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    It is with great sadness and a heavy heart we are notifying you of the sudden passing of Sterling, a beloved 7 year member of our Psychic Stars family. After a long illness, which he fought bravely, and which he refused to succumb to for many months. He will be missed and long remembered, for the comfort, sage advice, and friendship he was known for. RIP Sterling. We are certain you are at a place where you’re reaping the rewards of the solace and peace of mind you brought to everyone you encountered. Dear Psychic Stars family, Each grief has its own imprint, as distinctive and as unique as the person we lost. God Bless Peace Love & Light.
Customer Reviews
Jun 6 2024 3:59PM
My heart is broken! I’m so devastated to learn about his passing! He was such an amazing psychic and person! Sterling helped me through my difficult times and I’m extremely sad…. He has helped me and so many others… Rest in peace Sterling! You will be missed my many!

Apr 20 2024 3:57PM
My heart is so broken literally in tears ??. May you rest in peace. I can still hear your voice. You were my go to guy for 5 years and 100% correct every time. I m so sad. Now you re an angel watching over many.

Apr 18 2024 11:51PM
I miss you so much! You were a true friend to me! I will always hold you close to my heart! I was so alone when I first talked to you! You saved me you were 100 percent right on it all! God Bless You!!!!I can hear your voice in my head all the heartfelt talks I will miss you forever!!!we both loved the little Prince!!! I pray one day I will see you again!!!!Please take good care of my friend! May the angels sleep with you and give you peace! Margaret

Mar 29 2024 3:47PM
Rip you will be missed rest in heavenly peace

Mar 1 2024 8:36PM
I truly loved that wonderful Man!! He suffered much, but never complained. Always brought Peace and Strength to others.I just thought he would always be there :

Mar 1 2024 11:07AM
Sterling got me through the most difficult times in my life. I will miss him until we meet again. Blessings. Paula

Feb 28 2024 9:19PM
Sterling got me through the most difficult times in my life. I will miss him until we meet again. Blessings. Paula

Feb 28 2024 2:59AM
Sterling You will be forever the man with the kindest and biggest heart. You are a true seer and your light that you held for so many will always be remembered. For all the love laughs support and healing, I’ll be forever grateful. Thank Sterling ??

Feb 27 2024 1:52PM
RIP Sterling

Feb 17 2024 7:54PM
Thank you Sterling for the some of the best readings on here. You will be missed and it was pleasure speaking with you. Rest in peace my friend and if God willing, I will see you again from “The Great Beyond”.

Feb 16 2024 9:09PM
Sterling will most certainly be missed and is definitely loved. I’m so sad to find out today that he has passed away. Sterling was not only a reader but he was also my friend and peer in this industry. I pray my Aquarius friend is at peace. I knew he had health issues and I wish I was able to chat with him more before his passing. This brings me to tears but he was amazing. Truly a sage and I hope he was surrounded by loving people

Jan 27 2024 11:12PM
Sterling knows how to diffuse bad or not so good news so we come out of a reading feeling strong.

Jan 12 2024 3:02PM
Sterling is a good reader he doesn’t waste your time tells it like it is I will call him again

Jan 7 2024 4:51PM
Happy New Year, to SuperSterling! Sincerely, your follower in SF, CA.

Nov 14 2023 4:34PM
Simply put kindest wonderful psychic around!!!! Great readings spot on!!! Been speaking with him for years!!! The best 5 stars all the way! God bless you Sterling!!!! Sue m

Nov 12 2023 6:29PM
The reliable SuperSterling!

Sep 2 2023 7:46AM
Omg... AMAZING!! I was feeling so uneasy and Sterling was able to put my mind at rest! Honest and trustworthy! Thank you so much Sterling!

Aug 27 2023 7:19PM
This man is always a joy to speak with, he predictions always come to pass and he really sees things in detail and leaves you with so much clarity.. my go to first choice

Aug 21 2023 4:01PM
I have been talking to Sterling over a year he has never disappointed me. what he says has always come true, I trust him. LJ

Jul 3 2023 6:28PM
The real deal....

Jun 16 2023 4:08AM
I rely on Sterling to deliver any kind of message with tact, kindness, and strong direction.

May 13 2023 10:05AM
Always a blessing talking to Sterling. Highly recommended. You won t be disappointed.

May 4 2023 5:03PM
Sterling has been and always will be my quintessential go to. Thank you, Sterling!

Apr 28 2023 1:38PM
Sterling is absolutely amazing! He’s my go to person whenever I need help and guidance! He has ALWAYS been accurate with his predictions with no exceptions! He can read my poi like an open book. He is truly gifted beyond words. He’s also so kind and comforting. 5 stars are not enough to show his gift, talent and kindness…. Thank you Sterling for all you do!

Apr 21 2023 3:19PM
Wow! I can t express my gratitude and honor it was to speak to Sterling! I am blown away! I am looking forward to the next month to see how everything pans out! Thank you so much! Highly recommended.

Apr 21 2023 11:03AM
The accuracy of Sterling is just unbelievable literally. I don’t show my name on here bc I have people I know who also call here and don’t want them knowing we’re I get my info from

Apr 20 2023 11:09PM

Apr 2 2023 10:38PM
Sterling has been advising me for almost a year now and I must say, his predictions on been on point thus far.

