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    Raymond is an Extremely Gifted and experienced Advisor. Raymond has been a gifted psychic clairvoyant for over 20 years. Raymond feels extremely blessed that he is able to communicate with his angel guides so that he may relate their message to you. Raymonds style of reading is fully focused on you and your concerns. He is compassionate, caring and discreet. Raymond is straight forward in his readings, he will not sugarcoat what he is picking up from his angel guides. The truth will set you free. No question is too big or too small concerning any matter in life. Matters of the heart, marriage, careers, finances, Family matters. I am here to connect with you through my angel guides so that hopefully I can bring you peace of mind and clarity.
Customer Reviews
May 28 2023 7:30AM
I have been speaking with Ray for years now. He is so amazing. Most caring and gifted psychic! Doesn t sugar coat! Tells it like it is and always spot on! 5 stars all the way! Thank u Ray for being the best psychic friend!! Warmest regards Sue m

May 27 2023 4:13PM
I was Speechless Omg so on point I will be coming back to him again

Mar 28 2023 8:50AM
Raymond is so awesome!! He has helped me so much and continues to help me with his amazing psychic abilities!!! Thank u Raymond!! A very thankful customer! Sue miranda

Mar 26 2023 7:09PM
Raymond was very kind, polite, to the point and extremely accurate. Confirmed everything I already knew and then some. Give Raymond a try. 3/26/23

Simone Garland
Feb 28 2023 1:55PM
Raymond is awesome his reading was dead on and I was able to get true clarity and guidance through my situation. He is a very gifted psychic as a psychic and healer myself , his reading was incredibly impressive.

Feb 17 2023 10:28AM
Raymond, thanks for the detailed answers & messages from your angel guides. You are superb! Pls note that I ask quick questions because my brain thinks quickly, and I tend to forget my questions when distracted. But, again, you are superb. Thanks.

Oct 25 2022 12:01PM
OMG..Raymond is the best he will tell you like it is and hold nothing back plus he is so funny .....he could be my best friend.....Raymond I will talk with you later tonight bestie ,??

Oct 19 2022 2:59PM
Our call cut off but I loved him and his angels they’re right on point and told me what I needed to know thank you so much will definitely call again soon!

Oct 14 2022 9:28PM
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Our conversation was cut short however I can’t wait to talk to him & the angels again!!! It blew my mind how the angels knew me from a past life!! What an amazing session… I feel so blessed to have read with Raymond! We will talk again soon! Many blessings!

Oct 2 2022 11:12PM
Absolutely amazing reading!!! I ran out of minutes but I will call again

Sep 21 2022 8:21PM
Right on point! Thank you so much! Will call you next time! What a blessing Raymond is!

Sep 18 2022 5:06AM
Sorry we got cut off! That was such a amazing reading! The moment I saw your face I knew I wanted to connect with you so happy I did! What a amazing reading and wonderful human being! Thank you, thank you so much Raymond and Angels! I feel so loved can’t thank you enough Love Monica

Sep 13 2022 2:34PM
Thank u again for the ?? time .. u are so right about everything..u know how to calm my mind for me to have patience and to stay positive.. sending you love and blessings thank u again..

Aug 29 2022 7:37PM
Raymond is on point didn t have to say what I was calling for Raymond picked it up instantly please give him a try

Aug 28 2022 3:27PM
Raymond started out tell me about my Angel s and he told me everything I was dealing with and asked no questions Raymond is very gifted give him a call

Aug 28 2022 3:27PM
Raymond started out tell me about my Angel s and he told me everything I was dealing with and asked no questions Raymond is very gifted give him a call

Aug 17 2022 11:05AM
Raymond is very intune with what s going on with you pretty quickly. Hit the nail on the head with my specific concern without me bringing it up first. He didn t just tell me what I wanted to hear he told me what he s guides were relaying to him good, bad or indifferent. Thank you.

Aug 13 2022 6:52PM
You are the best!! Thank you for everything ??

Jul 24 2022 9:28AM
I can never say enough about Ray!!!! He is the best!!! Thank u Ray for all your amazing readings and advice you give me!!! You are such a gift and more than a psychic a psychic friend to me!!!! 5 stars all the way!!!! Sue M.

Sherry June
Jun 23 2022 2:12PM
Ray is terrific! I ll write more later as things come to pass. I love his very great assurance and honesty. I d highly recommend him.

Jun 20 2022 12:50AM
Ray is the GREATEST!! He is very ACCURATE!! Try him,you will not be disappointed!!

