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    STAFF PICK. 30 years professional experience. Steven is an over 100th Generation born intuitive Psychic with an amazing family history of psychic abilities. He has been gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentient. He is a truly wonderful Psychic respected and praised not only on our Network, but throughout the Psychic Community. His motto is No problem or issue is too large to handle with a little bit of help and insight. Once you talk to him, you will feel relaxed and understood by his soothing voice and compassionate nature. Steven is a wizard with relationships, he has made many happy relationships and marriages throughout his years as a psychic and is still going strong!
Customer Reviews
Jun 19 2020 11:12PM
He put my mind at ease this evening with his personality and predictions. God Bless you Steven and your profound gift.

Apr 30 2020 2:42AM
Steven is the kind of person who does everything he can to help you . He truly cares and goes the extra mile. Thank you Steven for your support and your prayers. I appreciate all that you do. God bless.

Apr 6 2020 10:36PM
Amazing!!! Been reading with Steven since the beginning of march and his predictions come to pass! Now I ve had readings with other psychics but I must say steven leaves me in awe each time! Words cant describe! Not only does he tap into the now but also the future!! thank you steven for caring about your clients and helping them!! My ex contacted me at the beginning of the week just like you said, started some small texts. I will be looking forward to your next day online!! ?

Mar 27 2020 11:37PM
The best psychic on the planet ! He is very skilled, and talented with his psychic abilities ,being accurate with his assessments and predictions . I have been reading with Steven for many years and he is kind and down to earth which makes him easy to talk to. He has a gentle demeanor which is quite soothing and refreshing. As always, very professional . He closely examines your situation and truly desires to help guide you in the right direction. He has steered me away from what could have been something quite disastrous and I’m very grateful for that . He brings comfort with his positive and caring attitude, which makes him not just a great psychic adviser but a wonderful person . Amazing ! Thank you Steven for your love and light .

Mar 27 2020 11:24PM
The best psychic on the planet! He is very skilled , and talented with his psychic abilities, being accurate with his assessments and predictions. I have been reading with Steven for many years and he is kind and down to earth which makes him easy to talk to . He has a gentle demeanor which is quite soothing and refreshing. As always very professional . He closely examines your situation and truly desires to help guide you in the right direction. He has steered me away from what could have been something disastrous and I m very grateful for that. He brings comfort with his positive and caring attitude, which makes him not just a great psychic adviser, but a wonderful person. Amazing ! Thank you Steven for your love and light.

Feb 9 2020 10:49PM
I thought Steven was very accurate quick and caring. I ll definitely call back for an update i pray that his predictions come true. Thank you Steven

Dec 27 2019 7:01PM
Steven told me on November 2that my estranged soulmate would unblock me & be living with me before Thanksgiving. I did NOT believe that because we haven t talked in over a month, been blocked & etc. But November 18 he came back & by Thanksgiving day we were living together! His predictions definitely happened! Even the most unrealistic is possible. He definitely saw everything!

Dec 13 2019 9:32PM
This was my first reading with Steven, he was quick in answering my questions without any fishing. The reading felt calm and controlled. He made quite a few predictions and was very confident with his reading. I was very satisfied. I am eagerly looking forward to see how things unfold. Thanks Stephen. Yvette

Apr 13 2018 3:11AM
Steven explained a process that is upcoming that I do believe he is 100% correct!! He is very gifted!! I believe he read the other persons energy Which is what was needed more so than mine. I already know about me. I don t like when a psychic tells me who or how I am. I call to get clarity of the unknown. To see what I can t in order to make proper decisions. He did that!! He is very special!

Mar 17 2018 9:37PM
Everything written about him is true he is amazing, caring and able to see a lot he is honest

Jan 4 2018 8:54PM
Another beautiful reading. Looking forward to predictions. Thanks again Steven.

Jan 25 2017 3:48AM
He is the bomb baby i call him almost every week cause! He know s his stuff it seems like everytime, I talk to him it get s better & better . I decided i am going to stick with him for now on . Wizard Steven you awesome you my go to continue to let GOD use you, Cause you doing a hell of a good job !!!

