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    Hello my name is Asia. I am psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant. I connect instantly with the root of any topic. I have been professionally reading for 30 years. JUST YOUR FIRST NAME, DONT TELL ME I WILL TELL YOU. Love and relationship problems, careers, money, family problems. Let me be the portal, your guide, the connection to the answers you are seeking. Always professional, caring and compassionate. I truly look forward to getting to know you, we can establish a relationship that will help guide you in a positive direction in all aspects of your life.
Customer Reviews
Jun 21 2021 7:27PM
Talking to Asia for the very first time gave me hope that the Sun will rise despite the Sunset experience I just encountered. Help someone else and that will enrich your life was enlightening advice.

Jun 11 2021 6:09PM
I feel so much better since speaking with Asia today. I thank her so much for helping see the truth because I been living a lie because of what others have told me. Asia thank you for freeing me!!!??

Jun 11 2021 4:22PM
Love her! She tells the truth which I prefer because I don’t like my time wasted. Y’all need to call her for the truth! Let her save you from heartache. I wish I knew her long ago! You will see what she says is 100% just wait !

Jun 10 2021 1:44PM
Asia is extremely confident, direct, and tells it like it is. I’ve spoken to her a few different times and she had been pretty spot on with reading energy and assessing situations. Time will tell if her readings are accurate within her projected timeframe of when things will transpire. She is very nice and caring. Her passion and dedication is evident!

May 9 2021 4:27PM
Asia was wonderful! She saw a lot, told me a lot, and said some pretty profound things. I’m glad I talked to her today! She is more than her gifts! She is excellent!

May 8 2021 1:00PM
I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Too soon to tell, the reading kind of felt all over the place. She wasn’t sure who’s energy belonged to who, I left my reading feeling more confused then having clarity. Has anyone else had that experience? Maybe my energy and hers didn’t connect. It seems like others connect well. I think she’s great, maybe we just don’t go well. Only time will tell. Thanks anyway Asia!

May 3 2021 11:46PM
She sounded inconvenienced and was abrasive, rude, and way off base concerning what I called about. A waste of my time and money. I disconnected before my time was up.

Apr 30 2021 11:11AM
Okay this girl is accaruate she told me in July my ex’s mom gonna TRY to set her up with a dude , told me how my ex is feeling . Now I’m gonna sit back and wait Because I wanna see if my ex will stand up for herself She was accurate with the description She was accurate with things She tells it like it is

Apr 23 2021 11:29PM

Apr 17 2021 10:49AM
I never spoke to Asia she was amazo=ing i only gave her a name and she picked up on my situtation. No sugar coating. She stated person did not want to see me. Saving me years of heartache knowing the truth. She was absolutely right!!!! Sad but i have to move on. Thank you Asia for saving me another 40 years of wishful thinking... You are the best!!! Sue Miranda

Apr 14 2021 3:22PM
I had a reading with Asia and at first I was a little confused as she was telling me something that was happening “now” but didnt make sense and at the time didnt fit into my life. HOWEVER, the next day what she said came to light and through the next week it all came together. I was honestly shocked by how accurate she was and almost felt bad that I was a little confused at first. Her timing was also was not wrong considering she said now and the next three weeks. Thanks Asia!!!! I really found a gem on this site!!!

Apr 2 2021 10:04PM
Asia read me like a book. She knew things that people didn t know I was worried about. She made me feel confident in her reading and I look forward to it unfolding.

Mar 26 2021 5:36PM
i dont know where to start. i received a reading from asia around this time last year. she told me that my ex would return to me. i was surprised she said that because i had been seperated from him for over a year and really wanted him to come back. well he came back and i was in shock. all i could think about was what asia told me. BUT PLEASE HERE ME WHEN I SAY during my waiting period i worked on me. i started my career started going to the gym. I FOCUSED ON ME. i believe that was the key for me. he was so shocked and proud of my progress when we reunited. and he changed for the better himself. so give her a call you wont be dissapointed. she KNOWS WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT! and her sense of humor is amazing. she makes me laugh all the time. BUT she is blunt and honest so she will tell you the truth! even if that hard the is about you self . and that what i love about her as well. i would give her ten stars if i could! thanks ASIA!

Feb 4 2021 6:44PM
She picked up A LOT of details about me and the people I was asking about. She knew how they think and feel too. Also knew that my guides don t speak English. Def recommend!