Jun 14 2022 2:47PM
Sent his angles to court with me told me everything was goin to work out in my favor and it did just waiting until everything else comes together as he told me

Jun 14 2022 2:47PM
Sent his angles to court with me told me everything was goin to work out in my favor and it did just waiting until everything else comes together as he told me

Jun 6 2022 9:08PM
Still not sure, he asked me questions that I thought he should have known. Time frame of when love interest is going to call has changed, from last time, I m hoping prediction of time frame is true and all of these good reviews are true, still on the fence until see prediction.

May 31 2022 1:43PM
Never fails! Talk to Ray today we haven’t spoke since last year but everything he told me last year happened and once again reassured me things would be ok with my ex and I! Can’t wait to see what happens next! 1000 stars! Love you Ray

Apr 14 2022 9:41AM
Thanks For Answering My Call When You Are Available, you Input very Valuable! Honestly Thankful!

Apr 7 2022 6:31PM
You are amazing!!! Leaving a review from NC...Wish I had more money to talk longer! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation!! Ray is funny, honest, real and caring! I ll definitely be calling back!!

Mar 29 2022 12:24PM
He is a spot on reader. Bank it. I love reading with him.

Mar 15 2022 7:50PM
Love talking with Raymond, he really ease my mind every time I talk with him. He’s always spot on with what he tells me. People like me really appreciate someone like you thank you.

Mar 14 2022 10:47AM
Spoke with my friend Ray many times about my ongoing relationship and he is always consistent! This morning he asked me what happened this weekend and I never said anything about it but my grandma funeral was this pass weekend! I was blown away! He also told me to minor worry about my ex he ain’t going nowhere and there is no other woman! A million stars! Love you Ray

Mar 11 2022 4:37AM

Mar 3 2022 3:25PM
Told me some money was coming and it CAME! THANK YOU

Feb 26 2022 1:25PM
Raymond is by far the best .. he’s very welcoming and friendly he tells you like it is no sugarcoating … I highly recommend getting a reading frm him. he has done previous readings for me in the past .

Feb 18 2022 9:52PM
The Best!

Feb 16 2022 4:44PM
Sorry we got cut off. Great call. Thank you for the insight!

Feb 15 2022 7:12PM
U told me things I didn t want to hear especially with out proof. U told me outcome results. Only a few knew what I was going through and u said it right away. I still needed proof and later I found out with proof u were right. Wow just wow I m still shock. U were very straightforward which I appreciate it. So Raymond u really are a gift from God with your Angeles and insights..Thank u .. U are my Go to not just as a Psychic but U Gave me advice like a friend..I appreciate you. Again Thank You!!!!

Feb 3 2022 1:20PM
Thank you so much for your gift and accuracy ! I await your predictions ! So sweet and kind try him

Feb 1 2022 5:40PM
Thank you sir for your reading and advice. I am sorry the call was cut. My thanks to you and your angels.

Jan 31 2022 10:19AM
Raymond is awesome

Jan 31 2022 9:50AM
First time, speaking with Raymond,and hes a five star reader,for sure,had knowledge of my poi and connected and related well to my situation,and I feel much better. Thanks to him and his angels..

Jan 23 2022 7:24AM
Very Quick and on point. No sugarcoating straight facts. Thank you again sir!

Jan 23 2022 5:24AM
Raymond has been accurate, so far.

Jan 22 2022 12:08PM
He is soooooo????. He is very good with his predictions. I am gifted but when it comes to me forget it. So I know right away even when I don’t what to hear it. He is as solid as a rock. Trust him. I did and I haven’t regretted it.

Jan 20 2022 6:18AM
Doesn t get any better!!!!! 5 stars all the way!!!!! Sue

Jan 19 2022 12:35PM
Raymond has an amazing gift. He is so accurate with his predictions. I have spoken with him a few times regarding a love matter. His predictions regarding a positive outcome has now come to pass. I will continue to communicate with him about some other matters. I am recommending him as a top advisor with accuracy.

Dec 29 2021 3:38PM
I am in awe. I was totally nuts. He told me somethings that eased my mind and as soon as I hung up the person texted me a very personal text and I really knew that it wasn’t over. Thanks a bunch Ray you were spot on.

Dec 16 2021 5:29AM
Ray is not only the best psychic but a psychic friend to me. He has helped me for a long time and has gotten me through so much!!! He is spot on on his readings!! Thank u Ray Happy Holidays and God Bless You!!!!! Sue

Dec 3 2021 9:38PM
Excellent! He picked up on alot. I love his energy. Looking forward to his predictions ????

Nov 30 2021 9:01PM
My guardian angel Ray! He is the BEST!!!

