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    Hello and welcome to my profile. My name is Kimberly and I am a natural born Intuitive Empath with a solid 15 years of experience. I was gifted with spiritual abilities from birth, allowing me to connect with others who are seeking answers for the past, present and future. My Empathic, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient abilities have sharpened over the years. Specializing in relationships I have guided countless clients navigate through difficult obstacles. Are you wondering if you are soulmates or twin flames, is he or she truthful in this relationship, am I on the right path? As I connect with you I will use all of my abilities to receive the answers you need to find clarity and peace of mind on all matters. Are you on the right career path? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Maybe you are wondering is your job secure. Together we will immerse in your energy so that you can successfully achieve your career goals. Always professionally discrete with compassion and empathy. Cheers to a brighter tomorrow!
Customer Reviews
Jun 8 2024 10:20PM
Wow is all I can say. This lady said the same exact thing another psychic I’ve been reading with for years have been saying about a guy I met in 2019. She’s definitely my go to now

Jun 3 2024 11:23PM
Amazing every time. Always on point with predictions, very honest reading. Tells you how it is. I always wait for her to be available, my go to reader.

May 31 2024 12:11AM
Excellent reader! Truly psychic. Remarkably accurate details. Everything she relayed felt completely correct.

Mar 16 2024 8:17PM
You’re truly a wonderful person and thank you for everything

Mar 14 2024 9:34PM
Always always accurate in her predictions

Mar 8 2024 2:21PM
Kimberly is the absolute best. She just knows and feels everything and tells you the truth in a very kind & compassionate way. Thank you for being there for me these past few months. You’re a true gem and I’m so thankful that we’ve been able to connect and you guided me to be the person I am today.

Feb 28 2024 12:28AM
Everything happened as she said : thank you

Feb 21 2024 7:09PM
You are very helpful for my peace of mind and clarity. Thank you

Feb 16 2024 11:49PM
Kimberly thank you so much!

Feb 16 2024 7:36PM
I ve been reading with Kimberly since January... Kimberly is scary good! The level of professionalism is top notch. Thanks for your guidance. Also predictions have come to pass waiting on a few others.

Feb 13 2024 7:09PM
SHE S ACCURATE. Predictions came to pass and still waiting for more. Will definitely call her again.

Feb 12 2024 10:46PM
Highly recommended!

Jan 27 2024 11:09PM
Extremely talented!

Jan 12 2024 8:51PM
Thank you Kimberly I love that you look at situations from all angles, thank you for comforting me and always reassuring me I know I’m a nervous wreck lmao <3 Chris

Jan 7 2024 2:29AM
Thank you for the follow up call this evening. It was such a joy to talk to again and gain some more insights into my situation. You’ve been spot on with every past reading that’s why I come back to gain more insights, knowledge, & advice from you. You’re more than a 5 star rating, you’re the whole universe.

Dec 23 2023 10:46PM
Whoa!! My first reading with Kimberly and she said things that a lot of other psychics told me. She gave me a timeframe for contact from poi. I pray she’s right she’s very confident and she has very good reviews. I will definitely come back to her for more readings.

Dec 17 2023 7:26PM
She’s the real deal. I just called her for a follow up call from two months ago when we last spoke and I’m so thankful for her. Everything she has said has happened just as she described and my follow up call tonight confirmed more things to come my way. I trust her and her insight. Kimberly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sorry we got cut off, but I promise I will call back after the new year for another follow up.

Dec 15 2023 12:46AM
She is truly a gem! She knows and is very authentic and genuine. You never know who you’re getting on these sites but she never cease to amaze me in the time of need!

Dec 11 2023 3:21PM
Thank you so much for the reading.. POI reached out today..

Dec 6 2023 10:54AM
Kimberly is such an amazing psychic! I spoke to her on two separate occasions and her predictions came true. They happened exactly when she said it would happen. Thanks again Kimberly!

lyneisha stokes
Nov 27 2023 11:34PM
i love her so much omggggggg thanks kimberly everything you said came true ! thank you so much

Nov 17 2023 3:56PM
A pleasure to speak to . Recommend!

Nov 10 2023 9:18PM
She a gem.. help clear some fear. Trusting in the flows of life. I thank her and our spiritual team. She the truth Respectfully: Ms Y

Nov 7 2023 8:41PM
If you’re looking for a real psychic without using tools then Miss. Kimberly is the right choice. I spoke with her on 11/2 regarding my relationship, she stated that my POI will contact me on 11/7 and will be willing to work things out. Well let me just say on 11/7 I received a text message at 6:30am from my POI throughout the entire day asking for another chance. Thank you Kimberly you’re the best.

