt, he is the one. I called him again because the first time of getting a reading from Chris the predictions actually came true. : . Your gift is truly amazing, your compassionate, honest, and caring. I highly recommend Chris for a reading. JM

Oct 15 2015 7:18PM
Chris is amazing! His heart is pouring out so much love, his patience and insight are unequalled. He is a sweet man who truly cares and he truly wants to help people. His presence here is a blessing to me. I will forever cherish this, what a great job you guys are doing! PsychicStars, you rock!

Oct 12 2015 8:52PM
It is amazing how much he cares and tells you straight as well! Highly recommend!

Sep 30 2015 11:55PM
He is really good at honing in on feelings of other person and is almost always available. you can tell he really cares!

Sep 25 2015 6:27PM
Chris is good about reading people s feeling and great at relationships. He does not sugarcoat....which is good! REcommend!

Aug 29 2015 12:53PM
Amazing!! Reading. Your gift is truly a blessing!! You answered all of my questions accurately!! Thank you! Choose Chris!!! Jamie M.

Aug 27 2015 12:27AM

Aug 11 2015 4:02PM
Amazing man. he is a saint. He has helped me for years now. I am so grateful for all he has done. God Bless you chris!!!

Jul 28 2015 9:44AM
I cant say enough about Chris . He has been such a help to me for years now. I can ever thank him enough. he is so accurate in all he says. he is a wonderful human being. God Bless you Chris. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!

Jul 27 2015 10:07AM
We didn t click

Jul 26 2015 1:08PM
Time will tell...he is very friendly and engaging to speak with.

Jun 14 2015 2:46AM
Chris is not only amazing, but very caring! He took me from feeling so low about my situation to having hope. He was spot on with the reading and said things that he couldn t possibly know otherwise. Chris, thank you for your loving kindness! I felt as if I have known you for many years! Perhaps we have from a past life. He is grounded in his abilities and what he sees. He tells you like it is and not what you want to hear. That is very important in my eyes... I will be calling again Chris. I will take your suggestions and keep you posted as to what happens. Many blessings to you Chris!

May 30 2015 3:06PM
Chris is absolutely incredible. I have been talking with him for over 2 years. he is sot on and such a warm hearted person. God Bless you Thank you. Sue miranda

May 15 2015 1:36PM
I can never say enough about Chris. I have been talking with him for about 3 years now. he has guided me and helped me so much. He is a guardian angel to me. He is so gifted at what he does. He is so caring and compassionate. I can never thank him enough!!!!!! warmest regards, sue m.

May 9 2015 8:19PM
I ve been talking to Chris since January 2015 and each time he makes me feel so encouraged. Whenever I feel alone he is always there to remind me that I m not...he s been such a great help to me. Thank you my dear Chris, for all your insight and on the button details. Jenny

May 8 2015 1:40PM
Chris has been a guardian angel for me. I cannot express enough how much he has helped me. He is so accurate about everything and has such insight. God bless you Chris thank you so very much!!!!!sue M

Apr 18 2015 12:54PM
Chris is the real deal and was very accurate in his advise and made a person have inspiration and hope for the future. I will definitely call him again. Bennnett

Apr 10 2015 5:58PM
Amazingly insightful and accurate. Friendly and sincere.

Apr 10 2015 10:22AM
One word.... awesome

Apr 8 2015 4:09PM
I can never say enough about chris. he is warm compassionate. Right on the money with everyone. He has been an angel to me. Thank you chris for all you do!!!!!

Apr 8 2015 2:45PM
Chris is the best.he gets right to the point.

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