Nov 19 2021 8:18AM
Great as always!! Ray, when will you be back? We miss you & hope you’re doing well.

Nov 16 2021 8:29AM
Such a funny guy! Love his spirit! Knows how to deliver what he and his angels see and still make you feel confident in they tell him to you! Love you Ray

Nov 6 2021 11:20PM
Spoke to Raymond today, one of the best psychics on here. I spoke to many, he s the best by far. We really connected. He s angels was right about everything. Just waiting for predictions to come to pass. I truly believe his prediction will. Thank you for everything. You will be hearing from me again. God bless!

Nov 4 2021 3:39AM
Absolutely the best around. No sugar coating! Spot on and such a wonderful warm caring psychic!!! He is more than a psychic he is my friend!!! Ray you are an amazing person inside and out! Thank u for all the amazing readings and helping me sooo much!!! God bless you!! Sue m miranda

Nov 1 2021 4:25PM
He tells it like it is, and I am grateful.

Oct 24 2021 3:32PM
Still blown away by my last conversation with him he was quick, sharp, accurate with his assessment of what I have been through .

Oct 19 2021 2:09PM
Hey Ray I wil be back to speak with you you have been an inspiration to my very difficult journey and I appreciate you insight you got me thru a very difficult job the Man did die of the Covid but God pulled me thru and you were there for me this is someone you would want to speak with amazing and caring Patti Critchfield

Oct 13 2021 12:22PM
AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! First time reading with Raymond, ballpark!! His guides picked up on my situation immediately!! Straight to the point, but yet caring!! I highly recommend Raymond for a reading, you will not be disappointed!! 10 stars!!!!!

Oct 11 2021 7:10PM
Absolutely AMAZING!!! The BEST on this site by far. Ray, thank you for healing my heart and speaking the truth in love and confidence. You are truly gifted. Much love and blessings to you! xoxo

Sep 26 2021 1:16PM
AMAZING! AMAZING! Highly recommended!

Sep 23 2021 10:16PM
Raymond is 1 of 2 psychics I believe are the real deal. He doesn t change what he says from time to time like some readers do. He has been consistent & I feel confident in his abilities.

Sep 23 2021 12:02PM
a kind soul. raymond and his angels provide light in the darkness and see things with crystal clear perspective. so grateful to have found him and so grateful that he shares his gift with such generosity!

Sep 13 2021 2:44AM
He was great! Loved his energy. He was able to pick up on a lot. Reassured me about something I was stressing over. Thank you, I will be back!

Aug 17 2021 7:27AM
5 stars all the way! Doesn t get any better!!!! Best psychic ever! Thank u Ray!!!!! Sue m ...

Jul 29 2021 11:37AM
Raymond is so gifted with his spirituality and predictions. He gave me the guidance and support that I needed. Thank you Raymond!

Jul 27 2021 10:14AM
If I could give this an 11/10 I would! He is by far the most gifted, in tune, and pure spirit I came across in a long time! He is spot on, and will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear for spiritual growth and your own betterment. Thanks so much Mr. Raymond! God bless you and may you have days filled with happiness, laughter, and prosperity. I appreciate you!

Jul 12 2021 12:04PM
Raymond is an exceptional reader and has become a loyal confidant and friend over the past couple of years. His accuracy, guidance, and uplifting spirit has helped me through many dark times in my life. From the favelas in Brazil to Brooklyn, NY. Ray have always been there for me. Unfortunately, I will be leaving this network to continue my own spiritual work, but I highly recommend that you give Raymond a try! He will not disappoint you. In fact, he will do the exact opposite, and you will leave the session with nothing but a smile on your face! I tried to connect with you Ray, but was unsuccessful getting through to customer service to add funds. Customer service had a busy morning. Hopefully, I ll be back one day to be able to speak with you again. So I won t say good bye. I will just say, I ll talk to you later . I love you Raymond. You are truly amazing and you will always have a special place in my heart. Your Sis, from New York.

Jun 27 2021 2:14PM
IMMEDIATELY ON POINT! Gave it to me just the way he was hearing it. Didn t waste any time.

Jun 23 2021 7:01PM
I love this man, literally could not put more funds on my acct fast enough before he got offline lol. Understand me, this man is not only gifted, but he walks with those angels and they surely walk with him and trust he will deliver you honesty. I have not went to anyone else on this site, and I am telling you rn he is the best. believe me J

Jun 4 2021 3:45PM
Raymond is truly gifted and accurately predicted my current situation. I was very worried and on edge about the outcome. He said within 2 weeks my financial situation would change and he was so on point! It happened within 6 days. Thank you so much Raymond for all of your guidance and support. May God continue to bless you. Please give him a try he is sensational! Love and Light to you Ray! Hugs!