Oct 3 2016 5:45PM
Wizard Stephen is one of the most accurate psychics I ever spoke with. That being said I m sorry to say I won t be calling him anymore.When I really needed him he did not come on as he posted his schedule.He is very undependable.I hope he reads this testimonial.

Sep 23 2016 7:28PM
the best of the best I m so glad I spoke with him.

Sep 23 2016 7:24PM
Steven was very nice gentleman to talk to, he makes me fell comfortable about my situation, his reading was very good tells you the truth. I would like to give him a million stars. I m glad I get a chance to speak with him. I cannot wait to speak with him again.

Sep 21 2016 6:47PM
The Best!! NOT ONLY DOES STEVEN REMEMBER MY NAME, HE REMEMBERS MY SITUATION, HE MEDITATES ON MY SITUATION BETWEEN CALLS/GENUINELY CARES! I look forward to his predictions coming through. He is such a kind man. I wish I could talk to him everyday if I could. Thank You Steven very very MUCH!

May 31 2016 7:47PM
You are caring and accurate. You have answered some difficult questions for me. As of late I have been disappointed. Your schedule changes constantly only to not have you show up in the end.I hope this can be resolved. God Bless

Feb 10 2016 6:41PM
Spot on and very caring, and insightful! Hasn t led me wrong yet! You are amazing, God bless

Sep 26 2015 5:12PM
Steven is the best psychic. All his prediction came true. No sugar coat.Spot on. Been calling him every month to get update. always accurate...

Aug 25 2015 10:01PM
I am calling Steven tonite to let him know the good news that his unwavering predictions came thru last night! thank you thank you Steven! million stars to you!

Jul 24 2015 11:08PM
Steven deserves 10 stars. Everything he says makes sense. No sugar coating. He really knows the situation. I m almost sure what s he is saying will happen.. I will keep you posted. He is confident when he gives reading. Simply the best

Jun 10 2015 4:37PM
Steven is amazing. He is one of the most insightful psychics I have ever spoken with. He never gives less than 100%, goes the distance and always tries to find a solution for your question or problem. I highly recommend him if you are looking for answers. Thanks Steven for all your help.

Jan 10 2015 4:32PM
Steven is spot on. His answers always resonate with me and his consistent accuracy is almost scary. I ve been getting readings from Steven for several years now and really help me through some tough times. Thanks!

May 31 2015 2:21AM
Steven is awesome, very compassionate and warm, and truly a joy to talk to all the time. He easily makes you feel calm and relaxed. He has great insight into problems. The calls always go by too quickly. If you want an excellent, wonderful, positive, and encouraging reading contact Steven. He will give you 110%. Kaki

May 30 2015 9:29AM
Steven is one of the most impressive and amazing psychics that I have ever been read by. He gets right down to the root of the problem and will provide you with the answers that you need. His calm demeanor and straightforward approach is very reassuring and soothing. I have had several readings from him so far and I will continue to do so in the future. Highly recommend him.

May 26 2015 12:45AM
Steven is truly amazing. He has helped me through tough times in my life and is very accurate. I highly recommend him for a reading. It is always a pleasure to talk to him.

May 25 2015 7:40PM
Steven is an excellent psychic and advisor. He has provided me with much guidance during difficult times in personal and professional matters. His predictions are accurate.

May 24 2015 9:00AM
10 Stars are not enough for Steven. He is truly amazing! Kind, compassionate and very insightful. He will continue to look deeper and deeper to find the answers you are looking for. You must give him a try. Patty

May 23 2015 12:49PM
Steven is a very cool and laid back psychic.He breaks down the the things thats going on with me.Good job.

Apr 8 2015 9:31PM
Wow right on the money on my whole situation and truly a gifted paychic! Steven is compassionate and so nice. His advice has helped me through a difficult time in my life. I highly recommend Steven the Wizard! Thank you Rose

Apr 8 2015 6:45PM
It s scary how accurate Steven is. He s very accurate when it comes to timing and the things he have predicted on my situations have happened. I love talking with Steven and I thank him for the insight he gives.

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