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    Mary IS A CUSTOMER FAVORITE AND STAFF PICK ! I have been doing readings since nine years of age I charged two cents and I remember being born. My specialties are in love relationships as well as business relationships. I have been written up in our national newspapers and frequently have been on TV and radio. Our city police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police frequently contact me for my insight. I would be honored to read for you. Thank you
Customer Reviews
Feb 22 2021 10:12PM
Mary is so accurate with her readings. She is also a compassionate soul and she really cares about her customers. Mary told me something that has now come to past. I will always call her. Thank you! LDV

Jan 27 2021 10:00AM
Mary was awesome and gave information I had no knowledge of and also provided time spans. So much excitement running in my mind from my reading Today. I will continue to call for further instructions when needed. Thanks so much Mary.

Jan 25 2021 1:19PM
I ve been reading with Mary for a while regarding my career endeavors. Lately, I ve been inquiring whether or not I would connect with a prospect business colleague. Mary described the person s personality and stated that they would make contact by Tuesday of this week. Well, Mary s prediction came to pass. The person contacted me and so far, things are going accordingly. Mary is honest, kind, and accurate with her readings and descriptions. She truly is a credit to Psychic Stars and I am so grateful that she has assisted me on my journey. Mary is very compassionate and extremely gifted. She is one of the BEST readers on this site. Please give her a call, I promise you will not regret it!!

Dec 15 2020 6:34PM
Mary never cease to amaze me with her abilities. In a word, WOW 100 Stars!!!I had an academic matter a few weeks ago and Mary helped me through it with flying colors. She gave me great advice on how to approach my professor and it worked better than what I could have hoped for. She predicted the exact final grade I would receive. AND, she even told that I would get an amazing offer from my professor. I had no idea what it could be, but later my professor emailed me to offer another opportunity involving academia. I was absolutely gobsmacked! This woman is amazing! Give her a try. I promise you will not regret it! Her wisdom and abilities are beyond awesome for lack of a better word!! Thank you so much Mary!! I love you! Hugs!!

Dec 7 2020 12:57PM
I have been talking to Mary for a few years regarding my music career and she has absolutely blown me away with her accuracy!! I have not met a psychic like her yet that has been this consistent and accurate. Please give her a try! You will not regret it! Mary is the REAL DEAL!

Oct 9 2020 1:28PM
Mary has been my go to and she continues to amaze me with her psychic gift. I like the fact that she is able to connect with Spirit without using any tools. She has validated what other readers have stated re: my career and personal matters and always delivers with honesty and integrity. She goes into great detail and never sugar coats, she just tells you what she sees/senses. Mary is caring, gifted, and a true blessing. She is a credit to Psychic stars and one of the reasons why I keep coming back! Thanks for everything Mary Love you!

Sep 18 2020 6:49PM
Thanks Mary Always look forward to my readings with you thanks for your positive energy and giving me the best possible advice for my current situation!

Aug 24 2020 3:16PM
Mary is great. She is always on time and accurate with her reading. I enjoy listening to her with her soothing voice, She is my favorite.

Aug 20 2020 12:27PM
Mary s ability to pick up on the true intentions of those that I have inquired about in the past continues to amaze me! Back in November 2019, Mary told me about my employer. In spite of other readers stating the exact opposite, Mary said that my employer was NOT a bad person, but didn t have good intentions and that this person did not reveal who they really were in a number of ways. Throughout time, I had witnessed what Mary was attempting to indicate back in Nov. Recently, I spoke to Mary about the current issues revolving around this individual and of course, she said playfully/respectfully, See, I told you there was more to this person than meets the eye! This individual proved to be very manipulative and was good at hiding their true self. However, Mary snuffed it out over 8 months ago. Her guidance has helped me maneuver this fragile, but yet frustrating dilemma which is now resolved. I now find myself in a much better place. Thank you so much, Mary. You are awesome! If you haven t already, please give Mary a try. She truly is gifted and one of the greatest and most accurate readers on this site!

Aug 14 2020 10:33AM
Mary is an exceptional reader and I have continued to read with her periodically throughout the years. She s been right about several developments involving work and romance. For example, for over a year she told me that I guy I really cared for was not as good of a person as I thought. I wanted to desparately believe otherwise but last month I realized just how right she was about him. Sometimes, things don t make much sense when Mary tells you at first and sometimes her time frames may be a little off but besides those minor things bc no one is God and be accurate 100% of the time , she really is amazing! I ve been a loyal customer for about 3 years now. Please give her a try, you won t be disappointed : !

Aug 6 2020 3:49PM
Mary was incredible, my first time with her and she was spot on and incredible. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from him in September and will let you know.

Jul 6 2020 6:42PM
Mary was outstanding, eerily accurate, didn t waste any time. What a fantastic reading. Everything she saw came to pass in the few days since...and I will certainly call again to find out what s next. She sees events and places, very good timelines, I really am pleasantly surprised to talk to someone real this time.

Jan 7 2020 3:34PM
I felt my reading with Mary was very beautiful and helped my soul to heal. Thank you!