May 24 2021 7:46PM
Raymond s prediction came to pass about a romantic interest who has been hard to read at times. There were moment where with lack of contact, but as Raymond predicted, the guy has come around and now contacts me on a regular. Thanks again for all of our guidance and support, Raymond! You re the Best! Love and Light to you!

May 2 2021 7:26PM
I truly enjoyed my reading with Raymond. He is direct and straight to the point. He has great energy and picked up on what was going on with me as soon as he heard my voice. It was amazing and I can t was to speak with him again.

Apr 17 2021 10:58AM
Ray thank you for all you have done for me. I finally have let go of the situation i am in. I cant spend another 40 years pining over someone who just uses me and doesnt care if she ever sees me. Thank you for your amazing readings and always being there to help me. It is very difficult but has to be, You are an amazing psychic and psychic friend!! Thank you again God bless you Sue

Apr 16 2021 8:40PM
If you need answers Raymond is the psychic to talk to I was really impressed doesn’t know me from Adam very detail very to the point doesn’t waste time and his angels don’t sugarcoat. I’ve had many readings with Raymond I’ll be calling again as always thank you Raymond

Feb 22 2021 11:37AM

Jan 15 2021 8:42AM
Just a quick note!! Ray you are the best!! your readings are unmatched!! 5 stars all the way!! God bless you and thank you for helping me so much!!!! Sue

Jan 4 2021 2:29PM
I ve been having sessions with Raymond for over a year and his validations and predictions have all been on point. A year ago, he gave academic/career insight that didn t make much sense to me at the time, but since early December 2020, things are unfolding and some of his predictions are coming to pass. He also was accurate about a POI. He was very on point about him and continues to be. So happy I listened to him and didn t waste my time or energy on that individual. Raymond, you have always been sincere, inspiring, and accurate during our sessions. Thank you for all of your support. You and your angels are truly amazing! Many many Blessings to you. Please call Ray, he is the truth!

Nov 2 2020 2:15PM
Everytime I call, he and his angels are accurate. I am being soooo honest!! Ray and his angels never miss and will tell you the TRUTH not what you want to hear. I ve called on him for critical decisions and I am telling you, I can bank on what he says. He s hard to get on here because he s always on calls, but keep trying because the angels he works with will give you clear accurate insight and truth. Once you are armed with the truth of your situation, hey... as Ray says on the call, to thy OWN SELF be true. Meaning, you can do what you want to do with it. Enjoy! Thank you Ray! Your friend from Florida :

Oct 21 2020 10:31AM
does not get any better!!! best psychic ever!! Spot on wonderful compassionate empathetic!! 5 stars Raymond you have been such a help for me!! God Bless you!!!! sue M Miranda

Aug 3 2020 8:20PM
I love Raymond. He has always been on point with his predictions. Thank you Raymond for all you do.

Aug 3 2020 6:33PM
This man is kind, patient beyond amazing with his angels to help guide you through difficult times. For peace and comfort, encouraging. He is so on point and accurate. He allow me stand tall and make me feel confident. Blessing to be around all whole heart fabulous person in spirit, mind and soul. He beyond absolutely terrific and so much positive!! Admire all that he encompass is so close with God thank you for being here and your present. All Love, Josephine Nguyen

Jul 8 2020 1:58PM
he is bang on, direct and has such amazing insight like we are sitting over one of my amazing Swedish dinners!!! he gets it waaaay does he get it everytime all the time hugs to you Ray!!! from Brigit Bardot

Jul 6 2020 8:17AM
Raymond is a amazing psychic!! he has helped me and advised me and his psychic abilities are unmatched. He has been spot on on everything he has told me and I can never thank him enough for all he has done for me. Such wonderful bedside manner just a sheer joy to speak with!!!Thank you so much again! Sue MM

Apr 26 2020 5:17AM
i can never say enough about Raymond!! He is an amazing psychic and such a wonderful bedside manner!!! He has guided me through some difficult times and always with fantastic readings!! Love ya Ray!! God Bless you Psychic !!! Doesnt get any better!!! Sue

Mar 5 2020 9:46AM
Raymond and his angels are on point! He is and was right about everything. My lover came back as predicted. Thank you Raymond!

Feb 17 2020 5:00PM
Spot on. We didn t talk long but he was ON POINT and gave precise insight with very little information provided. THE BEST!!!!!

