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    CUSTOMER PICK Ms. Lola is a psychic, Medium. Able to connect to her spirit guides, and your spiritual guides. White angel balls of energy, moving in her sight, also able to hear their audible messages, in a state of natural simplistic style. Deepest consciousness To give my clients there full meaning of being.. Divine guidance, Your important answers to meanings of destiny, future, past, and present. Some needed resolutions into life directions, just put me to your test? Tested at age 8 world renowned Drs of medicine and hypnosis, to her abilities to hear and see things in others lives and cross the vail... Helped solve homicides, had her own NDE passed away at age 19, for 22 minutes. Sees angel numbers 111, 222, 333, 444, ect. Knows there meanings. Studied numerology since age 13. A Empathic Remote viewer and Clairaudient, Clarvoyant Numerous Premonitions. Im here to help you... Ms. Lola Well over 50 yrs. experience.
Customer Reviews
Jun 5 2024 5:07PM
She know who I am I had a llittle time left but she made it happen wow one week or Sunday I have to wait

Apr 2 2024 11:01PM
Thank you Ms. LOLA for you re very insightful reading. I read with you a couple of times, and you were able to provide critical information that I needed. You were able to calm me down and provide the information to me in my bout chaos. Thank you for friendly yet professional demeanor you truly do not know how he guidance you provided me truly helped. Keep spreading your knowledge to others and them overcome life challenges. Much love, and you were accurate and very much appreciated.

Oct 29 2023 10:59PM
I cannot express my gratitude for Ms. Lola! She said things right off the bat that blew me away!! She knew everything without me saying a single word. She’s so calming and nonjudgmental. She is truly a real psychic.

Oct 3 2023 8:42AM
Thank u Lola!!!! Your not only a amazing psychic!!! But a wonderful psychic friend!!! 5 stars all the way!!

Jun 16 2023 6:01AM
I know I have written many testimonials about Ms Lola but I can never say enough. Any issues I have had she has addressed with such caring and warmth. I m just never going to stop letting everyone know how great she is and always spot on about everything! Miranda S

Jun 15 2023 7:51AM
I have been getting readings for 8 years with Ms Lola! She is so great and always spot on. Thank u always for helping me so much. You are amazing and take care of those knees!! I m so happy for u!!!Not only a wonderful psychic but psychic friend as well!! The best!! 5 stars!!

Jun 1 2023 3:15AM
I had my first reading with Ms. Lola yesterday, she is uch a kindred spirit. She was on point about everything she said. It was such a joy to get to read with someone I felt like I had known all my life she told me things about my past person and situations, about my current situation things she couldn t have possibly known it was our first time speaking. She was able to tap into the spirit world from the other side and give me messages. She was absolutely amazing I would recommend her anytime. Thank you Ms. Lola I love you! Angela

May 7 2023 10:58AM
Thank you Ms Lola!! I didn’t even need to explain, she just knew. Very grateful for our talk :

Dec 16 2022 8:46AM
I can never say enough about my psychic friend Ms. Lola. She is spot on and never sugar coats. I have had readings from her for years and will always reach out to her. She is the best!!! 5 stars all the way!!! Sue

Dec 14 2022 5:36PM
It was a good call, the insights were helpful.

Nov 30 2022 9:41AM
She is very gifted and intelligent. Tunes in quickly. Is very motherly and I appreciate that.

Sep 27 2022 12:22PM
I love Ms Lola. She is always super kind and courteous and soothing to speak with. She also has a great sense of humor and is comforting. I greatly enjoy her

Sep 17 2022 5:00PM
Thank you Lola! You knew just the right things to say that resonated with me so well! It reinforced my feelings toward a new life with new energy, leaving negativity behind for good! Many blessings!!