Jan 20 2021 3:40PM
Asia Is my girl she tell me about my man she told me I would be sick and it all come to pass ....she is the best on here ..... and she is very sweet she helped me with my iron ,,, im so happy to finally be be able to get on here because she deserve it . she deserves it ,,,, try her ..oh and don t cal her so much then I gotta wait on her I call her every week for my problems she tell me everything she gets to the root of it all ,,,love you Asai I finally did it and you know who I AM ,, MY NAME STARTS WITH A T. AND MY MAN NAME START WITH A S.. LOL

Dec 12 2020 6:01PM
She s pretty good and pretty accurate. However, her timing can some times be bang on it can also be off little at times so beware to not obsessed over it. I also would advise her predictions are usually right like crazy accurate but Iv e had her tell me stuff and interpret it one way and comes out in a different way I didn t expect. Kinda like a puzzle to put together. She s 100% a psychic just keep an open mind. The guides give her clues to put together and its not always the same as she interprets. If you log everything she says and come back a few months later you will notice she was right.... just not like you expected.... This happened to me a few times....but she also predicted like 3 big events that were BANG ON even with timing. What I like is she will tell you the truth even if it sucks...lol.....BUT she can be a little intense with her opinion... I rather the truth and deal with the judgeness that comes a long with it.... I just wish she didn t talk politics while I pay for my minutes...

Nov 30 2020 1:00AM
Asia does a wonderful job at diving deep into what s really going on, it is uncanny the details she receives. 5 stars!

Sep 26 2020 6:18PM
Since I started speaking to Asia, things unfolded as she sees them and within accurate time frames. She is an absolute delight to talk to. I couldn t have done it without her. Can t wait to talk to her again. She is marvelous!

Jul 3 2020 9:19PM
Asia made a prediction about the reason my ex gf really broke up with me and that she was lying about seeing another girl... About 3 hours later my ex told me she was talking to a new girl. Asia has been very accurate in her predictions and I m sure her other predictions for me will be coming soon as well Kesha

Apr 4 2020 2:29PM
I spoke with Asia last week regarding concerns about my current employer. Due to the pandemic, I haven t worked in weeks. I asked her if I would be reunited with my employer and able to work again. Asia said that I should hear from my boss soon and will reunite with them by mid April 2020. Well, I received the call a few days ago and I am scheduled to resume work in mid April, just like she said. Asia, thank you so much for all of your support throughout the last couple of years. You truly are a gem!

Feb 13 2020 2:53PM
if you want someone who is honest and accurate no matter the outcome Asia is the one to call. She was the only person to tell me something and I didn t want to believe her but she was right. She is a no beating around the bush kind of reader. She tells you how it is with no games or gimmicks. I trust her and she has a genuine heart and soul. Thank you Asia keep doing you booboo!

Feb 10 2020 8:54PM
i was on a site called psychic encounters when i came along a review for one of the psychics and it said forget about psychic encounters try Asia from psychic stars so i did and i am so glad i did. she is the real deal she tells you everything without you saying anything. I can t wait to call her again for a deeper reading into my situation. Thank you Asia!

Feb 6 2020 1:04PM
I spoke with Asia 3 times, each time the main info of the reading was the same. She had different details each reading and she told me not to call that often, once a month or when something new happens or with a quick question , not to waste my money. When my time ran out I kept calling her back, but she doesn t like to read like that, it disrupts the flow of the reading which I agree. She likes to be accurate, so sit with her for 30 minutes. You ask one question at the beginning and she reads you month to month. She doesn t like for you to interrupt and talk, you have to let it flow and she tells you what she sees, and most likely your additional questions will be answered. Again, she read me by myself, me and my person together and my person by themselves in one reading on 3 different occasions and each time the readings were almost exact. My ex popped up in my reading and i popped up in his all within the same time frames it was crazy. In our reading together she saw us being strong mid march to april. She moved him out the way and read me month to month and around March she saw someone from my past returning. She read him alone month to month and saw him going back to someone from his past me . All her readings connect. His ex he was seeing popped up and she described her as white with shoulder length Carmel hair which is correct and each time she said he is with her for a quick fix and he will cut her off. She described me as African American with long dark weave which was correct, even told me how attracted to me my ex still is. She got his personality down to a t and even saw him changing and stopping his selfishness and lies in each reading. She doesn t remember you and shes that accurate. Her timeframes were the same each reading. I cant wait to update when predictions start to happen.