Dec 20 2019 11:50AM
thank you so much mary for reading about my puppy prince , you made me feel better knowing he is with a new family even tho i am very sad about my puppy i can move on with my life in peace knowing i did everything i could , thank you for kind words and a genuine shoulder to lean on

Nov 9 2019 4:15PM
Recently, within the past three months, Mary has accurately made several predictions regarding romance and work related matters. I ve been reading with Mary for a few years now and I can honestly say that the majority of things that she stated would happen since then has actually happened! She is an empathetic and honest reader. Thank you Mary for all of your support. Stay forever blessed!

Dec 18 2018 10:55AM
Mary was pretty accurate I will update all when predictions come to True.

rickey williams
Nov 17 2018 6:34PM
She was amazing and left me with soo much positive vibes, not only that she was very accurate I enjoyed it.

Aug 2 2018 10:04AM
Amazing lady!! No doubt i will be speaking to her again. She knew a lot about my question and so much more. Very caring, compassionate and understanding. Love her energy. I would high recommend Mary!!! I am looking forward to your prediction. Thank you Mary for some reason, call cut off :

Jun 30 2018 11:18PM
Mary is outstanding. She has been reading for me for several years. I love her kind, compassionate and very real delivery of information. She doesn t need tools, which to me is huge and she won t just tell you what you want to hear. Mary is the real deal and I highly recommend her if you are looking for the truth and not fantasy and fluff. :

Jun 21 2018 6:17PM
Highly accurate, she saw what I was going through. Very professional, will definitely. Call back next time! Great psychic! You confirmed exactly what numerous others have predicted for me.5 star psychic!

Jun 15 2018 3:55PM
Very grateful for this psychic! Mary s predictions give great hope for a well earned future in love and business! This is my time and I appreciate the affirmation!

Jun 13 2018 4:26PM
Mainly my future was talked about so I won t really know what happens, but hoping it all turns out good. I was down and by her talking to me I felt so much better

Jan 8 2018 11:40PM
Thank you so much Mary for all of the details you gave. Sorry we ran out of time. You were amazing as usual.

Dec 28 2017 11:29PM
Thank you so much for speaking with today Mary, you were very insightful about a lot of thing. Def, helped me get a clear vision of things, you were very sweet. Sorry about the call being disconnected, but I appreciate your time! Thank you once again!

Aug 31 2017 8:17PM
Mary is the real deal. For my first reading on the Psychic Stars service Mary was able to pin point my situation with love interest accurately and very quickly just by using our names only. She said she picked up a fairy tale vibe from the two of us which was great. She even predicted marriage in the future for him and which was amazing because I didn t think we would make it that far. God bless you Psychic stars and Mary for assuring my worries. Will definitely be talking to her soon when I get more funds.

Jul 19 2017 11:43AM
My first call Mary answered my questions before I asked. Consistent, accurate and sensitive are the reasons to call Mary.

Jul 19 2017 8:57AM
I ve been speaking with Mary for about 9 months or so now. Her guidance and her predictions has been spot on. Very caring and genuine psychic. In my opinion, Mary is the best one on Psychic Stars. The majority of her predictions has come to pass and she is the ONLY one who I consult with on this platform. Thank you Mary and many blessings. ~A~

Jul 11 2017 10:44PM
Mary has been an amazing psychic to me throughout these years. I ve leaned on her for comfort and reassurance. She accurate, kind and patient. I m so glad to have her so thank you fir all your support

Jun 24 2017 4:00PM
Mary was an absolute delight to speak to. She followed my questions with accuracy and speed and gave in depth reading. I was absolutely amazed and will call her again soon.

Mar 7 2017 7:51PM
Amazingly accurate reading. I m pleasantly surprised at the reading, especially about a specific time periods in my life. From this point on, like a Phoenix, I m rising up from the ashes as well! This reading was a blessing for me and appreciate your gifts. Looking forward to new beginnings. Thank you very much Mary for your reading and advice.

Feb 17 2017 9:45PM
WOW!!! Mary is phenomenal...such an amazing and extremely gifted psychic. Mary touched upon several things going on in my life with amazing accuracy. She knew details, dates and described situations with clarity. I was in awe of some of the situations she zeroed in on right away. The conversation was inspiring, uplifting, insightful, healing and exactly what I needed. She was very professional and comforting to talk to. I love the energy. Thank you Mary for bringing clarity to many of the topics we discussed. I immensely enjoyed our connection. Sorry that I ran out of funds, but I will definitely be contacting you again very soon. You are a BEAUTIFUL Being of Light and Love . Namaste!!!

Jan 20 2017 12:05AM

Jan 19 2017 9:59AM
I have spoken to Mary several times recently and each time was on spot. Her answers and insight were helpful getting through some difficult times. She has been caring and non judgemental each time we spoke. I recommend her to everyone.

Jan 19 2017 9:59AM
I have spoken to Mary several times recently and each time was on spot. Her answers and insight were helpful getting through some difficult times. She has been caring and non judgemental each time we spoke. I recommend her to everyone.

