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    I am an intuitive counselor. But first and foremost I am a naturalborn psychic with a compassionate nature which allows me to provide my clients with unique and exceptional insights. Whether your goal is to uncover details about your soulmate or find your Life path my job is to assist you get the answers you need. With over 40 years experience, I can help you get clarity to unresolved questions does he or she love me is this the right relationship for me? Get the answers you need today. I am a master tarot card reader /dream interpreter. I read Runes and Crystal readings. I require no tools at all.
Customer Reviews
Jun 10 2021 5:29PM
Phenomenal psychic!!! She picked up on everything! 100 percent accurate!!!! Thank u so much Julia!!! God bless you! Amazing! Sue m

Jun 8 2021 11:26AM
Julia had such a warm approach and was spot on with what was taking place in my love life. I look forward to speaking with her again. Thanks Julia !

Jun 4 2021 3:50PM
One word describes Julia, AMAZING! She has accurately predicted both romantic and financial situations in my life. She advised me to be a little more receptive in re: to the vibe I may be giving off to my POI and she was right! I took her advice and communication improved within 4 days. She also predicted that my finances would improve within 4 6 weeks from the start of May. My financial situation got much better within 4 weeks. Thank you so much, Julia! You re simply the BEST!!

May 29 2021 9:37AM
She great truly blessed. Told me poi and I will fixs our iusse and stand strong. POI is person I will spend rest of life with. Made me laugh. Call you will be amazed

May 19 2021 12:57PM
I recently had a call with Julia re: both love and career. She was right on the money about my POI. Her descriptions about his actions and emotions have been on point. She was also right about a biz colleague that I was concerned about. They reconnected with me yesterday. Julia is an exceptional reader and probably one of the best psychics on this site. Thanks a million, sunshine! Will be back. Give her a try, she s awesome!!

Apr 5 2021 7:25PM
For about 1 month, I ve been consulting with Julia about POI and his feelings/real intentions. She has been very spot on with her descriptions of him/ predictions so far. Everything is falling into place just as she said. I will update again, but so far so good! She s definitely one of the best on this site!

Apr 2 2021 1:15PM
Was straightforwad about POI. He will return but he cannot be trusted.

Mar 5 2021 1:51PM
Julia was was right about a potential romantic partner. I was concerned because our chats had slowed down and was wondering if he was in the wind . Julia reassured me that nothing was wrong, that he was still interested, and felt the same way he felt before. Within an hour I received a message from him. This reader is accurate, professional, and just all around awesome! Thank you so much Julia for all of your guidance and support. Please give her a try, she is sensational!

Feb 19 2021 5:30PM
Julia is a vert detailed reader. I really like the fact that she does not waste your time. i have had readers on here before that try to drag out the time or talk about themselves. she does not do that . The information that she gave was what I was given by a previous reader except she is more detailed and asked no questions. give her a try.

Feb 17 2021 10:55AM
I recently had a reading with Julia and she really hit was right on the money with validations and predictions regarding love and romance. Her predictions aligned with what others have stated. She is a very thorough, gifted, and a honest psychic. I m surprised her line hasn t blown up by now. Her abilities are second to none and she is quick. Doesn t waste your time or money. Julia a rare jewel. Give her a try, she is AMAZING!!

Feb 2 2021 1:22PM
I spoke with Julia yesterday concerning the delayed response from a business associate that I hadn t heard from in almost a week. Usually this person contacts within a few days at the most , so I became a little worried that things were going to make a turn for the worst. Julia reassured me that every thing would turn out ok, to be patient, and that I would receive contact within a week s time. She was right. I received contact early this morning, and everything was just fine. Things are moving forward in the direction that I hoped it would. Julia is going to become my new go to reader on this site. She is gifted, honest, and a true professional. I am very impressed and will be back! Give her a try, you will be happy that you did! Thank you, Julia. Love and Light!

Feb 1 2021 12:49PM
This was my first time reading with Julia. She was very insightful, kind, and direct which I love . No waffling. Her reading was on point and aligned with what other readers have stated regarding my career endeavors. I left our session feeling a sense of clarity which is why we call readers, to gain a better prospective about our current situation s . Her predictions will take a while to manifest, but I am confident that they will in fact happen, eventually. Julia, you were awesome! Thank you so much for your honesty, integrity, and a thorough reading. You re like a breath of fresh air! May God forever bless you! She s new, but definitely worth giving a call! Call her NOW!!!

Jul 15 2020 9:38PM
julie is amazing lady... she is honest and straight forward with any problems i told her. i liked the fact that she explained each problems clearly and she helped me understand my situation. i love this lady .

Jun 18 2020 4:16PM
julie is another best psychic i talked to recently. she very positive and i have good energy toward her. i would love talking to her every day if i can. thank you julie

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