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    Margaret: 25 years professional experience. Born clairvoyant, Margaret started giving friends and family readings at age 7. By age 9, she had gone professional as a psychic child in her Moms Psychic Readings shop. Fluent in the workings of Tarot, Astrology, Crystal Healings, Past Life Regressions, and as a communicator to those who have past on or with animals. Her motto is and has always been, Let me make you a believer.
Customer Reviews
Oct 22 2019 10:29PM
Margaret is one of my new Psychic. she predicted that my estranged husband whom I haven t spoken with for months is going to contact me soon. I was like really and days, weeks went by and nothing and I turn to her and say well he hadn t contacted me as yet and one day out of the blues when I was at the doctor office and I received a text message and to my surprise it was my estrange husband. so I must admit yes her prediction does come through. From JP

May 4 2019 1:15AM
I thought Margaret was a real gem. She knew so much about my life without asking that many questions, Her reading was spot on. I really felt the presence of an angel during the reading. It gave me chills! Margaret is a truly gifted psychic. I highly recommend her!

Jun 21 2018 6:27PM
I just had my first reading. Amazing! So spot on it was scary! She starting reading and speaking before I could even ask questions and her accuracy blew me away. I hope her intuition and insights come to fruition and I will definitely be contacting her again. Great mannerisms and style too. Very easy to connect with.

Jun 15 2018 4:11PM
Excellent reading. She tells you the truth. Thank you very much for you advice on how to deal with C. Patience is the key! It s a must call. Wonderful lady and very sweet! Thank you.

Jun 13 2018 4:42PM
I really got a great positive reading that made very much sense and made me fell confident to move forward to my next chapter in life. Thank you very much Margaret.

Jul 15 2016 5:08PM
Margaret is phenomenal. She s by far the best psychic I have came across.

May 25 2016 8:56PM
Another amazing reading with Margaret! She has helped me so much in just two readings. Herr soothing words have eased my troubled soul. I am still struggling, but I am beginning to feel hope!

May 18 2016 10:58PM
I had a reading with Margaret on May 17. She was amazingly accurate. With no prompting, she keyed in on something I ve been experiencing for years...something I ve never shared with anyone. Her reading was positive and gave me hope for my future. She is also very kind. I ve used this service many times and Margarete is, by far, the most accurate. I will definitely call her again!

Mar 23 2016 11:00AM
Margaret is phenomenal. Her readings are on point. I mean literally on POINT. She guides you through it all and let you know what s going to happen before it does. She also has a calming spirit, that makes you feel like you re talking to a friend who has a listening ear. I highly recommend her.

Feb 18 2016 8:07PM
Guesses at everything, asks constant questions till she will say anything, that you have already told her....a total farce! Should be taken off the network

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