Jan 2 2017 7:34PM
I will have to wait and see if what she says will come about. She seemed very decisive.

Dec 9 2016 11:46AM
Mary was great! I really enjoyed our conversation. She seems spot on about most of what we discussed. The only reason why I am giving her 4 stars is because I would like to wait on some of the predictions to manifest first. I highly recommend Mary. Personally, she is the only reader I will speak with on this site. Thank you Mary and God Bless :

Dec 3 2016 8:18PM
On my first contact with Mary something magical occurred. Mary answered my thoughts without my forming the verbal question. She said the information I desire to hear would be tomorrow, and said is that too soon? Well, to my wonder I found out the claim was settled and on a Monday, too. Mary is kind, focused and was 100% on spot. Thanks, will look forward to next reading.

Nov 15 2016 3:06PM
Mary was very interesting to talk to about my ex boyfriend. She made me laugh when describing him. She seemed to perceive him pretty accurately. Also, she told me my health would improve. I really liked hearing that, as I ve been doing a lot of holistic health practices. I found her very intuitive and she s a great psychic. I will be calling her back next month :

May 31 2016 6:31PM
She was the real deal! Connected with her instantly and she provided clarity surrounding my situation spot on. Mary is truly gifted and I am most definitely going to call her again to keep her posted on my situation. Thank you once again for your in depth, non rushed and precise reading you are the best!!!!

Apr 18 2016 2:57PM
Mary really SEES and describes things accurately. She described the work place of one guy I liked in a way that no one would guess. A long table and a sink in the room. Very accurate. She was the first to see that the guy I had been seeing had another woman. I had no idea until a couple of months later, when he told me himself. On top of that, she is warm and caring.

Mar 28 2016 1:29PM
Mary is so nice and right on the money! She truly has a gift. She answers question very precise and fast! I would definitely recommend her if you want honest answers. I will definitely call her again.

Jan 7 2016 3:59AM
Great first reading, second reading had one contradictory point to the first, but overall very good. Tunes right in.

bridgette williams
Nov 7 2015 8:08PM
This was an excellent reading and on point I must say. I really liked this reading and out the gate she knew that my recovery center was named after my brother which I never told her so. I will be calling her back! Excellent!!!!

Sep 29 2015 7:13PM
she is great thank you

Aug 4 2015 11:32AM
This last reading was to the point Not a lots a talk around and beside. Pretty direct I was able to relate. Thank you Will call again

Aug 3 2015 9:33PM
Mary was fabulous. Hit the nail on the head many times in her reading. She is very sweet to talk to and picks ups quickly , doesn t waste time. One of the best I ve ever spoken with and I ve spoken to many over the years Please call her, you won t be disappointed ! Thanks Mary.!!! Rose

Jul 27 2015 10:47AM
Totally different prediction from another... will see who is correct. If she is, she will get more stars!

Jul 27 2015 10:37AM
After my initial conversation with Mary I can honestly say that I was captivated as to what she had to say...I am only giving “3” stars because the “event” hasn’t yet occurred once the “event” happens I will change this, indicating the final result and give an appropriate rating that Mary deserves.

Jul 22 2015 12:09PM
I would like to give a testimonial on Mary. She s very sweet and intune with Her Client. I will be calling Her again for more. Thanks Mary! :

Jun 29 2015 7:32PM
Mary was great. Would recommend her.

Jun 12 2015 3:40PM
Hello. Writing in reference to Mary 1286. Probably the best reading I have ever had, her energy was spectacular and her personality superb. Beautiful lady indeed, her soul is amazing, I really can t say enough about her. I enjoyed my reading and I m looking forward to talking to her more in the future. Keep the good deals coming, because I will definitely take advantage. Happy customer, Susan

Jun 12 2015 11:02AM
Mary wows me! She described my guy from the way he looks to his personality to what he does for a living. She even knew how many children he has and was able to tell me how he is feeling. Hopefully he will be returning to me very soon!

Jun 10 2015 11:35PM
Mary was great I wasn t quite finished talking to her, so I will be calling back. She hit much spot on, and told me a few things I didn t know. her spirit is amazing and I loved her sense of humor:

May 27 2015 5:02PM
Mary is awesome. She is very quick and to the point. I had tears running down my face as she spoke...happy tears! Thank you Mary.I had almost given up on hope, Mary gave me reason not to give up!! Call Mary!

May 22 2015 7:19PM
Mary was amazing. I called to find out about a guy I have been seeing but she was clearly seeing another from my distant path. I never told her anything about him but she knew he was truly my soulmate and that he was apprehensive about contacting me. She is right about that and it seems we will be reunited.

May 19 2015 10:53PM
very spot on on target Tank you

May 8 2015 2:05PM
Advisor was very accurate and had quick answers to questions and concerns. I will contact advisor to provide her feedback on predictions and results. She is the real deal and acknowledge it Thanks Mary Bennett

Apr 8 2015 2:25PM
I really like Mary... She seemed to connect well with me. She was very easy to talk to gave me cleary information. She said I have a brighter future. In a few months I will see what happens. I will be calling her

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