Apr 2 2023 12:53AM
I love talking with Sterling it s been a while since I have but he was quick to pick up energy sometimes I fell bad like I m bothering him but he s so kind and patient with thank you Sterling for being who you are

Mar 30 2023 9:06PM
Sterling has been a Reliable Lifeline, a go to advisor armed with undeniable wisdom, unwavering kindness, and impeccable gift of communication.

Mar 6 2023 1:13AM
Sterling is BEYOND psychic! Only reader that has been spot on EVERY time. He is kind, caring, compassionate and relatable. He has a gift and shares it with his clients. Thank you Sterling!!

Mar 3 2023 9:24PM
Sterling has been accurate, so far. His gift of excellent communication helps me face challenges ahead.

Feb 19 2023 12:40PM
Quick to connect with my issue. Good connection, too, it seems. Will call again.

Feb 4 2023 11:39PM
Sterling is a beast of a psychic. Needs 100 star rating option bc 5 stars is not enough.

Feb 4 2023 9:57AM
Sterling is the best! He has helped me with several very difficult situations and definitely on point. My true love is also predicted around the corner and has helped me keep hope alive! Very kind, very talented!!!!

Feb 3 2023 2:55PM
Another Sterling prediction that seemed impossible just happened word for word as he described 98% again wow. A true heavyweight in the psychic world for sure.

Jan 20 2023 1:04PM
Sterling is the very best! He has helped me with my situation for a very long time. Everything he has said has been accurate. His predictions are always on point. He is truly gifted and I’m so thankful for him! He’s absolutely amazing!

Jan 18 2023 10:01PM
Thank you so much for advising me to reach out to my Love last year. You are one of the best! You always pick up the best energy on my relationship issues

Jan 17 2023 4:25AM
I love talking with Sterling thank you fir clarifying things and most of all thank you for not judging me ??

Jan 14 2023 6:00PM
Sterling is one of the best psychics around. Many of his predictions have come true. He predicted my boyfriend and I would get back together even when it seemed impossible an we did!! He is very kind and compassionate and I love talking to him. He has gotten me through one of the darkest periods of my life.

Jan 13 2023 11:15AM
I have spoken to Sterling a few times now, and I have to say I really like him. He is very straight to the point, but compassionate at the same time he cares about your feelings, but won’t sugarcoat the truth. He explains what he sees when you ask him questions, I am glad that I found him. I can tell I’ll be calling him in the future.

Jan 9 2023 1:28AM
Sterling was great! He gave me clarity on 2 different situations. He was completely honest and compassionate in regards to both. I am waiting until the end of January for something that he told me would occur. I will definitely write another review when that thing happens! I am excited and anticipating the end of January! #Sterling isllhû

Jan 6 2023 5:13AM
Ringing in the New Year with a salute to Super Sterling. So far, his insights have proven to be accurate.

Dec 31 2022 11:05PM
I have been reading with Sterling for years and he s never been wrong..he always picks up where we left off and I am forever grateful for his guidance. Thank you for you everything! From you NJ friend

Dec 31 2022 8:52PM
Sterling...good guy and gives a shit...talk to him but listen...LISTEN....what he gets he can spell things out...but he will be honest...ill continue to come back to Sterling....the Dude is friendly ...personally I like him...his predictions have not come yet but ill keep peeps updated

Dec 17 2022 1:51AM
Sterling made a very detailed prediction that seemed very very unlikely to happen and it just happened today I’m just shocked period.

Dec 8 2022 12:15AM
Thank you soo much for listening to me when i cone to an issue or a situation i don t understand you clarify it for especially regarding my poi you said he d call before the weekend and sure enough he did thank you for your continued patience and kindness with me regarding this emotional matter

Dec 4 2022 6:52PM
Sterling is very accurate and has character. Some would say he has Christ like traits.

Dec 4 2022 6:00AM
Sterling is an impeccable advisor, psychic extradonaire. I really rely on him heavily and he has provided me guidance with very tough situations. He is real popular so consider yourself blessed if you re able to speak with him.

Nov 30 2022 9:44AM
He has high intellect and is able to do psychic medium readings to tune into the thoughts and msgs of your loved ones who have crossed over.

Nov 24 2022 5:29PM
I m so sorry I ran out of funds and didn t get to thank you. But, you have no idea how much you truly helped me with my relationship with my significant other. I can t wait for the this new year to see his change. Ty so much Mr. Sterling

Nov 22 2022 5:39PM
Ive been reading with Sterling for a very long time. He never changed his prediction regarding my marriage. Today his prediction came to pass with the positive results. He was spot on not just with my marriage but other situations in my life. I highly recommend him. He is the real deal! I am going to continue to read with in the future. Thanks Sterling for being your compassionate, gifted self!

Nov 11 2022 9:23PM
I can t say it enough when I m not sure of things or can t stop worrying I m glad that Sterling can give me sone clarity thank you so much may God continue to bless you

Oct 30 2022 2:35PM
1st time reading with Sterling. He has a great vibe and I liked him right away! He tuned into my POI immediately and gave me insight as to what he is feeling about our connection. Sterling sees things progressing in the next month...I ll be sure to repost with an update. Thank you Sterling I ll be contacting you again soon!

Oct 30 2022 1:48AM
As always Sterling you are wonderful never sugar coating just straight forward I love it Bless you

Oct 26 2022 5:01PM
Sterling is amazing. Very comfortable and straight forward. I love his energy. The best of the best hands down. 5 stars isn t enough.

