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    Hello, thanks for visiting my page, Im Angela I have 20 years experience in giving psychic readings. I am a no tools psychic, but also work with Tarot cards. I help in all matters of life such as Love and relationships, career and finances, past, present, and most importantly future. I am a clairvoyant empath which means I cannot only see the future but I can also feel every emotion that you or the person of interest is going through. My delivery is honest, compassionate and straight forward. Contact me today for any insight you are looking for.
Customer Reviews
Dec 15 2023 6:48PM
Angela is direct. Honest and uplifting

Nov 28 2023 1:41PM
Encouraging and very motivating! This reading was very helpful and honest! I’m very appreciative! Highly recommended!

Nov 22 2023 8:19PM
Angela just spoken to her.. she really honest and give me a very honest reading… also, she talks to me in away a big sister would check on you she said no you are thinking about the past too much… relax and focus on you!! Am definitely talking to her again ??…??

Sep 21 2023 10:28AM
Thank you so very much, your the best!! God bless!!

Jun 28 2023 2:43PM
I enjoyed my reading you were very precise. I like that you listened and responded.

Mar 25 2023 3:00PM
Sorry for getting cut off but u are so right and thank u .. u did pick up on how I m currently feeling of fear but thank u for reassuring me that everything will work out to moving forward.

Mar 20 2023 10:51AM
Very nice didn t need to do all the talking she picked up very fast on my poi and myself

Jan 23 2023 11:34PM
Thank you. For jumping right in and telling me exactly how I feel and what I seem to be going through. As well as my POI it like the heaven s spoke though you to deliver the information I so needed. I truly appreciate ?? ?? the gifts you are blessed with. Ms:Y

Jan 20 2023 1:09PM
Consistent, accurate and sensitive are the reasons to call her. Accurate, kind and patient.

Jan 13 2023 10:31PM
She s astonishingly accurate, I don t get excited by many psychics in terms of detailed accuracy but, WOW, I loved her! What an amazing connection! Angela, you are an angel ?? I ll be calling you again!!

Jan 11 2023 1:41PM
She was very very good She is the best. Thanks,

Jan 5 2023 11:59AM
Angela was very straight forward and did not waste any time! She quickly answered my questions and gave really great advice!

Dec 28 2022 1:05AM
Delightful..easy good listener..gave pointers how to handle issue..will call her after suggestions results..she s a keeper!

Dec 28 2022 12:58AM
Delightful..picked up on the issue advised how to proceeding..will call again ??

Dec 28 2022 12:57AM
Delightful..picked up on the issue advised how to proceeding..will call again ??

Dec 22 2022 2:32PM
I had a reading with Angela on December 21st and enjoyed the reading and I will definitely be giving her a call back. Thanks Angela

Dec 21 2022 1:36PM
I thought she was amazing. 5 stars.

Dec 20 2022 1:23AM
Angela is brilliant and sharp. I will call her again.

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