Feb 3 2020 9:15PM
Asia is the most accurate psychic I have ever spoken. As the months have passed Asia s predictions materialize. She told me I would be offered a job in the first or second week of November November 8th I got a job offer. When I received the email of the job offer the first thing that came to mind were Asia s words. I cannot even begin to convey how accurate this woman is. She has a gift, a gift that is incomparable. Her timelines are reliable as well. They will happen when she says they will happen, sometimes even sooner. She is bona fide psychic. I ve been talking to her for almost a year and will never talk to anyone else because no one even comes close to Asia. She tells me things I do not want to hear sometimes like, He s NOT focused on you and He will never put you before his business. Hahahaha. Her candor attests to how she will not tell me lies just to make me feel good. I would much rather have her tell me the truth than lie to me. I love Asia and will continue to be a loyal client as she has been nothing but straightforward, honest, and accurate with me. Thank you for always digging deep for answers and for being fair, Asia. If you re looking for answers and do not want to be lied to call Asia. Note: Asia prefers for her clients to NOT talk. Yes, you read that right. She wont phish for information nor will she ask questions because she does not need to! That s how amazing she is. She will just go straight into the reading and provide you with details that will blow your mind. Asia s abilities are beyond impressive. She really is the chosen one.

Jan 16 2020 10:19PM
In November 2019 Asia told me that I would be moving near the end of January or the beginning of February 2020. Not that I didn t believe this wouldn t happen eventually, but I did not plan on moving in the winter for obvious reasons. BUT, she was right on the money. I move into my new place February 1st. Also back in October 2019, Asia told me a guy that I never thought I would hear from ever again would reach out and want to reconcile around the holidays. Guess who messaged me on December 27th? The guy! Once again, she threw down the ACE of spade, like BOOM! Asia is the TRUTH!

Dec 9 2019 7:13PM
She s the real deal. Very Blunt and Straight Forward. When I was on the phone with her she told me that my bf would be reaching out and boom, what do you know, I get a text message from my bf while I m on the phone with her.

Oct 30 2019 9:05PM
I am in awe of how Asia has predicted my entire future. She told me I would be enduring mental anguish in June, well it was actually in July that I felt the biggest form deception of my life thus far. She then told me I would be extremely emotional in August, September, and October. Then told me I would experience deception during these months, well wouldn’t you know it, she was right. I am leaving this testimonial to let everyone who reads it know this woman will not fabricate the truth to make you feel better. She will tell you what you do not want to hear and you’ll look back and think, “Asia warned me.” She provides timelines that are scary accurate and gives predictions, not advice. She never probes you for information because she does not need to. I have talked to tons of psychics who are all liars, Asia is not a liar, she is direct, accurate, and real. Looking forward to November and December and 2020 as Asia predicted my luck will change during this time period. I KNOW 2020 will be a great year because Asia predicted it and she has NEVER led me astray. Asia has really made me believe that REAL psychics do exist. Thank you, Asia, for telling me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. Your karma is going to be so good.

Oct 23 2019 10:45AM
I cannot stress enough that Asia is by far one of the best psychics on this site! She is honest, accurate, straight forward, and does not believe in sugar coating or leading clients astray. Since April 2018, she has revealed many things that has manifested and came to pass. Some things were good, other things were bad, however, the point is she saw it happen and it actually did happened. Even after speaking to numerous readers on this site that said the complete opposite, Asia s predictions were right on the money! If you re looking for an honest legit reading, I highly recommend Asia because she is simply that awesome! God Bless you always. ~A~

Oct 8 2019 3:33PM
I have had several readings with Asia this year and I can tell you that she is no nonsense and extremely accurate. She does not sugar coat, but I love that about her. She is able to describe people and major events. I love to touch base with her to find out what is going on around me and to find out what is to come!

Oct 6 2019 2:07AM
Asia is hands down the most accurate psychic I have ever spoken to. I always take notes when I speak to her and looking back she has been eerily accurate with her predictions. The only time she has been wrong is when she picked up on another woman s energy and mistook her for me, but that isn t her fault, it s the imbecile I was dealing with as he was talking to Asia about the other broad instead of me. Asia will give you timelines, details, and descriptions. She literally describes people s physical appearances, right down to a person s hair color! This alone made me believe she is the real deal. I have been talking to Asia since March of 2019 and her predictions concerning my situation have never changed. She often forgets what she told me, as she has so many clients, and when I speak to her again she says the same thing and remains consistent! There is no way she could remember all she tells me. This woman has changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful I found her. She never tells me what I want to hear, she only tells me the truth and digs deep for answers. She won t sugarcoat anything and is very direct. She is beyond gifted! Psychic Stars is lucky to have Asia. Whoever speaks to this woman is lucky!

Sep 19 2019 7:17AM
Asia is very authentic and keeps it real! I can t speak for anyone else, but I appreciate straight up honesty from everyone, especially a professional reader. In July 2019 Asia stated that I would be getting a job working for a great employer, but it would take almost 2 months to actually start the position. It was a huge risk, but well worth it! Thank you so much Asia for guiding me in my time of need, being honest about the path before me, and for giving me some hope during the dark times. I appreciate you. I ve been working this job for a few weeks now and I m loving it!! Asia is extremely intuitive, straight forward, and has been pretty accurate with my past readings. Give her a try, you will not regret it : !