Oct 24 2022 3:44PM
I’m tacotilly and I just wanted to say sterling is my go to guy. He predicted the date my x boyfriend would reach out to me and he also told me that he was going to come back to me and he did. He got me through one of the darkest times of my life

Oct 19 2022 7:50PM
This man is incredible my questions are always answered he explains things to me when I m confused he s kind Non judgemental very much on point with my poi thank you Sterling

Oct 18 2022 5:34PM
Great as usual! Spoke to Sterling several times. Each reading was very positive and to the point. My favorite psychic here. Thank you

Oct 8 2022 2:59PM
The Great Sterling: He manages to tell me what I need to hear yet, he helps me stay the course at the same time. He has helped me face personal, familial, and professional hurdles fiercely and realistically. What a Gift. Cheers and God bless!

Oct 5 2022 4:46PM
Thank you for being so great! You are the only on here that resonates and really tells the truth. I am looking for your predictions starting before the weeks end. I can’t wait to write another review for follow up. You’re really gifted and your accuracy is on point. Thank you for being real and genuine

Oct 4 2022 7:24PM
Just the best, many predications came true already literally word for word as described by Sterling took little longer than expected but happened exactly how he said.

Oct 2 2022 5:46PM
He’s great, very clear and direct and I write another review after seeing predictions happen

Sep 30 2022 1:58PM
Wow prediction that Sterling made a while back just happened this was a very very very big one unbelievable sterling is to good period. Just to dam good at this. Accuracy like no other.

Sep 26 2022 2:57PM
Sterling is great. About half of his predictions have come true so far, the other half are still to be seen. He is blunt and to the point which I like. He is my go to guy here.

Sep 26 2022 12:57PM
Sterling is incredible I have reached out to him many times he is spot on every time and very kind/wonderful to speak with. Thank you Sterling! I highly recommend him!

Sep 10 2022 8:29PM
He is the best of them all. Very honest about everything. Like always a true blessing.

Sep 7 2022 1:48AM
Sterling has a unique way of delivering good or bad news that ultimately helps connect the dots.

Sep 6 2022 6:33PM
Sterling is always right literally even when it seems the other way around. I have seen it many times and it’s serious.

Sep 5 2022 11:39PM
There are no words to describe this being. He is Definitely in Earth Angel! You can tell this man is speaking on what’s being put into his spirit and energy because it just rolls off his tongue…he is really and can do what his bio says about him. Thank you my friend.. I know that You are God sent #911

Sep 5 2022 9:24AM
This man is so amazing. He has a special gift that God had given him. Love him he is the best

Sep 4 2022 10:47PM
And Again….. he’s Amazing #911

Sep 4 2022 10:18PM
This guy didn’t miss a beat… I didn’t say much and out flowed the good. My jaw dropped! Thank you sir! #911

Sep 3 2022 3:05PM
Sterling is the BEST!!! I love him!!! He is accurate and kind. And his voice is soothing!! Call him you will happy you did!!

Sep 2 2022 11:39PM
Sterling s grasp of my situation blows me away.

Sep 1 2022 2:02PM
Sterling is sterling! He validates things without question.

Aug 30 2022 8:48PM
STERLING is the TRUTH!! I asked a question and he went into so much detail. He is absolutely amazing!! We even have birthday’s two days apart!! Thank you Sterling! I will be calling you back!!

Aug 30 2022 1:06AM
Sterling has really help me through it all he is a true friend to me now. I think God for him.tiny

Aug 28 2022 5:37PM
Sterling Rates a10 really above that. God has sent this amazing man my way. A truly blessing have been talking to him for almost 3 years now. He has become a true friend also love him.

Aug 27 2022 9:28AM
Rest assured Sterling does not give false hopes.

Aug 20 2022 9:00PM
Super Sterling, so far.

Aug 16 2022 7:02PM
Sterling is better than great and better than 5 stars he is 10 stars and excellent at what he does even when it’s seems like it won’t happen and all odds are against the prediction and than the prediction still happens now that’s seriously impressive.

Aug 13 2022 10:10PM
Thank you for the advice. I will mull over what you said. You are the best. Sterling, never ceases to amaze me. I am so honored that you take time to listen to what I have to say. I will keep calling Sterling for direction in my life. If you want the best there is, Sterling is the one to call!!!

Aug 4 2022 1:27PM
I am totally amazed by his accuracy! Within less than 24 hrs of our reading, person told me verbatim what Sterling said.. how that is even possible? I don’t know .. Everything he has told me has come to pass and quite quickly . I like the fact that Sterling tells you what he sees, NOT what you want to hear. He has read for me for several months and has been absolutely 100% accurate. That astounds me.. We spoke about twin flames , he has helped me immensely with his knowledge and advice.. I can’t thank you enough , totally blown away here in Florida! If anyone has doubts about psychics? Call Sterling and your doubts will dissipate quickly!

Jul 30 2022 12:24AM
Simply the best! A true friend not just a psychic he has been right about all his predictions!!! Truly a Rare gifted kind astute and always accurate! He’s a great friend too! A heart of God! Loves the Little Prince! What’s essential is in usable to the eye! Trust me he’s terrific! Thank you Sterling!!! You brighten up my day every time we talk!!! I would give him 100 stars!!!