Jan 24 2020 5:28PM
Raymond is just the best. He has been so spot on everything he has said and such a wonderful caring psychic. I have been calling on him repeatedly many times and he just is super amazing!!! thank you so much SM...

Dec 14 2019 2:38AM
Raymond there are not enough words to describe what a wonderful psychic you are!!! You have been there for me through so many ups and downs with a soulmate connection of mine!!! You are always spot on and have the most wonderful bedside manner... Raymond you are an angel sent to me and from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for your continual guidance!!!God Bless you sue m miranda

Oct 23 2019 10:51AM
Raymond is a very gifted psychic who does not use any tools, which as a spiritual person myself, can respect and appreciate. His readings are accurate and so far, some of his predictions has come to pass. I still have to wait to see what unfolds in the new year, but I m confidant that what he predicted, will eventually manifest on God s time. Raymond and his angel guides have picked up on things that some readers were not able to. Which really impressed me. Raymond is honest and has become like my own brother. If you re looking for a skilled psychic reader that can work on many different levels spiritual, financial, love, career, etc , I highly recommend Raymond as a reader. You will not be disappointed! Much love ~A~

Oct 22 2019 10:22PM
Raymond is another of my favorite psychic on psychic star. From the first time I spoken with Raymond, he already pick up on what I was going through without me saying anything. couple of his predictions have come to pass. he very encouraging and with the situation that I m going through with this toxic relationship, he advice me not to go back and he would say to me I deserve better and appreciate him for that. from JP

Oct 20 2019 8:33AM
Raymond is a true gift!!! he has done readings for me that have blown me away! He is the most amazing psychic and such a sweet caring man!!! God Bless you Raymond you are such a special psychic. A true gift from God!!! S Miranda

Oct 10 2019 12:16PM
My readings with Raymond has been filled with knowledge, valuable insight, and great advice. I m very grateful to God for allowing this connection to manifest between him and I. I feel that he is always genuine and gives the best possible advice from his angels. He is always honest, which I believe anyone would appreciate. Thank you Raymond and much love to your angels. Your sis ~A~

Sep 23 2019 11:38AM
Raymond is so amazingly gifted, it s hard to believe that he doesn t have more testimonials. I ve been reading with Raymond for about 2 months now and all I can say is WOW! His accuracy is super on point, some of his predictions have already manifested, and he was even able to sense some spiritual matters that other readers were not able to pick up on. Makes me realize just how close this man is to God. If I could speak to him all day, everyday I would. Absolutely the best reader on this site hands down! I will be back very soon. Love and Light to you and your Angels A from BK!

Sep 14 2019 12:53PM
Just have to say you are amazing and have helped me so much in my given situations . Thank you for your guidance and perfect readings!! God Bless you Miranda sue

Aug 22 2019 8:41PM
Raymond is an exceptional and very gifted psychic. He is honest, kind, accurate, and tactful in his readings. I feel very grateful to have connected with Raymond. The information that he receives from his guides has been accurate so far. Some smaller predictions have already passed, and although I am still waiting for the bigger predictions to manifest, I feel very confident that eventually they will happen. I ve read with many other readers on this site and so far, Raymond is by the best ever! Thanks again Raymond for your support, guidance, and accuracy. Many blessings ~A~

Aug 13 2019 7:50PM
simply put the best!!!!!! thank you so much Raymond you are an amazing psychic!!!! Sue M

Aug 6 2019 5:04PM
Simply stated Raymond is the best no sugar coating and always right with all his readings!!!! Regards sue

Jul 27 2019 7:47PM
Raymond I have spoken to you a few times now and you have been exactly right on all you have said!!! You are the real deal with no sugar coating and so compassionate and caring!! Thank you for helping me see my situation in such a clearer light!!!! God Bless you Susan M

Jul 7 2019 11:12AM
Raymond you are the best!! Thank you for all your advice and guidance!! You have been spot on about everything. God Bless you sue M

Jun 27 2019 5:22PM
Raymond thank you so much for your amazing reading today!! You have enlightened me and are so spot on with your readings. You opened up my eyes to many things and you sir are the real deal. YOU don t have to tell him anything and he goes into depth about a given situation. You were 100 percent correct on all you said.. Thank you again so much. I will be contacting you again. God Bless you sue miranda

Mar 6 2019 10:21AM
He is the real deal! He is my favorite by far Raymond is honest discerning and you will not be disappointed. Call him like today!

Jan 8 2019 6:14PM
He is great!! Very specific. When he says something will happen in will. He has been 100% accurate. I will call him again!

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