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    I am an experienced 25 years and counting! psychic reader, intuitive advisor, life coach, and relationship guru. Consider me to be your professional best friend. My primary expertise is providing advisement and insight into human relationships of all varieties. I am that outside ear willing to listen and a different perspective waiting to be heard. Doing readings for others rewards me with the blessing of helping people cope with lifes various difficulties...including understanding difficult people. Wit, wisdom, and insight are what I offer. I see auras/energies around people, read Tarot cards, practice numerology, and intuit impressions. I consult with spirit guides, angels, higher selves, and the occasional ghost. Most people are interested in matters of the heart: Does s/he love me? When will I find love? Will s/he be faithful to me? These questions are the inquiries I enjoy pursuing most. I welcome feedback as I wish to be the best helper I can be.
Customer Reviews
Aug 27 2022 9:33AM
Thank you, Doug, for being such a bringer of light and clarity.

May 18 2022 11:01PM

May 12 2022 11:55AM
He has a calming effect. Great vibe. Straightforward and sincere. Will he be available more often?

Apr 19 2022 3:15PM
Thank you Doug ! For being there and being honest with me your right on point with everything. I will be calling squiggly again soon . Thank you .

Jun 2 2021 5:53PM
Doug far exceeded my expectations. He was thoughtful, realistic, on point, and nailed my overall situation. I will call again.

Jun 22 2018 6:29PM
The reading was very comforting like talking to an old friend. By the end of our conversation, I was ready to conquer my challenges with a smile on my face.

Jun 19 2018 6:03PM
Enjoyed him. Was very straightforward and offered advice on relationship and career. Looking forward to giving him an update and another reading for further future guidance.

Jun 14 2018 5:26PM
Definitely felt connected, Doug was upfront and honest..i will be calling back for sure after awhile to see how things pan out for me...honesty isn t always easy to hear but i need to take it all in.

Nov 13 2017 11:41PM
He was pretty good! Was very nice & calming...should definitely be on the sight more...try him out

Nov 13 2017 11:40PM
He was pretty good! Was very nice & calming...should definitely be on the sight more...try him out

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