Jul 17 2022 2:54PM
Very sweet and kind woman. Was very patient and cared about my situation. This is my 3rd time speaking to her and she is very accurate

Jul 12 2022 7:40PM
I have been talking to Ms lola for seven years! She is such an inspiration to me and of course wonderful psychic. I have said it before she has helped me so much!!!Thank you for all your encouragement and support!!!! You are a great lady and psychic!!!! Sue

Jun 7 2022 11:39AM
She s very warm, and very understanding I trusted her and cried knowing there s hope

Dec 6 2021 8:33AM
Doesn t get any better!!!!Ms. Lola is the most warm compassionate and phenomenal psychic! Her readings are spot on!!!! Never sugar coats!! The best!!. Been getting readings from her for years! She has helped me immensely!!!! God bless you Lola!!!! Thank u sue m m

Oct 29 2021 1:03AM
Excellent excellent excellent reading! She gave me good advice! She was a pleasure to talk to. She wasn’t judgemental at all. I loved my reading! Thank you so much Ms. Lola, I highly recommmend you!

Sarah Bauer
Sep 12 2021 8:45AM
Thank you Lola

Jul 16 2021 9:51AM
I read her reviews and I contacted her. She connected with me right away. Im hoping what she says comes through. I see she is the best so I’m very confident.

Jul 7 2021 4:47PM
As always, Ms. Lola is a pleasure to speak with and she knows how to lift your spirits when there is uncertainty in your life. I had questions about my future creative endeavors, and she was honest with what she saw/felt from my reading and she is always so graceful in her approach. Her skills are impeccable and I am so grateful to God that I have found her. Thank you so much, Ms Lola. You really are an earth angel and a valuable asset to Psychic Stars!!

Jun 30 2021 3:51PM
I ve been reading with Ms. Lola for about 3 4 years now and her predictions are so on point it s insane. She really is the kindest woman and she never lies or sugar coats. She s always honest, but knows how to deliver news good or bad in a respectful way. She understands how to be transparent without being offensive, which is why I love her. I was worried about a client of mine and she told me not to worry and that I would receive contact within a few days. I received contact within a few hours! Thank you so much Ms. Lola for calming my nerves and being who you are. A phenomenal woman! Love and Light to you always!!

Jun 24 2021 7:08AM
Been getting readings from Me. Lola for years. Helped me thru so much! Not only a psychic to me but a friend!!!! Most warmest compassionate psychic I ever spoke to. Her readings are so accurate no sugar coating!!!! God bless u Lola!!! Your an angel to me!!!!! SM.

May 19 2021 1:10PM
I called Ms. Lola concerned about contact from my POI. She reassured me that there would be contact and to just give him a little bit of time. Within a few hours I heard from him. Thank you so much Ms. Lola for always being there and for the accurate reading. God Bless!

Apr 17 2021 10:52AM
Ms Lola you have been my rock! I could not have gotten through all the stuff I have been through without you. You are an angel to me. You never sugar coat and all your amazing readings have helped me to finally move on. It is so hard after loving someone for 43 years but it has to be. I have to finally let go! Thank you Ms Lola for all you have done for me. You are an amazing psychic and psychic friend!!!! SUE MM

Jan 15 2021 8:36AM
Thank you Ms Lola for your continued guidance and loving readings you have given me for so many years. You are not only a psychic who is wonderful but a psychic friend to me!!! I am forever grateful for all your amazing psychic readings and how much they have helped me and I can finally say I am in a much better place emotionally because of you!!! God Bless you Sue

Oct 21 2020 10:36AM
I can never say enough about MS Lola! I have been speaking with her for years now and she has been such a guiding force for me. She has advised me helped me empathized with me really more than a psychic but a friend to me!! She has bee spot on on all her readings and does not sugar coat!! Thank you for being such a wonderful psychic and psychic friend!! SMiranda

Jul 6 2020 8:13AM
just the best psychic around!! Her readings are spot on ! she has helped me sooo much!!! I can never say enough about her. Been speaking with her for years.. God Bless you. forever grateful!!! SMM

Apr 18 2020 2:35PM
she was very sweet and in tuned with the situation. She immediately caught onto the situation before I said anything.