Sep 14 2019 11:30PM
Asia is the real deal. I’ve spoken to her a few times and her readings are beyond accurate. She is extremely gifted. She predicted I would go to Europe. I thought she was crazy! Guess who just got back from Europe? She predicted things I thought were far fetched, things concerning my love life, well, they were not so far fetched. What she was sensing was the sad truth. Asia will not lie to you nor will she paint a fairytale. She will tell you what she’s sensing and seeing, even if it hurts. Her approach is very direct. Hands down the most accurate psychic I’ve ever spoken to. Call her! She will make you a believer.

Jul 14 2019 12:12PM
I ve been reading with Asia for about 1.5 years now. She s a very honest reader and pretty much tells it how it is. There were a few things that she was spot on with regards to one of my employers and then another possible opportunity coming within the timeframe she predicted. She made some other predictions that takes place later this year, which I look forward to updating on those at a later date. Thanks Asia for your guidance and for keeping it real! Many Blessings

Apr 20 2019 2:20AM
Asia told me I was going to get a new job, I wasn’t even looking at the time I start in 2 weeks! She was so accurate great opportunity like she said, nothing but the truth with her! Let her tell you......worth every minute.

Apr 19 2019 3:16PM
One of the best people to speak to and is always accurate Really enjoyed her reading

Feb 17 2019 4:10PM
Asia was 100% correct in a reading she gave to me. Everything happened exactly the way that she said. She is very honest and very straight forward and only tells you what she sees. Every time she has told me something it has came true. I don t know how she does it but she does. She really turned me into a beilever. Kesha

Jan 11 2019 10:05PM
Amazing! Amazing! Accuracete 100%

Oct 15 2018 1:19PM
Asia was correct about one of her predictions manifesting back in July 2018. Overall, I think she is a good reader because she s quick, honest, and doesn t waste your time or money!

Aug 5 2018 7:13PM
Asia, is amazing, outstanding and spot on. She is extremely fast and totally accurate. I would highly recommend you try her first. You will not be disappointed.

Jun 20 2018 6:47PM
This lady is FANTASTIC!! She really does connect. She is true to everything she says. Please try her she is wonderful. She has a lot of experience and knows how to use it. I will call her often.

Jun 18 2018 5:11PM
I was really pleased with the reading. Her advice was so needed and helped me cope with my separation as well as give me hope for my future. I would ve spoken to her for hours if I could. I was so so grateful and felt a weight lifted of my shoulders.

Jun 12 2018 3:31PM
Thank you for the reading! Asia gave some great insight into my work and relationship situation. I see I have choices absolutely and need to make up my mind. Looks like work will turn around with my demand for respect, but with that change should I move or will he?

May 23 2018 7:28PM
This is my 4th time talking with Asia! The first time she told me that I would meet a guy on a cruise that I was going but after the cruise, I had my doubts. But after the cruise, this guy who was on the cruise contacted me out of the blue about business and then he told me later that he was starting to have feelings for me. I couldn t believe that she was right!!! Asia is really amazing!

May 16 2018 10:44PM
Hi ASIA blew me away. VERY impressed. Give her a call and you will see... This site is lucky to have her on board. She is the best on this site.

May 16 2018 1:51PM
I received my first reading w/ Asia in early May 2018 and have had several other readings with her since then. Asia is an exceptional reader and is very on point with describing the intentions of others, accurately describing physical appearances, and situations. She is an absolute joy to speak with, very upbeat, and a positive person. Most importantly, she is honest with what she sees and I sincerely appreciate that. She doesn t tell you what you want to hear, nor does she waste your time or money talking about nothing. She has great advice that is both empowering and practical. I still have to wait for her predictions to come to pass, but... Overall, she is truly gifted and in my opinion, one of the best on this site! Please give her a try, you won t regret it!! Lots of Love beautiful ~A~

Apr 19 2018 11:05PM
This woman is ABSOLUTELY the real deal...It s chilling how accurate she is! I am definitely going to call her again...and SOON! God Bless you Asia!

Apr 16 2018 10:37PM
ASIA is the real deal she was able to tune into information that others have not been able to..give her a chance she really has a gift and she really cares about you as the customer she doesn t tell you what you want to hear she tells you what she sees...she definitely earned all 5 stars!

Apr 8 2018 8:10PM
She was wonderful and I will use her again and again...

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