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    I am a Generational Clairvoyant who was taught Meditations and Exercises to develop a Psychic Ability, which my Mother was taught by my Grandmother and so on. It has been passed down through my family over uncounted generations. Most of these exercises are secret. but I can share one with you publicly. One of us would hold a card that person was the sender. The other person would relax, focus on breathing techniques, and then direct their mind away from all distraction. They were then asked to tell the color of the card. The first response given without thinking was always the most accurate. From there we were taught to hone our skills to see the suit and number of the card. Using these techniques I can see and feel what is happening around you and give you a heads up as to your particular situation. When I was younger. I spent my spare time in Metaphysical Book Stores. Four Book Stores invited me to read in their shops and then people started calling me for private Readings. From there I started giving Readings at the Body, Mind and Spirit Expos and later after I moved to Los Angeles I was hired to give readings for many Celebrities. This includes that “American Idol” wrap up parties as well as a few that would rather keep their info private. I love to talk to women about Love! The juicer the better!. With Over 30 years giving Clairvoyant Readings I can tune into Your Situation and tell you exactly what your lover is thinking... If they have plans for a future or just taking it moment by moment. I can tell you about potential Futures and how to achieve the ultimate results to have the Relationship you dream of.
Customer Reviews
Feb 11 2020 7:32PM
Margo is legit. She s sweet and transparent.

Jan 2 2020 6:48PM
excellent reader and very helpful. Straight right to my situstion and told me many facts about my bf and eeverything she said was right about him. Hope all readings or insights will come true and I will update my review soon. I will kepp in touch Margo

Jan 1 2020 11:30AM
She s very helpful and so accurate. Highly recommnended to anyone who needs clarity in life. Thank you so much Margo and I will keep in touch with you.

Sep 11 2019 10:37PM
Can t say enough about Margo, she is the real deal. Fantastic reading and predictions come through. 5 stars!

Aug 7 2019 9:00PM
First reading with her today and was blown away. Definitely 5 stars.

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