Feb 5 2020 6:31PM
Thank you again many times over Ms Lola for the many readings you have given me and so accurate. You have a wonderful bedside manner and have been not only a wonderful psychic but a psychic friend!!! Truly the best. 5 Stars all the way!!! Miranda Marie Sue

Nov 26 2019 1:14AM
Miss Lola thank you for again for another reading. I called to follow up with a situation and how I was feeling. She reassured me and gave great advise as to what I could be doing for now. Look forward to future events and keeping in touch with Miss Lola. She is intuitive, straight forward and a true blessing.

Oct 26 2019 4:57PM
Ms. Lola, Thank you so much my reading.You brought me peace, understanding and reassurance. Your insight into the relationship with grandmother and his mother are so comforting. I am looking forward more than before. Again I thank you. I would and will highly recommend people to contact you.

Oct 14 2019 10:48AM
Just want to give 5 stars to Ms Lola!!!! Thank you for your advice regarding my family. I did exactly what you said and got such positive results!! You are truly amazing and you always have my back!! Your not only a great psychic but a psychic friend!! Thank you again Lola for always spot on with your readings never sugar coats and tells is like it is!!! You are the best! Warmest regards Sue Marie M. god bless you!!!!

Sep 14 2019 12:51PM
Thank you Ms Lola!! You are amazing . You are a psychic friend to me always having my back and giving me the best readings with no sugarcoating and help to guide me in the right direction or the direction best for me!! God Bless you!! Miranda sue

Aug 6 2019 5:03PM
Ms Lola has helped me so much over the years... She doesnt sugar coat and tells it like it is and always spot on!!! Thank you so much!!! Anonomous

Jul 27 2019 7:50PM
Always has my back and so caring and compassionate!!! No sugar coating just tells it like it is!!! God Bless you Ms Lola and thanx as always for all the wise readings!!! Susan M

Jun 27 2019 5:26PM
Thank you Ms Lola just an update I Did finally get a response from the situation you are continually helping me with . I have to learn it is what it is and let the universe unfold as it is going to like you have told me. YOU are so right on all you told me and again I am so glad she reached out to me. You were there for me through a rough patch. God Bless you always Ms Lola and thank you again for having my back and such wonderful readings!!! Sue Marie Miranda

Jun 17 2019 12:02PM
I can never say enough about Ms Lola. She halped me through an emotional crisis and had my back!! She helped me through with her kind words warmth and compassion!!! Thank you for being there!! I am eternally grateful!! She is not only a great psychic but a wonderful psychic friend!!!! Sue M

Apr 26 2019 5:19PM
Two words for Ms Lola.... The Best!!!!! She has helped me so much and always right about everything!! I cant say enough about Lola.. You are the best!!! God bless you Sue M

Apr 7 2019 10:57AM
Ms Lola is a gem!!! She has been such a rock for me!! Her psychic abilities are unmatched!! Spot on whatever she says!! Thank you so much for your guidance and support!!! god Bless you Sue m

Feb 14 2019 3:18PM
Ms Lola thank you for the wonderful advice and always helping me to go in the right direction without ever sugar coating!!!You have been spot on with all you tell me and your guidance has been such a blessing!! God Bless you sue miranda

Dec 26 2018 12:37PM
The best tells it like it is never sugar coats.... always right on!!! Hard lesson to learn but have to face reality but it soo hard!!! Thank you Lola for wising me up.... God Bless you sue

Dec 26 2018 11:21AM
Lola is beyond awesome! I ve hit more than a few snags this year and just recently connected with this reader. She s kind but honest. So far she s predicted a couple of things but I must wait awhile longer to see the others predictions manifest. She gives her callers hope without sugar coating, which I sincerely appreciate. I ve been worried about a particular issue and she has helped me through it the best she could by giving me honest advice. I appreciate her patience, warm and genuine demeanor. Thank You very much Lola and May God continue to bless you always. ~A~

Nov 17 2018 10:41AM
Ms Lola is awesome!!! She is such a great psychic!! She has helped me so much!! Thank you so much for all you have done for me!!! sue

Oct 31 2018 5:39PM
Psychic Lola was amazing. She picked up on who I needed to talk to without me saying a word. She explained to me what had happened and confirmed my thoughts. I can t wait to tell my Sister how great the reading with Lola was. God Bless Ms. Lola <3