Nov 2 2023 12:53PM
Wow. From now on she’s the only one I will call on here. Her prediction just came true with the exact words as she described...

Oct 30 2023 11:00PM
I called her for the first time tonight, it was unbelievable how she picked up on things I’d never mentioned. I definitely can say she’s very accurate. Can’t wait to see her predictions unfold. Thank you Kimberly

Oct 12 2023 9:16PM
Kimberly really gain my trust.. I am writing this review after a prediction she made for me happens at the end of September!! I can’t believe it but it did happen just as exactly has she said… she is great with time line and I definitely find my permanent advice on this site and it is Kimberly… I trust her.. she honest and tell you as she see it and will let you know that she only tell you what she sees good or bad and I love that… thank you for being here and I hope you continue to be here bless ??

Oct 10 2023 7:33PM
Waited to write this. So far what she said is happening. Slowly. She is very good. She is up there with the top advisors! Give her a test drive, you will be pleased I bet!!

Oct 6 2023 8:46PM
I really enjoyed reading with Kimberly!! She was very honest straight up and accurate. She KNEW she really KNEW!! She read my POI while!!! She is good and I will definitely be following up with her in 2 was.????

Sep 26 2023 2:24AM
I actually think Kimberly is better than Vinnie… Will be calling again. So accurate, no probing, so much detail. Love her.

Sep 26 2023 12:07AM
this gifted lady is not a lazy psychic. She taps in so strong she doesn’t take one element and build a story on it. She considers every detail because sometimes when you only stick on one element the point of view changes, I really appreciate Kimberly. She doesn’t hold back. She gives you full concept, good or indifferent. She’s a very real very detailed, because if you are not an intuitive person and you’re easily manipulated some of these psychics, will have you rethink your whole entire life. You have to know yourself very well objectively to be able to tap into a great psychic. Kimberly you’re awesome. Bless

Sep 23 2023 3:07AM
Thank you Kimberly, always spot on and a joy to talk to.

Sep 16 2023 12:16AM
Kimberly thank you! Always so so so accurate and detailed, quick to pick up, so patient with me. For anyone who hasnt read with her please give her a try! I think she is top tier on this site!!! 5 stars and super gifted! Mind blowing accuracy and insights, shes just really good, so glad she joined this network! CALL HER!

Sep 15 2023 11:10PM
Thank you Kimberly, pin point accuracy and quick pick up as usual. Really enjoy my readings with you! My fav on here!

Sep 12 2023 3:36AM
I had a reading with Kimberly 1 2 wks ago and again today. I was blown away by her accuracy from day 1. Today i called for my clarity and she again nailed it. Picked up on my person and situation very fast, i gave her no details just my name and DOB. I was very impressed with what she picked up on that was going on, again very accurate. I like her delivery, even if she says something that is hard to hear, she does not hold back but she is still compassionate. She is becoming my favorite on here, tbh I specifically selected her over anyone else bc of how quick to pick up and accurate she is. I recommend her! 5 star reader give her a try! Thank you Kimberly!

Sep 10 2023 3:29PM
I cannot thank Kimberley enough for all of her help. She is truly amazing and can see things most cannot. She is a true physic

Aug 5 2023 5:31PM
She’s amazing she hits the nail on the head anytime I speak with her! She’s honest reassuring, loving and consistent with her readings.

Aug 4 2023 7:25PM
Absolutely ?? ?? amazing. Appreciate her and her gifts. A must read with. POI was and myself was on point. I just need patience thank you. Ms. Y

Jul 20 2023 11:14PM
She s a natural. I have been very impressed. I look forward to more readings!

Jul 7 2023 2:02AM
I’m very shocked she doesn’t use any tools. So very accurate with me providing only my DOB and the POI name. You definitely need to call her and you will be amazed. I want to say it’s kind of scary but not. Just give her a call.

Jul 4 2023 2:59PM
One of the best psychics with this group answers a question head on does not waste time try her you will not regret it

Jul 4 2023 11:17AM
One of the best readings I had very accurate does not waste time try her she is good

Jul 3 2023 10:46PM
She s extremely accurate, I love she uses no tools only DOB. Mind blown ??

Jun 18 2023 7:06PM
She s very accurate! You will not be disappointed.

Jun 16 2023 8:10PM
Best reading I had Very detailed And tru

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