Jul 29 2022 3:28PM
Great first time reading with Sterling ! He was straight, right to the point about me and my POI.. and definitely picked up his personality instantly. Looking forward to our reunion. Thank u Sterling fr keeping me calm , will definitely talk with u again! Teresa

Jul 21 2022 6:31PM
Hello Everyone, Just wanted to share that I had such an impactful reading with Mr. Sterling about a month ago, and guess what? I contacted him again today and his readings were spot on, on what was bothering me, which means he saw today exactly what he saw in his Psychic abilities a month ago. Mr. Sterling was very thorough, accurate, and right to point. It’s amazing to know how accurately he pointed out what I already knew. Now, that makes him the BEST psychic on this site. His confidence and affirmations, gives me that confidence and I believe 100% in what he said and I know it will come true. Mr. sterling is a real gifted soul from God. please don’t delay, don’t doubt, call Mr. Sterling now and be amazed at his accuracy. GOD BLESS YOU Sir??. I will be contacting you again shortly as I know the outcome of why I called you today is just around the corner. Thank you. From NG

Jul 8 2022 9:23PM
Very very accurate. Straight to the point no games or wasting time. Like talking to an old friend

Jul 8 2022 2:43PM
Every time a prediction happens a lot later than expected I start to doubt I won’t lie but every time that happens sterling is always right even when it seems like it won’t happen it always does. I don’t doubt sterling at all, this reader sterling on another level seriously. Thanks Sterling and sorry for doubting you just bc the timing was off a little. Sterling is to good at this. What else can I say.

Jul 7 2022 11:05PM
The best period!!!

Jul 6 2022 11:20PM
Sterling is very very very accurate it’s scary accurate actually. A lot stuff he said already happened and some is still in the works everything has its own timing so I understand when it’s later than expected. Sterling deserves 10 stars literally is all I have to say.

Jun 2 2022 8:05PM
I can rely on Sterling no matter what the situation.

May 20 2022 7:00PM
I just love talking to Sterling. He makes my day every time, even if I start off upset, just hearing his words is comforting. I trust in this man wholeheartedly and that is not easy for me to say. He is the real deal! Always honest in what he sees whether you like it or not. Give him a call, he will not disappoint!!

May 8 2022 11:34AM
Every time I talk with Sterling it makes my day. He is the most sincer reader I have ever know. No sugar coating just poor honesty. Weather it’s a good or promising reading he rates the tops. With Sterling it’s an amazing experience of a life time. I would rate him a twenty if possible.

Apr 28 2022 10:56PM
I liked the reading with Sterling, hoping it will come true on the things he said. Had to cut the phone call, was getting a important call. He was a very nice person to talk too.

Apr 18 2022 8:30AM
Sterling was Honest and Amazing And Patient Thank you for your time I definitely will call again

Apr 15 2022 2:46AM
Sterling is definitely a love doctor and a compassionate one.

Mar 24 2022 2:02PM
I have read with Sterling a few times and his readings for me are always full of honesty and laughter. He is a straight shooter that tells you what he sees in your situation. He’s my favorite by far??

Mar 19 2022 5:04AM
Thank u like always ... Everytime I m done speaking with you I feel at peace. Your insights and your advice has been on point with my situations that u pick up .

Mar 17 2022 12:06AM
Sterling is the real deal! He’s so down to earth and easy to talk you. Very accurate and nonjudgmental. He picked up on the situation right away. He was on point with describing my ex boyfriend’s personality. I felt like I was talking to a friend and he put my mind at ease. Thank you! Thank you!

Mar 10 2022 8:18PM
Sterling is AMAZING!!! He is always kind and takes the time to listen to what you are asking and give incredible insight. I have been calling him for over a month now and he always takes the time to listen even if I am asking the same questions over and over again. He has the patience of a saint. His predictions are always on point and his is very reassuring. I am very grateful and thankful that I found him.

Mar 10 2022 5:44PM
You are amazing. Thank you for your honesty, quick and precise reading. You lifted my spirits up. Your very accurate without a doubt. Give him a try , you will be amazed

Feb 7 2022 4:44PM
Sterling is the best he get over 10 ?? he’s always on point he has become a true friend

Feb 5 2022 7:01PM
The Great Sterling is unflappable, world class, multi subject, and consistent.

Jan 29 2022 7:13PM
I talk to Sterling often in relation to overall a insight and guidance in my life. From love to business he has powerful insights that produce greater results in my life! I have grown so much and he is very accurate and such a great teacher who has added so much value in my life! Ten stars sir Sterling!! I talk to intuitives often and he is now my first go to!

Jan 28 2022 3:05AM
The Great Sterling gets beyond Five Stars!

Jan 20 2022 6:19AM
Doesn t get any better! 5 stars all the way!!!! SueM

Jan 10 2022 10:47PM
He is on point with my situation he was very accurate I will call again.

Jan 10 2022 10:47PM
He is on point with my situation he was very accurate I will call again.

Jan 8 2022 9:49PM
Sterling is an amazing reader. He has become a dear friend and look forward to talking with him. I have read with many psychics but by far he is my favorite. He is spot on and gives me a lot of insight about my future.

Jan 1 2022 9:21PM
I’ve spoken to a few in the past years and this guy nailed it. He predicted something that I didn’t expect only because I use the service as a guide and it happened it was the best gift ever. I recommend him if they were 10 stars I will give it to him. Thank you Sterling!

Dec 29 2021 6:31PM
Excellent reading

Dec 13 2021 9:34PM
Always the best!!!!