Oct 26 2018 8:19AM
I love thyis lady. Sometimes when speaking to Psychics, a Psychic will ask lead in questions, to set them up for answers. Ms Lola, didn t ask me anything except my birthday and immediately she was right on top of my stress and concerns. She was right on cue, and referenced 2 women that were creating this problem, and I had never stated to her, that the people that were creating the problems were women. She stated several things surrounding my issue, without me giving her any lead in information or any cues. Worth every penny. I will call her again/

Sep 7 2018 9:26AM
Very Good. Recommended. 90% Accurate

Sep 7 2018 9:26AM
Very Good. Recommended. 90% Accurate

Aug 28 2018 4:12PM
i don t even know what to say. she already knew what was happening it was kinda scary yet I felt relieved. thank you

Aug 18 2018 1:39PM
Ms Lola is awesome!!! She has been such an inspiration and guide for me!! She doesn t sugar coat and is always right on with her psychic abilities!!! Thank you so much for helping me in my life path!!!! You are a true gift!!! Sue M

Aug 2 2018 1:13PM
Ms Lola simply put is amazing!!! Spot on on her readings. doesn t sugar coat!! Tells it like it is and always right!! Thank you for helping me so much!! God bless you!! repeat customer for sure!!!! Sue M.

Jun 20 2018 6:45PM
I asked her about my friend, and her answers were right. I know about her too and held my tears what she told me about it. Because my heart knew about her since she found me by FB. Thank her for her advising me and giving me more positives.

Jun 18 2018 5:09PM
Very detailed and very intuitive. She picked up on aspects of my relationship that, I, myself was denying, and explained how I can move forward and improve on them. I cannot wait to see if her predictions come true!.

Jun 12 2018 3:23PM
Ms Lola was the best of the best. I was referred to her. OMG she was on point. Love it. Will be calling back.

May 30 2018 5:14PM
Ms Lola is such an amazing Psychic....She picked up on a situation and told me something I had to do and it turned out to be a amazing spiritual connection with a loved one who passed on. She is absolutely the best!!! God Bless you Lola!!!!! Sue miranda

May 4 2018 9:51PM
Very amazing and accurate reading. She already knew my dad came through before the call. Very good strong messages. I am deeply grateful for the reading. I will always call her. Thank you so much Ms Lola for the reading. Deb

Feb 28 2018 3:14PM
I love Ms. Lola! She is very on point, compassionate, kind and encouraging. She is completely consistent with all the reading that I have received from other Psychics. I highly recommen her. All the best!

Nov 3 2017 5:19PM
Awesome she got my whole situation right immediately!!! She is truly amazing!!! Thank you so much! sue m miranda

Oct 8 2017 7:33AM
Very helpful and insightful, we covered many areas of my life during our session. I have recommended her to many friends and will call her again :

Oct 6 2017 10:10PM
I cannot wait to go back for my next reading as she was spot on and gave me some good tools for things happening in my life now. I m thrilled to have found her! Highly recommend!

Aug 28 2017 11:27PM
I called lots of psychic lines until I found miss lola amazing spot on. She is the real deal worth every penny.5 star psychic.

Aug 22 2017 10:31AM
Thank God for using you in a mighty way and always keeping me and my situation in prayer. As you were right things did work itself out: With patience we can see the light...thanks so much for working with me through such difficult times and knowing where things start and lead to. You are the best!!

Jul 27 2017 11:54AM
As always thank you for such informative information. Every time we speak you always nail it as things you say, pertain to the situation at hand. Thanks, for such good recommendations and what s to come!

Jul 25 2017 7:00AM
I cannot thank God enough for you!! I really enjoy listening to you tell me what I already know: My first time reading with you, you were right on and thereafter, still consistent it what you do!

Jul 17 2017 10:35AM
Fantastic READING!!! nailed my situation immediately!!! Fantastic psychic!!! thank you so much!!! God Bless you!! Sue Miranda

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