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    I am a Cartomancer, Empath and Clairvoyant.I read the Playing Card deck. For 38 years, Ive been reading professionally as well as appearing on radio, television, and various Psychic Fairs around the country. Ive studied parapsychology extensively, earning my doctorate with a theology discipline. Early in my childhood, I had predictive abilities and paranormal experiences that I developed and research these fields to this day. Revealing the past, unfolding the present and continuously predicting the future, I am Zelda Kelly and I am here to help you. Call me today.
Customer Reviews
Apr 27 2021 7:25PM
I have been with psychic stars for quite a while , with that being said I think I have talked to just about everyone. Zelda is absolutely amazing. She has a very Calming voice, her Guidance is phenomenal. Which all these things are just a extra Bonus, cuz her psychic ability is by far the best!!!

Apr 25 2021 11:39PM
Zelda is unbelievable, a true gem that you will never find anywhere else. You are deeply lucky to find her here on this site. I cant begin to emphasize her accuracy, no prompting for information, she just hears your voice and she tunes in. She predicted a man I was seeing would be getting his ex pregnant. I didnt believe her... i kept calling for readings and she even gave me a time line, because it kelt coming up. On Christmas day about 1 2 months after her reading her prediction came true. Everything she said came true! I called her for something else recently and she picked up that I was looking for jobs without my saying anything about it, as well as some other situations, again scary accurate. Ive been getting readings from different psychics in the past and she is by far the most accurate and gifted psychics ever. She is a true gem and a sweet spirit that I truly love taking to. Thank you Zelda for sharing your gifts with the world!

Apr 25 2021 10:14PM
Man o man.. she is a beast. Great reader and my go to pretty often LOL. She is very accurate and I just love me some Zelda always there when I need her. The best.

Mar 7 2021 10:49PM
A dose of zelda, thank you for helping me to see into my situation! Your always so accurate and such a kind soul! Talk to you soon??

Shian Wallace
Feb 9 2021 9:51PM
she was the best straight on did not take long to answer my questions, honest and very sweet, i recommend her Thank you so much again will be back

Dec 9 2020 5:04PM
Zelda has helped me in so many ways, she is so spot on with everything. I don t know what I would do without her. She is my favorite psychic. Thank you Zelda for everything.

Dec 1 2020 4:39PM
Zelda is a great reader too and she reads cards and pick up things by describing objects before you tell her. Awesome reader.

Nov 29 2020 11:04PM
I am so impressed by ZELDA WOW WOW WOW. She is so spot on that it gives me goosebumps. She told me the new guy I m talking to he is in the law enforcement and it turns out he is!!!!

Nov 19 2020 1:06AM
I am amazed! Zelda is remarkably accurate. My jaw dropped at some of the things she told me that no one would know. She described my honey perfectly and provided insight to what he is thinking and it sounded like he was telling me these things directly I mean, exactly how he would say it. She tuned into the situation and was able to really pick up on what was going on, including things I had not brought up. She is kind, honest, and on point. I can t wait to see how your predictions unfold. Thank you so much for your guidance. Your gift is impressive and I can t wait to talk to you again.

Aug 23 2020 10:24PM
Zelda is extremely accurate. She is very sweet and easy to talk to. She has told me predictions that have come true. I will recommend that you give her a call.

Aug 13 2020 7:51PM
Zelda has such a calm,happy beautiful energy and a kind and reassuring voice. I’ve had several readings with her and she is absolutely amazing ????

Aug 13 2020 7:48PM
Zelda is one of the best psychics on here. I’ve had many conversations with her and a lot of her predictions have come to pass. Try her you will not be disappointed.????

Aug 13 2020 7:43PM
ZELDA, this is Angel. I just want to thank for all you have done to help me!!! You are truly amazing!! Zelda is the real deal. You won’t be disappointed, I promise??????

Aug 1 2020 10:22PM
Amazing you are zelda!! You told me my son would be getting his answer the end of July which he did on the 31st! You told me he will be home by aug 14th, they are letting him out on aug 13th!! You are a special gem and I want to thank you not only for this prediction that has come to pass but for all the other ones as well! You are my go to from now on!!

May 20 2020 4:54AM
Zelda I feel is the most amazing and talented reader on this site! There are SO many skilled readers I have experienced, and thankful for them all, but Zelda really really really stands out at the top! Her delivery is so soft and gentle, literally not one foul word, although some things about person in question was not nice because the PERSON I asked about is unsavory to boot she was so kind at the way she delivered the information. Her voice is soft and soothing, I felt nothing but love speaking to her, no judgment although my situation was worthy of it. And when I asked a question she was able to tap into the person I was asking about, and she communicated thoughts from him and she said him speaking in psychic communication ...I just can t believe you would do that . When she asked what that meant to me, I knew exactly what it meant, as me and this guy had had a terrible terrible fight and some drama happened. I was literally blown away when she said try not to contact him or you will push him away ...well I didn t listen, and now I am on block 100% from his phone and social media, and also blown away when before he blocked me during our very last fight a few weeks back, he literally told me himself on the phone I just can t believe you would do that! SHE LITERALLY TOLD ME WHAT HE WAS THINKING VERBATIM, IT WAS INSANE! My situation with this guy was bad, so idk if he will he come back, and she said IF he does it will be way later, but tbh things are still so new, who knows what will happen and he is so angry. It was hard to get a good timeline prediction on this guy because there are so many intense and angry emotions from me and him, which is not her fault. But as far as accuracy about situations and what the other person is thinking, HOLY MOLY was she SPOT on! When he said that I literally got chills! I love reading with her, she is my new go to!

May 9 2020 2:55PM
Zelda is an extremely gifted psychic. Not only is Zelda accurate w/ her readings, but she s a real professional. She s honest, but tactful and empowering with how she conveys messages. Integrity means absolutely everything. She accurately described a person who I had a confrontation with last weekend. I received word from that person s superior yesterday which matched Zelda s description of that person and the situation. Personally, I prefer readers w/ NO TOOLS. BUT, I must admit, she s amazing with those cards of hers. Not to mention her clairvoyance/empath skills are SUPERIOR to none. I m now taking her advice on an old love interest. Will let you know what happens with that! Zelda is now my GO TO psychic on this site. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and genuine support. You re simply the best : !!

May 5 2020 12:59AM
Zelda is spot on with her predictions. Recently started talking to her and I am beyond impressed with her accuracy, style and understanding. Definitely would not know what to do without her advice. She is the absolute best!

Apr 26 2020 12:10AM
I just had my first reading with Zelda. All I can say is she is AMAZING!!! She has a kind voice and beautiful energy!! I recommend her whole heartedly!!

Apr 12 2020 1:09PM
Wonderful reading, great insight, on target with the things I can verify I will write again as things come to pass.

Apr 5 2020 1:20AM
Thank you Zelda for everything. She said I was going to meet an Alex and the second day this guy name Alex I knew 3 years ago text me. I am just blown away.

Mar 27 2020 7:07PM
Zelda is the real deal. She is not a fake she is right on with everything! My new to go Psychic!

Mar 23 2020 6:15PM
Well..she picked up on EVERYTHING regarding the person I was inquiring about and I do mean everything. I about dropped the phone when she said And he needs to do something about those teeth!! cracked me up!!!!!!!!!!! She is sweet kind and sincere. I will report back once predictions come to pass. Shes good and funny!!!!!

Mar 9 2020 5:43PM
All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!! Zelda is absolutely phenomenal and on point. My first reading with her she immediately picked up on stuff I m dealing with. She s very straight forward and to the point. She is now one of my top 5 readers to go to!

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