Nov 24 2021 5:44PM
Sterling!!!! There are not enough stars in the sky to rate how amazing you are!!! You are the best of the BEST! If you want direct REAL answers! Sterling is your guy! Much love to you my friend:

Nov 19 2021 10:35PM
Sterling is the only psychic I ve ever spoken to that says a psychic shouldn t tell you what to do. After all, we should be calling to see what the future holds, not really to see how we can change it. I really like his down to earth reading style. He explains things quickly and well, and gives you the information you need to face the future with confidence. He s definitely one of the best!

Nov 16 2021 11:01PM
Thank you again for another excellent reading! You are a wonderful reader, a true reader, keep up the excellence! You have helped me on numerous occasions!

Nov 16 2021 8:27AM
Such a sweet man! Told me things pretty consistent and never changed no matter how many times I call him also his voice is very reassuring!

Nov 10 2021 2:01PM
I usually do not leave reviews unless predictions come to pass. I had a reading with Sterling back in September and 2 out of 3 predictions happened. He was right about my ex, he did not wish me a happy bday and a long time friend in fact was not upset with me. I look forward to meeting the “significant, stable, decent man” towards the end of this year. My deepest thanks Sterling!

Nov 4 2021 3:40AM
Sterling is a wonderful psychic!!! I have had readings from him for years and he is amazing! Thank u Sterling for helping me so much! You are a true gift to us all!!! God bless you!. Sue miranda

Oct 18 2021 6:59PM
He’s one of the Best Psychic here Really Enjoy Talking To Him ?? He’s Amazing

Oct 16 2021 10:00PM
Sterling my darling!!!! You are simply the BEST!!! 10000 star ?? for accuracy, truth & compassion. If you need answers call him now!!! Much love to you xoxoxo

Oct 9 2021 11:42PM
He’s Amazing ?? ????????

Oct 8 2021 9:08PM
Thank you Sterling! It was a pleasure speaking with you tonight! You are always a great help, great reader and a great listener! I wish I had paid for more time! Talk to you soon!

Oct 4 2021 9:27PM
Sterling, has such a humble spirit about him I enjoy talking to him everytime he gives me a reading I always get good vibes coming from him Everything he tells me an has told me has come true

Sep 23 2021 10:17PM
My talks with Sterling have kept me sane & centered. He talks straight & doesn t sugarcoat things. He is the best!

Sep 18 2021 1:01PM
Sterling is very clear and straight to the point. He s VERY chill, talking to him feels like talking to a brother. He gave some really great business advice that I never thought about before. Thank you for answering my gazillion questions, you re the best! :

Sep 15 2021 7:16PM
Sterling made a prediction and I thought no way this can’t happen because the people involved looked so happy and went on many trips and posted a lot of happy pics which I know people pretend but still I didn’t see what he said happening at all until it did then I was like dam sterling is something serious. You can’t find psychics this good on most networks or places period. Trust me I have tried this dude is in the top tier of elite psychics literally. I mean dam is this dude ever wrong. So far no lol accuracy so far is 9.75 out of 10 and that’s bc 2 things out of 20 have not happened yet. Sterling

Sep 14 2021 5:44PM
He was great! Picked up on my situation very quickly and advised me that things will work out in due time. Gave me a reality check!

Sep 9 2021 3:39PM
I absolutely love talking to sterling and would highly recommend his readings . Direct and honest like talking to an old friend.

Sep 6 2021 1:05AM
I love this man! He is a 2 in 1! An accurate psychic and a wonderful counselor!!! Thank you Sterling for helping me again and telling me the truth. Thank you for not sugar coating anything and helping me to see what’s really going on!

Sep 4 2021 11:44PM
He is great. Doesn t waffle on his predictions & doesn t rely on special tools to see your situation. He tells it straight & doesn t tell people just what they want to hear. I highly recommend him!

Sep 4 2021 2:25PM
Sterling is no joke at all. Super accurate to the point of its that serious. If u want accurate talk to sterling I have had other readers but seriously I’m just to impressed by sterling accuracy what else can I say. In a 1 5 star scale I say he is a 10star.

Sep 3 2021 5:34PM
I must say that Sterling is such a hard worker he makes himself available for his clients and not only is he hard working but he is accurate he’s a great psychic he deserves 10 stars

Aug 25 2021 12:31AM
Thank you so much Sterling! Excellent and accurate! This is my second time speaking with him and I love his energy and the truth he speaks!

Aug 10 2021 9:17PM

Jul 28 2021 12:38AM
Sterling is amazing! I have spoken to him many times over the last several months. He is so in tune with his abilities. He always tells it like it is and calms my fears. Most importantly, Sterling is honest and kind.

Jul 16 2021 3:25PM
My man!!!

Jul 16 2021 7:40AM
Sterling is simply the best. I call him and update him constantly on what he revels is definitely the truth.

Jul 11 2021 11:20PM
First time reading with him and he was so spot on... waiting on predictions...I give him 100 stars very intuitive and accurate??

Jul 11 2021 10:42PM
Sterling Was Real & Spoke The Truth I’m Not Into These Readings But I Will Be Back He’s The Best And Straightforward & Upfront & I Love It & Definitely Recommend

Jul 10 2021 2:05AM

Jul 7 2021 6:20PM
My name is KEYANNA! Sterling knows my whole life story basically. I’ve been talking to him for a long time. He’s very very accurate on everything he tells me. Very straight forward, get right to the point, say what he means and means what he says! Everything he’s told me has happened!! Sterling is THEE BEST PSYCHIC HANDS DOWN! I ENJOY HIS READINGS & ADVICE!!

Jun 25 2021 3:53PM
Thank you so much! Ran out of time and wish I could’ve continued the conversation. You really helped me out with all my questions, my anxiety! You’re a blessing!

Jun 3 2021 8:50AM
Sterling is amazing man.I’m truly blessed to be able to speak with him. He has help me with my relationship also with my family. Lord I thank you for blessing this man to help. Great full for all my Confirmation all the time. Hopefully I can be somewhat like him one day. Because I love helping people.

May 26 2021 10:35PM
Sterling is my regular counselor . His advice & general talks have helped me a lot.

May 21 2021 10:51PM
I loved his energy, I just wish I could have spent more time talking with him!!! I will be back soon, I have more to discuss with him. I also appreciate that he doesn t seem to be using tools because I feel that many readers who use tools can rely on them too heavily and confuse the true situation that is occurring. I feel really good about what Sterling had to say and will see in due time if it will play out as he has said. which is my hope .

Sarah Bauer
May 15 2021 3:26PM
Dear Sterling Thank you for our reading today I’m grateful for your insights and caring about my situation with a very special man Sarah

May 14 2021 8:47PM
Sterling was right on with his predictions and reading the energy between me and my twin flame. Love speaking with him too. He’s very compassionate and funny: . Thanks Sterling!

May 2 2021 10:05AM
Sterling is simply put the best. He’s honest and kind in his delivery but tells you what he sees not what you want to hear and that’s so very important when consulting with someone gifted. Gifted he truly is. He’s been reading for me for years and he’s spot on.

Apr 22 2021 10:57PM
What I love about Sterling. He doesn’t change his answers to appease the client. He tells you purely what he see & that is it! A lot of readers will bs you but not Sterling. He’s very compassionate & will cut to the bluntly. He doesn’t mislead you to use your imagine to figure out a riddle or give vague answers so you can try to decipher later. He purely gets to the point of what your concern is. I am a reader myself & everybody need someone to read for them. Not only does he confirms what I see but I also trust him. These days, trusting an intuitive to help guide us in life is really hard especially when a lot of them are out for your money. You have to be really careful who you’re going to. Sterling has been one of my readers since 2019 & I’m happy to meet someone of his caliber. You’re missing out if you don’t give him a chance.

Apr 17 2021 11:02AM
Sterling you have been there for me for so many things and have been so right on all your readings.I am finally strong enough to let go of the situation I have talked to you about for years. I have been abused emotionally for so many years and cant have another 20 years of abuse. One time you said it was maddening for me and that stuck!! you are an amazing Psychic and always been spot on. God Bless you !! Sue

Mar 26 2021 5:38PM
sterling has helped me threw tough situations. he is honest and he has the most comforting voice every!

Jan 15 2021 8:40AM
I have been a repeat customer many times and Sterling has been such a wonderful psychic. Thank you for all your guidance and being such a phenomenal psychic. 5 stars all the way!! I will continue to call on you. Thank you again so much and god bless you!!! Sue

Jan 4 2021 4:02AM
Sterling is awesome! I really appreciate his respectful manner, and the empathetic nature of how he gives readings. It makes it a little easier to digest even if the news is not good. He has been on point with all that he has said about my relationship and has me even having different outlook of the challenges. I have been on several psychic hotlines and some were true psychics with bad attitudes, and some were not psychics at all. In the final analysis, Sterling has an outstanding demeanor, and is very accurate on the readings he delivers. I wish I can talk to him now but he is unavailable.

Oct 21 2020 10:33AM
Sterling is the most compassionate psychic! he is so caring!! .He Has helped me with so many of my issues and always 100 percent spot on!!Thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do!! God Bless you!! Sue M Miranda

Deborah L Loef
Sep 4 2020 9:38PM
Sterling is Amazing right on point with everything He s my main go to...Thank you..

Aug 15 2020 11:10AM
love Sterling!!! He has helped me sooo much!!! he is the best psychic and always spot on on his readings!!! Thank you always so much Sterling!!! God Bless you!!!!

Aug 3 2020 9:29PM
Simply LOVE talking to Sterling! He s very honest & accurate with me. I do weekly updates with him just because everything happens at such a fast pace when he gives a prediction. He s also nonjudgement, very compassionate, supportive of the direction you re going & also explains another party pov so you don t leave being confused. Give him a call you will not regret it! He s one of my top favorites along with Wizard Steve. That says a lot!

Aug 3 2020 8:23PM
Sterling is one of my favorite psychic. He truly is so talented and so easy to talk to. Thank you Sterling for all you do.

Aug 3 2020 6:28PM
Hello, this man is spiritual wonderful made. He help me with spiritual cleansing that quick and efficient clear all negative energy that was with me for 47 years. I was cleansed by god and with guidance help me direct to god. He is very caring person and amazing person and no judgement. He is so accurate on point. Love you for all your help and guidance, Josephine Nguyen

Jul 6 2020 8:19AM
Sterling is just the sweetest and most caring Psychic. He doesnt sugar coat and tells it like it is. He has wonderful bedside manner and always has been right on all he has said!!! Just a great psychic all around. God bless you and thank you for all you have done and continue to do to help me out!!! sue M

Jun 20 2020 5:14PM
He’s definitely my go to. He’s picked up on what others couldn’t.

Apr 28 2020 3:35PM
Sterling is the best. He is the only one I talk to.

Mar 23 2020 6:32PM
A LONG overdue review!! This man may not always have his timing on point but trust me when I tell you MOST of what he says comes to pass. He cannot control the moods and free will of others but with relationship issues he is right. He is FABULOUS with relationships and family issues. He predicted someone close to me would get himself into so much trouble that no one was going to be able to help him out of his mess and he said it involved other people and METH. 2 months later it ALL happened. EXACTLY as he said it would. He also told me that the man I use that word mildly to whom I am referencing would not be able to make a HUGE purchase that he was hell bent on making.....and he didnt. He told me this same individual would contact me within a day or two and he did...one day not two. He predicted the man would have a slip up in time and he did. I could go on and on and quite frankly he has told me so much I cant remember half of it LOL!! I had a very complex circumstance that was a drama filled toxic circus and he managed to read through it all and come out trumps 90% of the time. He said I was his only client that WANTED to get rid of her S.O. and apologized that he didnt see him leaving. I ended up getting his toxic crap and HIM out of my life but it took time and allot of strength and energy! Thank you Sterling for all you do and even when I doubt you....youre right! Remember people timing is fluid but he sees stuff and feels it, just a matter of time as to when it happens. Free will on all sides can deter and even remove a prediction.

Mar 19 2020 5:02PM
Sterling is the real deal. He s the only one I talk to.

Mar 17 2020 9:21PM
Sterling is fantastic! Every time I have a question he will give you a honest answer & does not back down or change what he says! He s been completely accurate with his explanations & predictions!

Feb 29 2020 3:20PM
absolutely awesome reader,very quick and strait to the point!! Love his voice as well!!!

Jan 2 2020 6:46PM
short reading and I dont really like what he said but he is very accurate and helpful.. Thank you so much Sterling

Dec 14 2019 2:35AM
Sterling you have been a rock for me. With all I go through with this soulmate connection you have continually guided me in the right direction. Thank you always for being there and being such a great psychic and a psychic friend!! God Bless you sue miranda

Sep 21 2019 3:58PM
Simply the best!!!!!

Sep 4 2019 4:16PM
Sterling is simply put amazing!!!! Thank you for all the wonderful readings and your continued compassion. 5 star psychic!! in every way!! miranda

Jul 27 2019 7:45PM
Sterling you have been such a help to me and always exactly right on what u say!! God bless you and thank you again so much!!! sue m

Jul 27 2019 11:16AM
First of all I would like to thank God, then I would like to thank Sterling for not making a big mistake. Thank you God, this man is real. Just needed to say my name and birthday and the rest was all the answers I needed to know without him even knowing what I was thinking. This man is real and God sent, he stop me from making the biggest mistake of my life just by going on my feelings and I was all wrong. So what make it so beautiful I was planning on making the decision today after asking God for help like a 911 call . I m almost in tears because I know God is real and he uses people like Sterling from keeping us from making the wrong decision and how important we are to God. Thank you for being obedient to God because I really need someone like you to answers all the questions I ponder over for years. God Bless you and again I thank God for you.

Jul 25 2019 8:24PM
First of all I would like to thank God, then I would like to thank Sterling for not making a big mistake. Thank you God, this man is real. Just needed to say my name and birthday and the rest was all the answers I needed to know without him even knowing what I was thinking. This man is real and God sent, he stop me from making the biggest mistake of my life just by going on my feelings and I was all wrong. So what make it so beautiful I was planning on making the decision today after asking God for help like a 911 call . I m almost in tears because I know God is real and he uses people like Sterling from keeping us from making the wrong decision and how important we are to God. Thank you for being obedient to God because I really need someone like you to answers all the questions I ponder over for years. God Bless you and again I thank God for you.

Jun 29 2019 11:22PM
sterling is an amazing person. my go to psychic. thank you for helping me with all my crazy problems..

Jun 27 2019 5:31PM
Thank you Sterling for helping me through the situation I just went through. I took your advice and got a positive response and so great you told me all you told me . It was exactly what I needed to do!!! You are a great psychic and such a caring person!! God Bless you sue miranda

Jun 14 2019 8:08PM
I want to say a huge Thank you to Sterling!!! He just gave me a reading that blew my socks off!! It was so insightful totally right on and no sugar coating.He is so caring and easy to talk with. Thank you for such wonderful readings and continually educating me and helping me thru an ongoing situation!!! God Bless you!!!! Sue Miranda

May 28 2019 9:33PM
Just simply amazing !!!!i have a few on here that are simply the best and he is one of them. Blessings

Mar 9 2019 1:17AM
Thank you so very much dear Sterling for everything ! You are wonderful.

Jan 12 2019 8:42PM
Sterling is awesome!!! He has been such a wonderful help to me and always correct on what he tells me... He never sugar coats and his advice has helped me so much. He is a great psychic friend and I am so grateful for his great readings. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. God Bless you Sue Miranda

Aug 21 2018 5:17PM
Sterling is such an amazing psychic...He is always right on and has such a compassionate sincere nature. he is wonderful to speak with and so comforting!!! Thank you for all you have done for me!!! God Bless you !! Sue Miranda

Jun 22 2018 6:36PM
The real deal. Sterling was able to express to me the true emotions of my love interest. This was confirmed about an hour later when I spoke to my love interest. It wasn t all favorable or what I wanted to hear, but it was the exact same sentiments that he picked up on.

Jun 19 2018 6:16PM
Absolutely accurate, insightful, and tells it like it is. Sterling truly is gifted and can sense people and situations not even provided to him. It was a blessing to have connected with him today. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs accurate insight and the TRUTH!

Jun 1 2018 5:57PM
He IZ by far the best...I cannot believe his phone isn t always busy!!!Seriously people CALL HIM!! He is that good!!! I call him probably 3 4 times a week. He keeps me sane, brings me back down to earth, yes keeps my feet planted firmly on mother earth. He knows me so well, he knows how I am and tells me like it is in the kindest most gentle way. He has never hurt my feelings,,,,I appreciate him being so forthright and...like a big brother or a best friend ....very unbiased even ho my man child is a douche canoe he will stick up for him when I am wrong!!!! His VISIONS are always spot on. I can honestly say everything he has told me has come to pass. Timing MAY at times be off by a few days BUT sometimes that s my fault for being the way I am LOL If HE sees a prediction change course he will admit to it and tell you. He has NEVER ever not one time steered me wrong! Even when I am like NO STERLING NO hes like YES KIM YES..and dammit if he int right!! LOL....He has the man child I am dating pegged and accurately sees what the guy is up to!! I trust him immensely....I don t make any big moves without consulting him that s how amazing he is!! Call him Call him Call him.....you will love him!!! Thanks for everything you do and being so straight up and honest!!!

Apr 13 2018 5:34PM
Sterling is a wonderful psychic... He has helped me so much!! Love getting a man point of view in a psychic reading and he is truly the best!! he is spot on and so accurate.... Thank you always Sterling for helping me sooo much!!! God bless you!!!! SUE M

Apr 12 2018 12:47PM
Sterling sees all! He saw the past, current, and near future! He is 100% correct on the past cercamstaces and current! He sees all of the layers to people as a whole. There is no generalization! There is no fishing for info, and he is confident in his delivery! He spoke of what I know to be true.Thank you so much!

Apr 5 2018 9:57PM
I had another in depth reading with Sterling! He sees a lot! He mentioned a massive transformation of someone who was sick with addiction for a long time! He said that it was lifted with no effort from him following 12 steps ect! He said, that the only explanation of this, was some type of spiritual intervention! Well,I gave my/our story almost 2 years ago, to a large group church that took letters, and gave prayer requests given by hundreds of Christians focusing on what healing you are asking for, and in return... you donate to the church! They prayed for the sick or unfortunate. I forgot about it. It appears this may have worked! The power of God!!

Apr 4 2018 11:30AM
He is right....99.5% of the time Hey NO ONE is ever perfect he has guided me and slapped my wrist, got on my ass and praised me. He is VERY diplomatic and FAIR. He will tell you if you re screwing up or going down the right path. He gives guidance as well as predictions. Sterling is Non judgemental and kind. Give him a shot. The more I call the more connected the energies become. Even tho what he sees sometimes I don t like or don t agree with...or think NO WAY IS THAT EVER HAPPENING.....it comes to pass. Love ya dudaroni!!! Thanks for putting up with me!!!

Mar 31 2018 11:22PM
I called expecting to be disappointed in not finding a psychic with very real gifts!! He has them! Sterling is a needle in the haystack! He is real. Thank you so much for the clarity that I have been looking for for almost 2 years! God bless you!

Feb 16 2018 5:50PM
Love Him!!! Sterling is amazing!!! So caring and compassionate and spot on!!!! God Bless you!! You have helped me so much!!!! Sue M

Jan 11 2018 2:02PM
Sterling is simply put amazing!!He has helped me so much and exactly right on all he said!!He is the best!! Thank you for all you have done for me!!! God Bless you!!! sue Marie miranda

Jan 4 2018 8:57PM
Sterling is both direct and kind. I look forward to good things. Thanks Sterling

Dec 5 2017 3:56PM
Thank you Sterling for making me feel better about myself. He gave me clarity on many situations and I can t thank him enough.. He helped lift my spirits and I so appreciate it. Deb...xoxox

Nov 25 2017 4:19PM
Sterling is amazing he was spot on. Cut right to the chase with direct answers

Oct 26 2017 4:32PM
Sterling I consider as one of the best readings and I have talked to many psychics on various sites. He was kind, warm and I felt the connection.I will definitely give him a call again.I am looking forward to seeing if his prediction come forth.

Oct 23 2017 9:30PM
i never spoke with any male psychic before but he was just a gentleman and accurate about reading.

Aug 21 2017 9:58PM
First time reading with Sterling and I loved every moment of it. I m happy I got to read with him

Aug 21 2017 9:58PM
First time reading with Sterling and I loved every moment of it. I m happy I got to read with him

Aug 21 2017 9:57PM
First time reading with Sterling and I loved every moment of it. I m happy I got to read with him

May 28 2017 2:44AM
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. As your bio says you can see things that others can t. You are a 5 Star Psychic:

May 17 2017 7:37PM
Can t express how perfect he nailed the situation. Brilliant reading, I couldn t have asked for a better psychic. Thank you Sterling. I m a believer.

Apr 24 2017 1:08PM
Sterling I must remain anonymous because my daughter also uses this service. I must say your clarity into my situation was spot on!What you explained made perfect sense. The person in question said exactly what you said they would say. You will now be one of my top two psychics on this service.5 STARS+++++

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